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February 24, 2006 
Volume 28 Number 8 

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Compliance Still 
A Hot IT Topic 

SMEs Must Spend A Lot 
To Maintain Processes 

by Ericka Chickowski 

Say the words "regulation compliance" 
in front of a group of small to medium- 
sized enterprise IT managers, and you're 
likely to get heckled. With the imple- 
mentation of a bevy of government 
laws and regulations — Sarbanes-Oxley, 
HIPAA, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley, to 
name a few — the past several years 
have been rough on CIOs struggling to 
make compliance deadlines. 

In theory, the IT industry has had sev- 
eral years now to shake the shock of liv- 
ing in a new, highly regulated environment. 
But now that most of those deadlines have 
come and gone, regulatory compliance still 
continues to be a hot issue for IT man- 
agers, particularly those at SMEs that 
have fewer resources to stay on top of 

An Ongoing Activity 

There are many reasons for this. The first 
is the fact that compliance is not like the 
Y2K scare; it isn't simply a one-time event. 

"A lot of peo 

pie think that to be 

compliant it simply means coming in to do 

a report," says Justin Taylor, chief strategist 

of digital identity for Novell. "But compli- 
ance is a verb — it is an activity that hap- 
pens after you've done the report." 
This process of analyzing gaps in 
compliance and then working to 
close those gaps is ongoing as new 
regulations pop up and old ones 
change or lawyers interpret them dif- 

Costly, Though 

The reason compliance elicits such 
a negative response is because setting 
up and continuing to execute this 
process is a costly endeavor. Just the 
passage of Sarbox alone has taken its 
toll on many companies. A poll con- 
ducted last year by IDG's CIO 
Executive Council showed that CIOs 
estimate their organizations have 
spent just under 2% of gross revenue 
during the first 12 months they were 
required to comply with Sarbox. For 
smaller enterprises, this percentage was 
likely to be even higher. And this is just for 
one regulation. 

"It's important to remember that, for 
many companies, Sarbanes-Oxley is just 
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Wireless Standards 


Get A Handle On These Guidelines 
For Your Small To Midsized Enterprise 

by Will Kelly 

Today's wireless networking 
standards are out of control 
with 802.1 lx, WiMAX, xDSL, 
and other networking techno- 
logies jockeying for market 
position and spots in SMEs' 
networks. This proliferation of 
multiple networking standards 
illustrates a number of potential 
complexities that can creep into 
an SME's network. Mobile 
workers accessing your network 

wirelessly from mobile devices 
also contributes to today's 
evolving wireless standards. 
The frustrations of multiple net- 
working standards abound as 

issues of interoperability, net- 
work management, and security 
come into play. 

Interestingly enough, the cur- 
rent craziness with wireless stan- 
dards even extends to market 
vendors. According to the Yan- 
kee Group report "A Wireless 
Business Mass Market Awaits, 

The frustrations of multiple 

networking standards abound as 

issues of interoperability and 

security come into play. 

but Challenges Persist," "Car- 
riers, device manufacturers, 
systems integrators and other 
vendors developing enterprise 
products and solutions are strug- 
gling to identify the wireless 
business market. It has long 
been perceived as a fragmented 
niche — and less attractive than 
the consumer market for opera- 
tors and content providers." 
Obviously, such vendor frustra- 
tion contributes to the overall 
wireless standards craziness the 
market is currently experiencing. 
It's up to customers to 
nail down their networking 
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In This 



Regulatory Compliance 

When you say the word "regulation" nowadays, 
most IT/data center managers cringe. But regula- 
tions are a fact of life. We give you tips for creating 
or improving your regulatory compliance process 
and advice for developing a compliance self- 
assessment program. 

Compliance Still A Hot IT Topic 1 

Looking Beyond HIPAA & Sarbox 9 

Taming The Compliance Beast 12 

Perform A Compliance Self-Assessment 13 


Wireless Standards Craziness 1 1 

The frustrations of multiple networking standards 
abound as issues of interoperability, network man- 
agement, and security come into play. 

Conducting A Security Assessment | 29 

A good assessment involves answering several 
questions: How much money should you invest in 
security technologies? What types of technology 
should you purchase? Which business assets 
require the most stringent security measures? 

Blocking Uploads/Downloads | 30 

Employees bring personal notebooks, iPods, digi- 
tal cameras, and other USB-enabled devices to 
work. That means massive amounts of sensitive 
data and intellectual property can be removed 
without IT's knowledge. 

The Softphone Question | 31 

As VoIP becomes more common in small and mid- 
sized enterprises, companies have been ponder- 
ing whether to make the switch from traditional, 
desk-based telephones to softphones. 


Astaro Security Gateway 525 and 525F 15 

Performance Technologies' CPC5564 16 

Red Gate Software SQL Backup Pro Edition 17 

AlterPoint Device Authority 18 

GoRemote Enhanced Management Services 19 

Product Releases 1 15 

■ APC released a family of modular cooling 
devices for a variety of IT environments. ■ Array 
Networks introduced a new version of its SSL 
VPN SPX Series. ■ Castle Computer Technol- 
ogies introduced Key Control, a program that 
helps companies monitor inventory. ■ Certeon 
released new S-Series Secure Application Net- 
working appliances for WAN acceleration. ■ 
Locate 4.0 is a new user/device identification net- 
work appliance from eTelemetry. ■ IronPort 
released the IronPort M-Series Security Manage- 
ment Appliance. ■ The ES4000 from Sophos pro- 
vides email security and performance monitoring. 


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February 24, 2006 

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February 24, 2006 


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I IBM To Invest In Data Management 

IBM will spend $1 billion over the 
next three years in an effort to improve 
its software and services related to helping 
companies better manage and learn from their 
data. The company also expects to add about 
10,000 employees to its consulting staff that 
works with data management. IBM expects to 
see double-digit growth in its data manage- 
ment areas over the next several years as com- 
panies work with data-focused software and 
technologies such as RFID. 

I Microsoft Announces New Office Pricing 

"We do not expect our customers to notice 
any significant change in our pricing," says 
Microsoft's Parri Munsell. The company 
announced pricing for some versions of Office 
2007, formerly known as Office 12. The new 
Office, scheduled for release by the end of this 
year, will come in seven versions. Prices are 
$499 for Office Professional, $449 for Office 
Small Business, and $399 for Office Standard. 
One new bundle, Office Enterprise 2007, will 
include 2007 versions of the most popular 
Office products along with Office Groove 
2007, a collaboration tool; Office OneNote 
2007, a note-taking program; and InfoPath, a 
content management tool. 

I Former CA Chief Faces New Accusations 

The U.S. Attorney's office is accusing 
Sanjay Kumar, CA's former CEO, of refor- 
matting his notebook to run Linux, which 
destroyed potential evidence in the govern- 
ment's case against the company. In 2004 
Kumar was indicted in a $2.2 billion account- 
ing scandal against Computer Associates, 
which recently changed its name to CA. A let- 
ter from the U.S. Attorney's office states the 
reformatting occurred after the government 
probe began and CA had issued memos 
instructing employees to preserve evidence. 
Kumar's attorney says the charges are "base- 
less" and that "Mr. Kumar very much looks 
forward to addressing this matter in court." 

I HP Emerging Markets Group Disbands 

HP quietly ended its Emerging Market 
Solutions Group in October. The group had 
been around since 2002 and was focused on 
developing products and technologies for coun- 
tries such as India and China where PC and 
Internet penetration is relatively low. HP will 
still work to develop products for these markets 
and sell them through the company's existing 
infrastructure. Inadequate electricity and low 
incomes and education levels are the major hur- 
dles to selling IT products in those areas. The 
group was responsible for products such as a 
digital camera designed specifically for women 
in Indian villages and a solar-powered printer. 

I Microsoft Awards Educational Grants 

Microsoft awarded $1 million in research 
funding to be spread among 23 researchers and 
institutions. The awards were given based on 
requests for proposals the researchers submitted 
to work on Microsoft Virtual Earth, the com- 
pany's mapping and local search technology, 

and curriculum for the Trustworthy Computing 
initiative, Microsoft's efforts for greater securi- 
ty. The researchers are from universities around 
the world, including countries such as India, 
South Korea, and Belgium. In the past year, 
Microsoft Research has awarded more than $4 
million in research funding. 

I Robust Growth In Internet Searches 

Market research firm Nielson/NetRatings 
reports that the number of Internet searches per- 
formed in December in the United States shot 
up 55% over the previous December's figures, 
from 3.3 billion in 2004 to nearly 5.1 billion 
searches in 2005. Meanwhile, the total number 
of U.S. Internet users only increased 3% from 
2004. For search engines Google led the pack 
with 48.8% of all search traffic in December, up 
from 43.1% in 2004. Yahoo! came in second 
with 21.4%, down from 21.7%, and MSN had 
10.9%, down from 14% the year before. 

I Security Risk With Google Desktop Beta 

Gartner is warning companies about securi- 
ty risks with Google Desktop 3. The free down- 
loadable program has a feature that enables 
users to search for files across multiple comput- 
ers. However, to use that option, the program 
automatically stores file copies on Google's 
servers for up to a month. Gartner says the risk 
is in how Google handles the shared files and 
says the "mere transport (of data) outside the 
enterprise will represent an unacceptable securi- 
ty risk." Google acknowledges the risk and 
agrees with Gartner's recommendation for 
firms to use Google Desktop for Enterprise, 
which lets admins turn off the feature. 

I Microsoft To Expand Headquarters 

Software giant Microsoft says it intends 
to expand its headquarters in Redmond, 
Wash., over the next three years, spending 
about $1 billion to increase its campus by a 
third and make space for 12,000 more work- 
ers. The company decided to accelerate its 
initial expansion plans because it needed 
capacity for additional employees as it 
unveils new products such as the Vista oper- 
ating system, more Web-based services, and 
Office business software. Microsoft plans to 
add up to 5,000 employees by the end of the 
fiscal year in June. 

I Number Of Servers On The Rise 

Research firm IDC predicts the number of 
servers in the United States will increase to 25 
million by 2009; that's 5 million more than are 
in use today. IDC analyst Vernon Turner says 
most servers today cost less than $3,000. In 
general, most enterprises can expect to spend 
$7 on support for every $1 spent on a server. 
Revenue in the worldwide server market grew 
8.1% over the past year, according to IDC, 
with volume and midrange enterprise server 
segments experiencing the most growth. 

I Dell Reports Earnings, Plans For Factory 

Dell's fourth quarter profit showed a 52% 
increase over Q4 2004, up from $667 million 
in 2004 to $1.01 billion in 2005. Dell's sales 
were $15.2 billion, up from $13.5 billion the 
year before. However, it did say its revenue 
expectations for the current quarter, between 
$14.2 billion and $14.6 billion, are lower than 
Wall Street's $14.76 billion estimate. Dell also 
announced plans to open a facility in India for 
manufacturing PCs. 

I HP Reports 01 Revenue Up 

For HP's fiscal first quarter that ended Jan. 
31, the company posted revenue that was 6% 
higher than a year ago, up from $21.5 billion to 
$22.7 billion, which beat analysts' estimates of 
$22.5 billion. Not including a one-time expense 
stemming from HP's amortization of purchased 
assets, earnings per share were 48 cents, beating 
analysts' estimates of 44 cents. However, HP 
saw revenue in its services sector decrease, 
which CEO Mark Hurd attributed primarily to 
HP's focus on getting profitable services con- 
tracts rather than services contracts at any cost. 

I MIT Media Lab Co-Founder Resigns 

Nicholas Negroponte, the chairman and co- 
founder of the Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology's Media Lab, has stepped down to 
instead work with the nonprofit association One 
Laptop Per Child. The organization's goal is to 
develop a $100 windup laptop that would be 
mass-distributed to children in developing coun- 
tries. Frank Moss, an entrepreneur who founded 
Tivoli Systems and Bowstreet (both acquired by 
IBM), will take Negroponte' s place as director 
of the Media Lab. 



s information provides a quick glimpse of current and historical stock 
oes and trends for 16 major companies in the technology market. 



Year Ago 

Feb. 13$ 

Feb. 20 $ 

% change from 
previous week 






▲ 0.20% 

BEA Systems 






Computer Associates 





A 0.33% 

Cisco Systems 





▲ 1 .59% 






T 3.77% 

Electronic Data Systems 





A 5.61% 






A 6.67% 






A 7.34% 






A 0.34% 






T 2.46% 






T 5.83% 






A 1.17% 






T 0.72% 

Red Hat Software 





T 5.50% 

Sun Microsystems 





T 0.69% 






A 2.70% 

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February 24, 2006 

For Business 

Taking A Look 
At CRM Solutions 

by Sandra Kay Miller 

Gartner analysts reported that 
new customer relationship man- 
agement software implementa- 
tions accounted for more than 
$3.5 billion over the last year; 
however, only 38% of this total 
represented the top-tier CRM 
vendors such as Oracle, People- 
Soft, SAP, and Siebel. The re- 
maining 62% of the CRM market 
consists of smaller, best-of-breed 

Organizations are taking a 
closer look at CRM software to 
increase sales and improve their 
operations. By employing a com- 
bination of technologies to facili- 
tate communications and business 
processes, CRM solutions serve 
to maximize relationships be- 
tween sales, service, marketing, 
accounting, and management. 

However, CSO Insights reports 
only 26% of companies surveyed 
registered a significant impact 
within their operational perfor- 
mance after implementing CRM 
in their organizations. The big 
stumbling blocks they routinely 
encounter are data population, 
user acceptance, and a lack of 
return on investment. 

One Size Does Not Fit All 

One of the biggest mistakes 
made when deploying CRM soft- 
ware is buying the wrong product. 
Many CRM software solutions are 
targeted to specific business 
needs. Most large enterprises turn 

Buying Tips 

Tim Vertz, Oncontact's director 
of business development, points 
out the three critical aspects for 
organizations considering CRM 

1. Affordability: Will the solution 
fit your budget? 

2. Time for deployment: How 

long is it going to take to imple- 
ment the solution? Small to 
midsized enterprises want to 
see results in 60 to 90 days 
instead of six to 12 months. 

3. Customization: Can the solu- 
tion be customized to fit your 

to the major vendors (SAP, Ora- 
cle, etc.), so they can integrate 
their CRM with their ERP (enter- 
prise resource planning), account- 
ing, and human resources systems. 
Small to medium-sized enterprises 
often do not have the budget, time, 
or need for a powerful full-scale 
CRM solution featuring sales and 
contact management, customer 
history, and reporting and fore- 
casting tools designed for track- 
ing thousands of transactions and 
customer information at every 

Therefore, they turn to small- 
scale, best-of-breed CRM prod- 


Oncontact V CRM Software 

Starts at $1 ,495 per user 

Based on the Microsoft .NET platform, 
this CRM tool addresses sales, market- 
ing, and customer service for managing 
prospects and customers by providing a 
detailed snapshot of the complete cus- 
tomer and prospect relationship, includ- 
ing account history and organizational 

ucts, which are less expensive. 
These solutions tend to offer more 
sales/contact management fea- 
tures, focusing on integrating with 
sales and service processes. They 
provide SMEs with the ability to 
manage and share sales and con- 
tact information, create reports, 
and identify trends with their sales 
and customers. 

TigerPaw CEO Dave Foxall 
points out that today CRM covers 
everything from lead, to a quote, 
to installation and support, to con- 
tracts, billing, collections, and 
everything on the backside after 
the sale instead of simple contact 

TigerPaw' s CRM+ software 
offers a comprehensive solution 
for the SME market. Designed to 
appeal to a wide range of indus- 
tries, CRM+ offers management 


Multima NetKeeper CRM 

Starts at $650 per user 

Includes Internet customer self service, 
Internet connect for technicians working 
in the field, PDA integration, Solutions- 
Keeper, and automatic notification 
through email and paging 

for contact, sales, marketing, and 
service, as well as inventory con- 
trol all in a single package. 

Other CRM software aimed at 
the SME is Oncontact V (aka 
ONCV). Built on the Microsoft 
.NET platform, ONCV's three 
modules — Account Management, 
Marketing, and Customer Ser- 
vice — give users instant access to 
critical information through a cus- 
tomizable interface. 

One of the frustrating aspects 
about launching a CRM product 
can be the learning curve for users 
to effectively utilize all the fea- 
tures. ONCV's centralized screen 
has a Microsoft-style tabbed envi- 
ronment, so users will be more 
familiar when viewing, editing, 
searching for information, and 
generating reports. 

Additionally, ONCV offers a 
Toolkit for additional customiza- 
tion of its software to fit individ- 
ual needs. The Customizer tool 
offers functionalities, including 
creating new screens and tab con- 
trols, integrating existing database 
fields and third-party applications 
(email, fax, accounting) into 
ONCV, adding drop-down data 
windows, and requiring that fields 
be completed to avoid incomplete 
data sets. The Navigator tool 
inserts workflow and logic for the 
automation of customer service, 
sales, and marketing. 

SMEs the ability to tailor a CRM 
solution to their specific business 

Still More Options 

For those at the lower spec- 
trum of the SME market who 
don't need or don't have the bud- 
get for the extensive features 
offered by SalesLogix, Oncontact, 
and TigerPaw, Multima' s Net- 
Keeper CRM software offers inte- 
grated sales, marketing, and help 
desk support. As with its more 
expensive counterparts, NetKeep- 
er offers customization to best fit 
the needs of specific business 
processes such as tracking service 
calls and orders. 

The two most powerful features 
of NetKeeper are the Tech Access 
via the Web, which gives mobile 
technicians access to the help 
desk while on the road, and the 


Sage Software CRM SalesLogix 

Starts at $994 per user 

One of the leading CRM products for 
SMEs, this Windows-based software 
includes modules for sales, service, and 

HD Mail program for the automa- 
tion of incoming email service 
and sales requests. Replies can be 
instantly sent back depending on 
the type of request made. 

In addition to large-scale and 
best-of-breed CRM software 
products, a third solution exists 
for organizations that want to 
integrate CRM into existing en- 
terprise systems such as data 
sources, EMC systems, print and 
mailing factories, and email deliv- 
ery. Instead of deploying an entire 
standalone CRM product and hav- 
ing to succumb to redundant data 
population, companies such as 
Exstream Software have devel- 
oped CRM solutions as bolt-on 
features for their existing prod- 
ucts. Exstream' s Dialogue offers 

Organizations are taking a closer 

look at customer relationship 

management software to increase 

sales and improve their operations. 

With a global user base of 
250,000 in 7,000 companies, the 
most comprehensive CRM soft- 
ware in the SME market is Sage 
Software's SalesLogix. In its lat- 
est version, 6.2, SalesLogix offers 
an easier installation process, 
enhanced customer service fea- 
tures such as ticket and service 
contract management; improved 
opportunity management; more 
ability for customization; and 
support for multiple currencies, 
global date and time calendars, 
and Microsoft Windows Single 
Sign On. 

SalesLogix software modules 
include sales, marketing, cus- 
tomer service, support, business 
alerts and workflows, reporting 
and analysis — even support for 
mobile solutions — that offer 

over 50 different modules to cre- 
ate highly customized communi- 
cations in batch, real-time, and 
interactive environments. 

There are six core components 
to Dialogue: document creation, 
marketing, data and content inte- 
gration, production workflow, 
output, and interactive. As anoth- 
er example of how CRM solu- 
tions can be specific to particular 
industries, Exstream provides a 
single platform for organizations 
to create and manage personalized 
customer communications of all 
types for delivery through both 
print and electronic channels. 

New Trend 

Paul Greenberg, author of 
"CRM at the Speed of Light: 
Capturing and Keeping Customers 


Exstream Software Dialogue 

Starts at $40,000 

Although Dialogue's technology isn't 
technically a CRM product, it provides 
powerful integration with CRM systems 
to build and deploy all batch, real-time, 
and interactive document applications 
across the enterprise 

in Internet Real Time" and presi- 
dent of The 56 Group, a consult- 
ing company specializing in 
CRM, sees a new trend emerg- 
ing — Customer Experience Man- 
agement, or CEM — that will be- 
come a vital aspect of the CRM 
suite. Greenberg cites his evi- 
dence in the comparison of the 
customer experience today vs. a 
decade ago. Consumers yearning 
for a customized experience are 
plunking down their money with 
companies that offer individual- 
ized service. 

CRM's basic function is to seg- 
ment customer information for 
analysis, but the CEM facet drills 
down into each customer's level 
of satisfaction. Customers are 
being put in the driver's seat 
when it comes to dictating their 
experience. Whether it is being 
able to contact a service represen- 
tative via telephone, email, Web 
form, or real-time chat, custo- 
mers are determining how they 
want to interface with businesses, 
and businesses are realizing how 
critical it now is to track and 
manage their customers' experi- 


TigerPaw Software CRM+ 

Starts at $2,088 per user 

An end-to-end solution integrating tradi- 
tional CRM modules with extensive ser- 
vice management, inventory control, and 
customer service tracking 

ences at each touch point of their 

CEM empowers companies to 
leverage CRM for qualitative as 
well as quantitative business intel- 
ligence leading to more opportu- 
nities for customer loyalty and 
new sales. "CEM is a part of 
CRM; it's not separate and dis- 
tinct," says Joel Wecksell, vice 
president at Gartner. 

According to Yankee Group 
analyst Sheryl Kingstone, CRM 
tools that SMEs are looking for 
are lead management, email mar- 
keting, and multichannel cam- 
paign execution. The bottom line 
is regardless of the CRM solution 
chosen, the goal is to empower 
organizations to work more effi- 
ciently among their employees, 
vendors, and most importantly, 
with their customers. 

To see Processor Showcase 

advertisements for products in 

this category, look online at and find the 

Sales/Contact Management ads under 

Software/Business Productivity. 

February 24, 2006 

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The Processor Showcase section features new products 
and services available from hot new manufacturers, as well 
as the old standbys. It's an easy way to compare products 
and discover new technologies and solutions, so refer to it 


for all your buying decisions. 

/rour guide\ 
/ to products \ 
1 featured in the J *" 
V Showcase I 

\ section: y 







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1 Communications 

1 Network Security, Routers, Storage Networking, Switches, Telephony, Wireless 

Physical Infrastructure 

Cabling, Environmental Controls, Fire Protection, Power Distribution, Racks 




Accounting & Logging 8 physical Infrastructure 




Application & Web Development 

Application Development 6 

Web Development 6 

Business Productivity 

Service Desk 6 

Asset Management 6 

Database & Data Mining 6 

Event Correlation 8 

Policy Compliance 8 

Rights & Permissions 8 


Backup Application 9 

Backup Utility 9 


Flooring 12 

HVAC 12 

Power Distribution 13 

Wireless LAN 21 

Wireless Analysis 21 

Wireless Security 21 

Power Management 13 c_j M n( j P e 

Imaging & Printing 6 Data Center Services 

Power Protection 14 

Racks & Furniture 

Racks & Cabinets 14 

Furniture 16 

KVM & Console Access 



Messaging & Groupware 

Antispam 6 

Data center cleaning 9 Communications 

Equipment Disposal 10 

Email Utility 6 Hosting & Disaster Recovery 

Network & Systems Mgmt. 




Hosting/DR Site 10 


Access Control 10 

Network & Systems Mgmt, 

Physical Infrastructure 

Link Management 8 Cabling 11 

Patch Management 8 Environmental Monitoring 11 

Management Suite 8 

Terminal Services 8 Services 

Virtualization 8 Security 

Application Networking 16 

Network & Systems Mgmt 16 

Router 17 


Access Control 17 

Accounting & Logging 19 

Antispyware 19 

Event Correlation 19 


Multifunction Appliance 20 

Serial Networking 

Serial Extender 20 

KVM Accessory 22 

Monitor 22 

Server 24 

Embedded System 24 

OEM Server 24 

Wireless Management 8 


Managed Security Services 11 

Training 11 


Telephony Accessory 21 

Server Appliance 

Email Appliance 24 

IM Appliance 25 


Tape Library 25 

Mobile 25 

CD/DVD Duplicator 25 

Network Attached Storage 25 

Storage Component 29 

Workstation 30 


Input Devices 31 

Access Control 8 

Page 6 

February 24, 2006 

Application Development 

-«-iP* S0J '' 

g? Server-Side <^ 

^ Testing % 

a Cliekt- Side 
§ Testing 


1 /„„,*„,/ C'r'', !f/! „ 

AdventNet QEngine is an extensive, platform independent 
Test Automation tool used for Web, functional, acceptance, 
performance, API and regression testing. Supports testing 
of applications developed using HTML, JSP, PHP, XML, 
SOAP, WSDL, e-commerce, traditional client/server etc. 
Tool is developed using Java which facilitates portability 
and multiple platform support Windows, Linux, and Solaris. 

5645 Gibraltar Drive 
^rfVfppinfcw Pleasanton. CA 94588 
W+Z^^tf^U Phone: (925) 924-9500 
****»«••• li»«»" Fax:(925)924-9600 

Web Development 




A personal trainer 
for your web site. 



How many users can your 
website handle? Web 
Performance Trainer™ is 
web load testing and web 
stress testing software and 
tools targeted at web sites 
that use standard technolo- 
gies such as web forms, 
ColdFusion, Java, etc. Its 
automatic analysis can tell 
you how many users your 
website is capable of han- 
dling at one time using your 
own unique performance cri- 

2314 S. Miami Blvd., Suite 252 
Durham, NC 27703 

Service Desk 






Starting Price 



Web-Based Help Desk 

Whether you require a 
simple call logging system or 
a more sophisticated help 
desk with Service Level 
Agreements, Escalation 
Processes and Email Alerts, 
HelpBox™ provides the 
ideal solution. 

• Corporate Look and Feel 

• Time Analysis 

• Active Directory Filtering 

• End User access to log / 
progress calls 

• Active Directory / LDAP 
integration LOG 

3710 Corporex Park Dr. - Ste. 100 

Tampa, FL 33619 

Toll Free: (866) 529-8664 


Service Desk 

Are you tied up resetting network passwords? 

Let end users change expired and locked-out accounts with 
myPassword - the self-service password management 
Web site for Microsoft Active Directory. 

myPassword is a secure way to eliminate password reset 
calls to your Help Desk. 

myPassword includes: 

• Question & Answer Profiles 

• Audit Logging 

• Real-time Email Notification 




Contact Namescape today for a free trial 


Active Directory. Activated. 

10810 N. Tatum Blvd. #102-312 
Phoenix, AZ 85028 
Phone: (480) 922-9909 
Fax: (480) 922-2820 

Asset Management 




Starting Price 



Got 2 minutes? This is all it 
takes to start CONTROLLING 
your asset inventory and 
licensing with AuditWizard™. 

• Audit your entire network 6 
different ways 

• Identify and audit all mobile 
and USB devices 

• Detect, Analyze, and Report 
on PDA's, Smartphones, 
Flash Cards, etc. 

• No client installations 

• SQL version available also 

3710 Corporex Park Dr. - Ste. 100 

Tampa, FL 33619 

Toll Free: (866) 529-8664 


Storage Utility 



QStar HSM (Hierarchical 
Storage Management) has 
been setting the standard for 
storage management since 
its introduction. QStar HSM 
has continued to evolve to 
provide even greater perfor- 
mance and data security for 
the lifeblood of your busi- 
ness. With thousands of 
installations around the 
world and supporting a wide 
range of archival media and 
platforms, your choice of a 
solution is now easier to 
make than ever before. 

2175 W. Highway 987 
Mary Esther, FL 32569 
Toll Free: (800) 568-2578 
Phone: (850) 243-0900 

Database & Data Mining 




:;. "linn ■ P 

U.J ! ! .rrr^"" •.. . 

ProClarity Analytics 6, version 6.1 , supercharges the 
Microsoft business intelligence (Bl) platform, making it easi- 
er than ever for IT to create a successful Bl solution, and 
simpler than ever for decision makers to use it. 

For evaluation software: 



500 S 10th St 
Boise, ID 83702 
Fax: (208)343-6128 

Imaging & Printing 

j&*\f^\ DocFinity® electronic document 
WHJfVJ management software can automate and 

d o c f i n 1 1 y j m p rove y 0ur business processes and 
performance. The fully integrated suite includes imaging, 
workflow, COLD-ERM, business process management 
tools, intelligent search capabilities, barcode capabilities, 
browser access, and arobust Web services API. DocFinity 
provides you with everything you need to improve produc- 
tivity and better serve your clients. 

• Reduce storage space 

• Store and share information 

• Comply with federal regulations 

• Access information remotely 

• Prepare for disaster recovery 
Call and ask us how! 

\pptical Image 
AV Technology, Inc. 

100 Oakwood Avenue 
State College, PA 16803 
Fax: (814)238-0011 

Imaging & Printing 

X Comprehensive Imaging Toolkit 

ImagXpress is the comprehensive 
image processing toolkit designed 
I M A G X P R E S S™ for document imaging, forms pro- 
cessing, photo and color imaging 
application development. Features include image viewing, 
editing, clean up, printing, powerful TWAIN scanning, fully 
programmable annotations, redaction, anti-aliasing, 
deskew, despeckle, multi-page TIFF and PDF. Barcode, 
ICR, OCR, OMR, ISIS scanning, forms recognition, and 
forms processing are all available as add on toolkits. 

For complete product information on ImagXpress, visit: 



4001 N. Riverside Drive 
Tampa, FL 33603 
Phone: (813) 875-7575 
Fax: (813)875-7705 




With SPAM Filter ISP, you can block spam & viruses before 
they reach your mail server. SPAM Filter ISP is configured 
to be your spam filter gateway and handles all incoming 
emails going to the servers listed for your MX records. 
SPAM Filter ISP can be configured to listen on a specific IP, 
multiple IPs, or all IPs bound to the NIC card. 
For More Information, visit 

LogSat software 

next generation web tools 

PO Box 916340 
Longwood, FL 32791 
Phone: (407) 650-3008 

Email Utility 


for 1 users 

-j Add ixtenul tfiscLaimer properties 

El Add diKl»iimr 


M Red Earth 

Policy Patrol Email for 

Exchange Server and Lotus 
Notes/Domino offers anti- 
spam, antivirus, keyword fil- 
tering, attachment blocking, 
compression, disclaimers, 
signatures and many more 
email management features. 
Policy Patrol includes a pow- 
erful rules wizard that allows 
you to create customized 
user-based rules by specify- 
ing conditions, exceptions 
and actions. 

200 Marcy Street 
Portsmouth, NH 03801 
Fax: (603) 457-8455 


Disk fragmentation causes crashes, slowdowns, freeze-ups 
and even total system failures. Manual defragmentation 
just isn't practical — it takes too long. NEW Diskeeper 10 is 
the "Set It and Forget It"® high-speed defragmenter that 
runs undetectably in the background and makes the prob- 
lems of fragmentation go away forever! 

Free Trial: 



7590 North Glenoaks Boulevard 
Burbank, CA 91504 
Fax: (818)252-5514 

February 24, 2006 
—Manufacturer Presentation 

Page 7 

Software - Security Advertisement 

Internet Content Filtering and Monitoring 


Internet Content Monitoring / Filtering 

Ensuring a safe Internet for your students and staff, improving 
employee productivity reducing legal liability and optimizing 
your IT resources just became AFFORDABLE. 

Web Hawk is a state-of-the-art filtering solution designed to 
ensure your network traffic is both safe and productive. It has 
all the features and benefits offered by other enterprise filter- 
ing solutions but at substantially lower prices. You CAN save 
with Web Hawk. 
Try it for free. 

Monitor, Filter, and Protect For a Lot Less 

• CI PA compliant 

• Over 9.5 million categorized domain names 

• Page-level blocking 

• Set flexible rules based on users, groups, time of day, Web site category, 
file types, protocols, browse time quotas, and more 

• View Internet traffic in real time 

• Installs within minutes 

• Automated task scheduler eliminates day-to-day administration 

• Email alerts instantly report inappropriate use 

Learn about the Free Trial Online at 


Please call 1-888-TANGENT for additional information 

j- Manufacturer Presentation 

Software - Application Development Advertisement 

AdventNet Provides Free Edition of 

Industry-Leading Web NMS framework for 

Development of EMS / NMS Applications 

Web NMS Express Edition is a free-for-development version of 
the industry-leading EMS/NMS framework. Technical support 
and runtime deployment licenses can be purchased when 
required. The Express Edition supports FCPS functionality and 
comes bundled with the Struts-based Web client. The Struts 
framework enables quicker development and deployment of 
Element/ Network Management Applications (EMS/NMS). With 
this initiative, AdventNet has made its Web NMS technology 
more economical for EMS/NMS development. 

Over 350 development teams across the globe have evaluated 
and selected AdventNet Web NMS as the basis for their custom 
OEM software development for Element / Network Management 
Applications (EMS/NMS). With worldwide adoption of Web NMS 
in the OEM and service provider space, the new Express Edition 
will serve clients looking for a quicker development of an SNMP/ 
CLI - based management solution with FCPS functionalities. 

"The Express Edition helps customers reduce their upfront development cost and only 
pay when they deploy their applications, unless they require technical support during 
the development phase. This is a good option for customers considering in-house 
development, " said Prabhu R., Product Manager for Web NMS, AdventNet. 

AdventNet provides affordable software in the areas of network applications 
and database tools. With a broad product portfolio and an active customer 
base including enterprises, equipment vendors and service providers, 
AdventNet has emerged as a very affordable and high-quality alternative to 
expensive software that is common in the industry. AdventNet is headquar- 
tered in Pleasanton, CA with offices in NJ, NH, India, UK, China and Japan. It 
has a well-trained partner base around the globe and thousands of customers 

For More Information Visit 

Phone: (925) 924-9500 

j- Manufacturer Presentation 

Software - Mobility Advertisement 

Sales Anywhere from Sybase Subsidiary iAnywhere 

Sales Anywhere is a customizable, packaged mobile software 
application that enables users of Siebel, PeopleSoft, SalesLogix, 
SAP, Dendrite, and other SFA systems to get mobile access to 
their contacts, call reports, forecasts, and more on their hand- 
helds. Sales professionals can access time-critical information 
not only from these systems, but also from a variety of other 
sources, including inventory information from ERP systems and 
product and pricing information from corporate intranets. 

Sales Anywhere features include: 

• Mobilizes all key sales & corporate resources 

• Fast on-device performance 

• Handheld-optimized 

• Broad Platform Support 

• Rapid Deployment & Low TCO 

• Always-available access 

Sales Anywhere for provides anywhere, anytime 
access to Salesforce on Windows Mobile and Palm OS devices, 
with or without a wireless connection. Whether at a customer 
site or in an airplane, industry-leading ease of use and robust 
synchronization ensure that sales professionals always have 
quick and reliable access to Salesforce to maximize field produc- 
tivity and effectiveness. Productivity features include advanced 
search and initiating email and phone calls from within Sales 
Anywhere. Sales Anywhere is simple and cost effective to 
deploy and maintain. No administrative setup is necessary; 
users simply install Sales Anywhere and instantly have access 
to their Salesforce data. 

For More Information: 



One Sybase Drive • Dublin, CA 95468 • Phone: (800) 801-2069 • Fax: (519) 747-4971 

—Manufacturer Presentation 

Software - Network & Systems Mgmt. Advertisement 

nLayers InSight™ 4.5 

The industry's only hybrid passive/active discovery solution 

nLayers InSight is the easiest, most comprehensive solution for discovering, 
understanding and mapping the complex relationships between applications 
and technology infrastructure. 

Applications, services and servers in nLayers Application Behavioral Model 

nLayers is the only discovery vendor that offers instant, passive discovery for 
immediate, end-to-end real-time visibility and the flexibility to selectively "drill 
down" and compile more detailed configuration information on specific servers 
or services. As part of the discovery process, nLayers InSight builds a 
detailed, time-based Application Behavioral Model™ (ABM™) of how and 
when the components interact with each other, and the transactions 
processed in each interaction. 

nLayers' unique agentless top-down auto-discovery process maintains a real- 
time, interactive "living" model of the entire application infrastructure at a frac- 
tion of the time and cost of manual methods or other intrusive discovery meth- 
ods. Discovering entities at a rate of 500 per minute, nLayers InSight builds an 
interactive application map and behavior model in a few hours. The applica- 
tion behavior model is then continuously updated with interdependencies, con- 
figuration and usage changes, and all the information is maintained in an 
open, federated configuration management database (FCMDB). 

Using the optional Active Discovery module, customers may selectively 
choose the key servers or services essential to their business (such as specif- 
ic application or database servers of business critical processes), to gather 
detailed configuration item (CI) information using a combination of methods, 
including SNMP, SSH, Telnet and WMI. 

nLayers InSight is different from other discovery solutions in that it continuous- 
ly monitors application usage and demand, allowing organizations to dramati- 
cally reduce operational costs and accelerate today's highest-priority IT initia- 
tives. nLayers InSight offers real-time visibility without installing software on 
any system or adding traffic to the network. 

For More Information: Call: (408) 467-0800 Visit: 



5300 Stevens Creek Blvd. 

Suite 600 

San Jose, CA 9529 

Page 8 

February 24, 2006 

Link Management 


L I N K T E K 

LinkFixerPlus is the first app 
that automatically fixes links 
in batches of files when con- 
ducting a file or data migra- 
tion due to: server upgrades 
or consolidations, server 
name changes, new storage 
servers, path name changes 
or folder reorganizations. 
LinkFixerPlus allows you to 
move or rename Microsoft® 
Word, Excel, PowerPoint®, 
Autodesk® AutoCAD®, Adobe® 
InDesign®, PageMaker® or 
HTML files, in batch, includ- 
ing the files they point to. 

1805 Drew Street 
Clearwater, FL 33765 
Fax: (727) 442-8344 

Patch Management 

Automated Network Security Patch Management Tool for 
IT Professionals of any level: Service Pack Manager 
-Patch vulnerabilities in WinNT/2000/XP/2003, IIS, SQL, 

Exchange, ISA, Microsoft Office, IE, and other Microsoft 


-Patch Research and Automated Inventory Update 
-On-demand and Scheduled Scanning & Patch Installation 


Gravity Storm Software 

A Security Bastion Company 

3525 Del Mar Heights Rd 

Suite 630 

San Diego, CA 92130 


Fax: (866) 450-7931 

Management Suite 

MetaSolv Inventory Management helps you accurately 
manage all the resources required to deliver communica- 
tions services, allowing you to identify availability, location, 
and capacity of your network assets. MetaSolv Inventory 
Management enables you to keep your inventory "ever- 
green'-continually refreshed with near real-time visibility 
into any discrepancies between the actual network and the 
inventory database. In addition to helping you serve your 
customers better, this functionality also facilitates your 
compliance with financial reporting requirements like 

• Manage and reduce physical network inventory costs 

• Facilitate management of network inventory 

• Manage customer and service inventory associations 

Visit For More Info! 




5556 Tennyson Parkway 
Piano, TX 75024 
Toll Free: (800) 747-0791 
Phone: (972) 403-8300 

Network & Systems Mgmt. 

2X LoadBalancer 

For Terminal Services / Cilri* 


...™* ,»M 



I -» I 

i - i 



$395 2 Servers 
$1 ,750 Unlimited 

Load balancing, increased 
security, and redundancy 
for your Terminal Services 

2X LoadBalancer for 
Windows Terminal Services 
provides load balancing, 
increased security and redun- 
dancy for your Terminal 
Services. Easily load balance 
RDP/ICA sessions between 
Terminal Servers provide 
fault tolerance, and allow 
connections via SSL. 

Phone: (+49) 69 710456-424 
Fax: (+49)69 710456-450 


t ozzo 


Virtuozzo creates isolated, 
secure VPSes (virtual pri- 
vate servers) or virtual envi- 
ronments on a single physi- 
cal server enabling better 
server utilization, ensuring 
guaranteed resources, and 
preventing applications from 
conflicting. Each VPS per- 
forms and executes exactly 
like a standalone server; 
VPSes can be rebooted 
independently and have 
users, IP addresses, 
processes, system libraries, 
and configuration files. 

13755 Sunrise Valley Dr., Ste. 600 
Herndon, VA 20171 

Wireless Management 7 

"p. '■ 

^''■arwliii M^ 



i litiii^jfif^i 


wireless products**? WftBITHIHIICS 


Hive™ is site survey mapping 
software that works with 
Berkeley's Yellowjacket® 
802.11 (B, A or B/G) Wi-Fi 
receiver system and runs on 
an iPAQ® PocketPC®. This 
system is ideal for detecting 
and optimizing indoor/outdoor 
network coverage as well as 
wireless holes and security 
leaks all with no GPS recep- 
tion needed. Hive™ features 
improved GUI, survey paths, 
screen snapshots, multiple 
studies/floorplans open simul- 
taneously, auto-save & more. 

255 Liberty Street 
Metuchen, NJ 08840 
Phone: (732) 548-3737 
Fax: (732) 548-3404 

Access Control 


The SafeBoot® suite of mobile 
data security solutions pro- 
tects data, devices & net- 
works against company data 
leakage associated with loss, 
theft & unauthorized access. 
SafeBoot offers powerful 
encryption & strong access 
control technologies that 
scale in size, integrate with 
existing network infrastruc- 
ture & are transparent to the 
end user. SafeBoot's central- 
ized management capabilities 
provide enterprises with oper- 
ational efficiency. 

2640 Golden Gate Pkwy., Ste. 101 
Naples, FL 34105 
Phone: (239) 298-7000 
Fax: (239)430-1916 

Access Control 

-.■'-.■.-"-'■ '.-„„.,.„. — - f 

Access and identity are the means for administering users 
and their privileges and controlling their access to enter- 
prise resources. Oracle Identity Management delivers 
access control and identity management through Oracle 
COREid Access and Identity, Oracle Application Server 
Single Sign-On and Oracle Delegated Administration 



500 Oracle Parkway 
Redwood City, CA 94065 
Phone: (650) 506-7000 

Accounting & Logging 




Starting Price 



Internet Monitoring 

ObsurferPro™ is a simple to 
use, cost effective, Internet 
Monitoring solution aimed at 
assisting Network Admins in 
the task of identifying and 
controlling use of valuable 
Internet facilities within work- 
ing hours. ObsurferPro™ will 
monitor and record all Web 
sites visited and provide 
valuable feedback that will 
allow you to identify what the 
surfing practices of your 
employees really are. 

3710 Corporex Park Dr. - Ste. 100 

Tampa, FL 33619 

Toll Free: (866) 529-8664 


Event Correlation 

SO-™ nn -w- 

,„„., -,„„„„,-, I 

||E" >&' 

^! "~: H i'.^""r~*^*rr"^r*^- 



| — | « | 

Event Alarm™, 
istrators the mo 
network. Runni 
Windows® servi 
your machines' 
ately notifying y 


from Dorian Software Creati 
re application that can alert r 
ment specific events happen 
ig behind the scenes as a M 
ce, Event Alarm constantly w 
event logs and network's sys 
ou at the first sign of trouble. 

PO Box 724846 
31Arv| Atlanta, GA 31 1 
"xl/-\IN Toll Free: (866) 

Phone: (678) 22 

Dns, is an 
etwork admin- 
throughout the 
atches over 
>logs, immedi- 




Policy Compliance 

CREDANT" Mobile Guardian (CMG) Enterprise Edition 

This award-winning, scalable mobile security and manage- 
ment software platform enables organizations to easily 
secure and manage disparate mobile and wireless devices 
from a single management console. With CMG, companies 
can cost-effectively support a mobile workforce and 
improve employee productivity while guarding against the 
financial loss, legal liability, regulatory compliance issues 
and/or significant brand damage associated with the loss or 
theft of mobile data. 

CREDANT Technologies is the market leader in providing 
software enabling organizations to control security enter- 
prise-wide for mobile and wireless users. CREDANT 
makes it safe for organizations to use notebooks, tablets, 
PDAs and smartphones to increase employee productivity. 

15303 Dallas Parkway, Suite 1420 
Dallas, TX 75001 
Phone: (866) 273-3268 
Fax: (972) 458-5454 


Rights & Permissions 


DeviceShield™ allows you to 
take control & manage all 
removable media devices. 
You will quickly gain full con- 
trol of every port, drive and 
device on every workstation! 

• Control access to your PC 
ports, device types and 
specific device models 

• Provide read & write per- 
missions and even file con- 
trol for USB Plug and Play 
devices and iPods 

• Allows multiple removable 
policies for every level in 
your organization 

3710 Corporex Park Dr. - Ste. 100 

Tampa, FL 33619 

Toll Free: (866) 529-8664 



Starting Price 



February 24, 2006 

Page 9 

Looking Beyond 
HIPAA & Sarbox 

Other Regulations Warrant 
Your Attention, Too 

by Douglas Schweitzer, Sc.D. 

We've heard of the Health Insurance 
Portability and Accountability Act of 
1996 and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and 
our IT departments and data center 
managers are complying (we hope). 
But what should be made of the other 
regulations out there? 

Your organization has a responsibil- 
ity to its clientele as well as to its 
employees to remain abreast of all rel- 
evant laws and directives. Compliance 
with these lesser-known regulations is 
mandatory also, and ignorance of their 
existence is no excuse for failing to 
abide by them. An overview of some 
of the more apropos regulations can 
help your data center staff gain an 
understanding of where your organi- 
zation needs to improve (or establish) 

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, 
15 USC 6801 

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act re- 
quires that institutions exhibit a con- 
tinuing obligation to protect their 
established standards upholding ad- 
ministrative, technical, and physical 
safeguards toward information. The 
three directives provide that the insti- 
tutions must: insure confidentiality of 
customer records and information, 
protect against anticipated threats or 
hazards to the integrity of those 
records, and protect against unautho- 
rized access to or use of those records 
that could cause substantial harm or 
inconvenience to the customer. 

The act mandates that financial 
institutions actively and affirmatively 
protect the nonpublic personal infor- 
mation of their clientele. While from a 
business standpoint it seems obvious 
that it behooves financial institutions 
to act in the best interest of their cus- 
tomers, this act makes it illegal for 
any institution to ignore the security 
of clients' personal information. 

The Americans With Disabilities Act 

This act not only prohibits employ- 
ers from discriminating on the basis of 
a person's mental or physical disability 

when hiring, 
training, ad- 
vancing, com- 
pensating, or 
providing ben- 
efits, but it 
also requires 
that employers 
make accommo- 
dations to quali- 
fied employees with 
disabilities (unless 
such accommoda- 
tion causes undue 
hardship to the em- 
ployer). The act pro- 
hibits employers 
from creating or 
maintaining work 
sites that create sub- 
stantial physical barriers 
for their disabled employees 

The act also prohibits requir- 
ing pre-employment medical exams, 
except after a job offer has been made 
and then only if such exams are given 
to all entering employees in the same 
position. Employers inquiring as to 
the applicant's current or past med- 
ical condition is prohibited; however, 
employers may ask applicants about 
their ability to perform job functions. 

This act covers organizations/employ- 
ers that employ 15 or more persons, 
including private companies, local and 
state governments, labor organizations, 
and employment agencies. An individ- 
ual with a disability is one who is 
impaired in such a way that a major life 
activity is substantially limited. The act 
protects disabled individuals who are 
nonetheless qualified for and can per- 
form the essential functions of a job so 
that they are not discriminated against 
by employers or potential employers. 

The Occupational Safety & Health Act 

The Occupational Safety and Health 
Act, also known as OSHA, concerns 
and enforces safety in the workplace 
environment and promotes safety 
research. The act mandates that 
employers keep their employees 
informed about possible workplace 
dangers. Employers are also required 

Regulatory Resources 

Unfortunately, regulatory compliance is a time consuming and onerous task. However, 
with a little effort you'll be able to educate your workers concerning compliance issues, 
which in turn will help your company stay focused as business and regulatory condi- 
tions continue to change. The following Web sites offer some useful resources. 

Company URL 

The Americans with 
Disabilities Act 

The Civil Rights Act: 
Sexual Harassment 

Electricity At Work 
Regulations 1989 

Act, 15 USC 6801 

The Occupational 
Safety and Health Act 

to provide their employees with train- 
ing so that they will be able to handle 
hazards and hazardous situations. 
Precise records are to be maintained in 
the event of injuries. The rules of 
OSHA cover virtually every private 
employer but exclude family-owned 
and operated farms as well as state and 
local governments. 

The Civil Rights Act: 
Sexual Harassment 

Under this act, an employer is 
deemed negligent and liable when sex- 
ual behavior and/or harassment takes 
place in the workplace and causes an 
intimidating, hostile, or offensive work 
environment. The rules against sexual 
harassment as they relate to the Civil 
Rights Act and the employment envi- 
ronment cover employers with 15 or 
more employees, whether public or 
private, including labor unions. The 
Equal Employment Opportunity Com- 
mission enforces these regulations; 
however, businesses with fewer than 
15 employees are exempt. 

Electricity At Work Regulations 1989 

The Electricity At Work Regula- 
tions of 1989, aka EAWR, mandates 
that electrical equipment and systems 
(including system designs, construc- 
tion, operation, use, and maintenance) 
must be protected with safety mea- 
sures to prevent employees from 
being injured or killed by electricity/ 
electrocution. Use of electrical power 
in the workplace environment is gov- 
erned by the rules of and must con- 
form to the EAWR. The EAWR 
applies to employers as well as em- 
ployees but only to the extent that the 
conditions are within their control. 

Unlike under the Americans with 
Disabilities Act, some portions of the 
EAWR must be adhered to without 
regard to expense, although other por- 
tions are to be met only when it is 
reasonably practicable to do so. Prac- 
ticability weighs the risk considered 
against the expense/difficulty of 
reducing the risk to an acceptable 
level. Both employer and employee 
must work together to carry out 
EAWR directives. 

Backup Application 

/." U,Jl.i'f 


Devu Pro Server Edition pro- 
vides a unique combination 
of data security, data privacy 
capabilities and biometrics in 
one, while maintaining busi- 
ness continuity. From the 
small startup to the largest 
corporate environment, Devu 
Pro Server Edition provides 
everyone from the desktop 
user to the systems adminis- 
trator peace of mind, knowing 
all important and pertinent 
information is being synchro- 
nized and secured while the 
user works at the desktop. 

13976 Lynmar Blvd. 
Tampa, FL 33626 

Backup Utility 


Per Server 
With Substantial 
Volume Discounts 


\J software 

Red Gate Software's SQL 
Backup Pro Edition provides 
high-performance backup 
and recovery for enterprise- 
level SQL Server implemen- 
tations. It provides multiple 
encryption levels up to 256- 
bit using the AES algorithm, 
the same standard specified 
by the U.S. government for 
encrypting top-secret data. 
Advanced compression lev- 
els provide up to 95% small- 
er backups & deliver speeds 
up to three times faster than 
native SQL Server backups. 

Phone: (866) 733-4283 

Data Center Cleaning 


• Raised floor cleaning 

• Hardware cleaning 

• Sub-floor cleaning and 

• Regularly Scheduled 

• PC cleaning: 

• Server cleaning 


• Technicians are rewarded 
for 1 00% job safety and 
customer satisfaction 

• 18 years of industry 

PO BOX 8476 

Fountain Valley, CA 92728 

Phone: (714) 557-5800 



j-inotcK__ lr-i___tri 

Data Center Cleaning 

Serving Data Centers 
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Compliance Still 
A Hot IT Topic 

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one of hundreds of mandates from 
the SEC, FDA, and other regula- 
tory bodies that they must man- 
age," says Ted Frank, chairman 
of the Compliance Consortium 
advisory committee and president 
of Axentis. 

A Valuable 

It can often be difficult for those 
working at a small shop to carve out 
time to learn about the intricacies of 
IT law and to stay abreast of the lat- 
est changes in regulation. One 
invaluable resource to fight the good 
fight is the ITCi (IT Compliance 
Institute). The Seattle-based organi- 
zation is one of the few independent 
organizations that focuses solely on 
the regulatory compliance issues 
that businesses face today. 

The ITCi's Web site (www.itcinsti has a treasure trove of 
white papers and up-to-date infor- 
mation. It is also home to the ITCi 
Regulation Database portal, which 
lets you search more than 1 00 
local, national, and international 
regulations by criteria such as 
industry, geography, and type of 
company affected. The entries in 
the database include summaries, 
key compliance dates, and expla- 
nations on IT impact. 

According to a study done last 
year by IDC, the worldwide infor- 
mation management for compli- 
ance market will pass the $20 bil- 
lion mark in 2009 and grow at a 
22% compound annual growth 
rate through the 2005 to 2009 
forecast period. 

Compliance R0I 

It is difficult to find a way 
around the cost of compliance. 
Either you are spending a lot of 
capital dollars on software solu- 
tions that automate the process of 
auditing and alerts, or you are 
throwing a lot of man-hours at 
the problem. However, respond- 
ing to compliance gaps can 
be an activity that produces ROI 
beyond avoidance of fines. 
Many companies are using their 
dollars wisely, strategically 
aligning their compliance activi- 
ties with overall security activi- 
ties that will bring extra value to 
the business. 

For SMEs, the excuse of regu- 
lation compliance has been a 
good way to justify security 
spending that would have other- 
wise never been approved by 
senior management. 

According to Frank, these laws 
have "increased the focus for 
public companies on the areas of 
corporate governance [and] risk 

This can be key in an envi- 
ronment where customers are 

becoming increasingly aware of 
the importance of your security 
policies, in part because of the 
high-profile failures in business 
processes that predicated regula- 
tion in the first place. According 

to a survey released this year by 
the Business Software Alliance, 
more than 63% of IT decision- 
makers say that information se- 
curity is one of the issues that 
customers ask about regularly. 

February 24, 2006 

This is why differentiating your 
company with better overall poli- 
cies and procedures can be the 
silver lining around what some 
regard as the black cloud of a reg- 
ulated environment. 

A Rundown Of Regulations 

As time has passed, many smaller businesses are finding themselves required to comply with certain regulations that 
they may not have expected to in the first place. This is because large enterprises that do business with smaller compa- 
nies are beginning to take broader interpretations of the laws and are beginning to impose certain compliance measures 
on their vendors in order to stay on the up-and-up. Here are some of the major regulations. 

Regulation Deadline Explanation 

E-Government Act 

In effect 2002 

As a part of the overall E-Government Act, the Federal 
Information Security Management Act requires agencies and 
businesses that work for these agencies to secure their enter- 
prise architecture software. 

Health Insurance 
Portability and 
Accountability Act 

First deadlines in 2003 

Designed to protect the privacy and security of patient informa- 
tion, the law put standards on how electronic patient information 
can be transmitted and how this information must be secured. 

Sarbanes-Oxley Act 

Privacy Law 

First deadlines in 2003 
In effect 2003 

Companies are required to specify how their quarterly financial 
reports are developed, laying out procedures and controls. 
Public companies are also required to have these procedural 
reports audited by an independent entity. As companies cope 
with Sarbox, many are calling upon their IT departments to 
automate these reporting processes, allowing for audit trails to 
be built into the automation. 

This law requires companies to disclose breaches of security 
that cause unencrypted personal data to be compromised. This 
information includes a person's name, social security number, 
driver's license number, or account numbers with personal 
identification or passwords attached. 

SEC Rule 17a-4 

Adopted in 2001 

Rule 17a-4 requires stock brokerages to retain all proof of elec- 
tronic communication with clients for at least three years. Each 
message has to be serialized, and a designated third party must 
be able to access these files at any time to ensure compliance. 

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The CRT Group provides its clients with services at every 
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the project's inception, to identification of an implementa- 
tion strategy, to the actual technical and management 
implementation of the project - CRT has the brightest 
minds in the industry at work. With a proven implementa- 
tion philosophy, CRT's consultants have successfully 
launched and implemented a number of Identity 
Management projects. 

Its services include: 

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February 24, 2006 

Wireless Standards Craziness 

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requirements through a thorough 
analysis of their networking needs. 

Living With Multiple 
Wireless Standards 

Today's proliferation of wireless 
standards tries to serve the needs 
of the fixed and mobile network 
worlds. One example of technolo- 
gies at the junction of the wired 
and wireless world is WiMAX 
and 3G. "WiMAX technology and 
3G represent a junction between 
the fixed broadband and mobile 
worlds. WiMAX is gaining trac- 
tion as an effective means for 
providing fixed broadband service 
in areas where it is expensive 
to implement wired solutions," 
according to the Yankee Group's 
September 2005 "The Evolution of 
WiMAX Service Providers and 
Applications" report. However, 
Forrester Research, another indus- 
try analyst firm, foresees that the 
high-speed wireless access prom- 
ised by WiMAX isn't going to 
be commercially viable until 
after 2010. 

The popular xDSL standard 
may seem like an incumbent for 
wired Internet access. However, 
telcos in markets across the coun- 
try are facing challenges from 

cable providers with business 
divisions selling corporate class 
broadband Internet access via 
their cable networks. While cable 
broadband is familiar to many 
consumers, it is still gaining mass 
acceptance as a networking solu- 
tion for SMEs. To remain com- 
petitive, cable providers such as 
Comcast and Time Warner Cable 
are bolstering their networking 
offerings with VoIP telephony 
and partnerships with mobile tele- 
phone providers to provide an 
overall communications solution 
for customers. 

802.1 lx Wi-Fi networking stan- 
dards are in a constant state of 
evolution as many organizations 
settle on 802.1 lg for its speed and 
security but advances in the stan- 
dard lurk on the horizon with 
MIMO coming into its own as a 
wireless networking standard suit- 
able for corporate networking. 

Settling For One Wireless 
Networking Standard? 

Wireless networking standards 
are driven by demand, security, 
and new mobile devices appear- 
ing on a monthly basis, and the 
growing acceptance of wireless 
networking by corporations keeps 
the wireless networking standards 

Today's proliferation of wireless 
standards tries to serve the needs of 
the fixed and mobile network worlds. 

coming. Such evolution in net- 
working standards leaves prospec- 
tive buyers attempting to nail 
down a networking standard in a 
sea of changes with each new 
standard offering more speed and 
greater flexibility. 

Supporting Multiple 
Wireless Standards 

Supporting multiple wireless 
standards in your SME brings 
with it a range of challenges. 
Assess the skills of your internal 
IT help desk staff for supporting 
the multiple wireless standards 
across your enterprise. Provide 
internal or external training to 
your internal IT staff involved in 
supporting multiple wireless stan- 
dards that may be out of their cur- 
rent expertise. If your internal 
staff is acting as Tier 1 support 
prior to contacting a third-party 
networking provider, take the 
time to document escalation pro- 
cedures and brief all your IT staff 
on those procedures. 

Finding Appropriate 
Service Providers 

If multiple wireless standards 
are a necessity for your SME, it's 
imperative you go with a service 
provider with deep experience 
supporting a range of wireless 
networking and communications 

Service providers targeting 
SMEs are already cropping up 
offering bundles of wireless and 
wired communications time. A 
recent product flash from IDC 

The Move Away From 
Wired vs. Wireless Services 

With today's changing workforce and other factors, some forward thinkers see 
a day when companies will purchase voice and data services, and wireless or 
wired network access will no longer matter. 

Here are some tips to reach this voice and data "nirvana": 

• Track your voice and data communications billing from month to month. 
Look for trends and potential cost savings you can gain by switching to a 
vendor offering bundled voice and data (wireless/fixed network) services. 

• Equip your user community with PCs that can take advantage of wireless or 
wired connectivity. 

• Look at the next generation of VoIP/cellular Wi-Fi handsets for equipping 
your mobile workers. 

• Develop sufficient training for users new to wireless networking and mobile 

• Add wireless security to your overall IT security plan. 

Communications, an industry 
analyst firm, points to CBeyond 
(, a firm of- 
fering bundled wired and wireless 
voice and data communications 
for the SME market. 

When doing your due diligence 
for a service provider, do your 
upfront homework and build a 
detailed analysis of your current 
fixed network and mobile wire- 
less networking communications 
technologies. Next, overlay future 
data and voice requirements to 
handle such scenarios as a grow- 
ing mobile workforce or home 
office users. 

Seek a written proposal from 
potential service providers, in- 
cluding pricing, services, and 
proposed SLAs (service level 
agreements). You should also be 
prepared to check references from 

current customers of similar size 
and industry as your SME. 

Outsourcing critical data and 
voice communications carries 
with it a certain loss of control for 
some organizations. Thus it is 
prudent to establish a bulletproof 
SLA with your service provider, 
defining levels of service and 
escalation paths for critical com- 
munications issues. 

Making A Go With Multiple 
Network Standards 

The proliferation of multiple net- 
working standards opens up possi- 
bilities and dilemmas for your IT 
support organization. The key to 
succeeding at supporting multiple 
networking standards in your SME 
is to put into place a strong internal 
and outsourced support component 
for your user community. 

Managed Security Services 

www. ves 

NetWolves' network continuity and security services 
reduce the time and resources an enterprise requires 
to deploy and maintain a secure data network. 

Unlike other network security products on the market that 
can be difficult to install and configure, NetWolves offers a 
comprehensive all-in-one solution with a common Web- 
based interface that bridges the gap between protection 
and ease-of-use. Depending on your company's particular 
network security policies, you may decide to implement 
some or all of the security services offered by NetWolves. 
All services are fully compatible, so you can decide to 
upgrade at any time to take advantage of additional fea- 
tures. NetWolves' security services are managed and mon- 
itored by our patent-pending SRM2 remote system, which 
assures maximum network protection. 


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Page 12 

Taming The 
Compliance Beast 

audit. "We need to know that a 
document is seen by the right per- 
son at the right time," says Cheryl 
McKinnon, director of industry 
marketing at Hummingbird, so 
there's an audit trail "if a particu- 
lar VP or the CFO has signed off 
on it." 

Hummingbird makes content 
management software that helps 
companies tame their paper tigers. 

Expert Advice On Sarbox, 
HIPAA & Compliance Efforts 

by David Garrett 

a • ■ 

Just how big are the demands that 
Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and other 
laws put on corporate IT? "It's big, 
very big," says Carl Seider, team 
leader in business technology ser- 
vices for PNM, the Public Service 
Company of New Mexico. "It's 
just amazing the different federal 
and state agencies that have some 
impact on what we have to do." 

It's also expensive. In 2001 a 
government report showed that 
companies spent $800 billion per 
year on compliance, and that was 
before Sarbanes-Oxley had even 
been passed. 

First Things First 

So where do you start? Ac- 
cording to Michael Rasmussen, 
vice president at Forrester Re- 
search, it's "knowing what you're 
up against and building an action 
list — and not just a checklist 
from your neighbor." Compliance 

efforts, he says, should fit 
the firms that perform 
them like a hand in a 

Of course, you may 
need outside help to get 
there. "You don't want your 
internal audit team running 
your compliance program, 
or they'd be auditing what 
they're doing," says French 
Caldwell, a Gartner analyst 
and compliance expert. "But 
they could certainly help you 
begin to design the program." 

Most audit firms can help you 
structure your Sarbox efforts, so 
long as you don't choose the firm 
itself that audits you. Caldwell also 
tells first-timers to look at groups 
such as the Information Systems 
Audit and Control Association 
( ISACA wrote 
the COBIT framework for IT 
governance and grants the CISA 
(Certified Information Systems 
Auditor) certification. That can be a 

useful tool for your 
team, or you might simply 
attend ISACA' s local meetings to 
share war stories and seek advice. 

The Paper Tiger 

Much of compliance involves 
paper — the millions of documents 
you need to protect, track, and 

Compliance Software 

Email Encryption 


PostX software encrypts email to protect confidential data, such as patients' records. Unlike 
other encryption tools, it does not require the sender and recipient to share special software. 

Content & Records Managem 



Hummingbird's enterprise content management tools track documents and key records 
with audit trail and workflow management features. 

Stellent's tools let firms automate Sarbox, HIPAA, and other compliance needs. Stellent 
is certified by the Department of Defense. 

Governance & Risk Managem 


~ed Platforms 

BPS Server 

Certus software is designed to help companies devise, monitor, and report on internal 
controls and Sarbox projects. 

OpenPages makes a COSO-based Sarbox tool to enforce internal controls across the 
enterprise. It also makes risk management tools and other software to manage enter- 
prise compliance initiatives. 

BPS Server combines risk management, internal audit, and control development in a 
Web-based system that has minimal impact on a firm's existing infrastructure. 

PNM's Seider keeps more than 63 
million documents in a Hum- 
mingbird system, most of which 
follow compliance rules that say 
when to destroy, recycle, or shred 
them or simply send them to 

"One of the very first things we 
look at when we take in docu- 
ments electronically is the regula- 
tory requirements for who looks 
at them," says Seider. "How long 
do we have to keep them, and 
how detailed an audit trail do we 
have to have?" 

That's no small task when you 
receive 1.2 million documents per 
month, as PNM does. "One of the 
most important things about our 
implementation is that it's not only 
an IT function, but the team con- 
sists of IT and records personnel." 
Together, that team built a system 
that prompts a document's author 
to define the document's security; 
it even reminds the author about 
the regulations that apply to a 
given document. 

Don't Fall In A Hole 

Sarbox and HIPAA are so big 
(and so feared) that some firms 

February 24, 2006 

go overboard to comply with 
them. "The biggest problem is 
over-scoping," says Gartner's 
Caldwell. Some companies put 
controls "here, there, and every- 
where," he says, ignoring the 
narrow intent of the law. For 
instance, Sarbox was designed to 
address financial controls and 
audits and never mentions IT per 
se. But some auditors have been 
reluctant to limit their clients' 
efforts, a problem that was com- 
mon in the early days of Sarbox 
when little was known about it. 
In contrast, some compa- 
nies don't go far enough, 
approaching Sarbox and 
HIPAA "as a project, not a 
process," says Forrester's 
Rasmussen. They don't see 
compliance as part of their 
day-to-day operations, he 
says, and too often assign a 
project manager to an ad hoc 
job that won't suffice in the 
long run. 

Boon Or Bust? 

A long-term view of com- 
|> pliance — a real effort to 

weave it deeply into the corpo- 
rate fabric — can have a host of 
benefits, such as efficient process 
improvements. Gartner's Cald- 
well notes that compliance and 
good IT governance often dove- 
tail. "I've talked to CIOs who've 
implemented governance pro- 
grams, some who've gone so far 
as to implement Six Sigma pro- 
grams, and they've had a rela- 
tively less onerous task facing 
them with Sarbanes-Oxley," he 

And Hummingbird's McKinnon 
says that compliance is rarely the 
sole driver of good records man- 
agement. "There's still the whole 
area of knowledge worker effi- 
ciency and the fear of the knowl- 
edge worker retirement bubble. 
What are we doing about captur- 
ing all that information and those 
best practices?" 

It all leads to a single thought: 
Compliance and related problems 
are here for the long run. "We're 
not finished, by any means," says 
PNM's Seider. "And I don't know 
that we ever will be, because by 
the time that we get things just 
where we want them, I'm sure 
that one of the regulatory bodies 
will change its mind, or a state 
will deregulate, or there will be 
some other change in the industry. 
But it is a top priority for us," he 
says. "The exposures of not deal- 
ing with this are huge." 

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February 24, 2006 

Perform A Compliance 

Developing A Comprehensive Checklist 
Can Save Time & Money 

by Paul Ferrill 

One of the key parts of estab- 
lishing a good compliance process 
is performing a self-assessment. 
While there are many auditing 
firms that would be happy to 
assess your company's compli- 
ance, they typically don't do it for 
free. In some industries an outside 
assessment may be a requirement. 
Even in that case, you can still 
perform a self-assessment to try to 
identify any deficiencies before 
someone else finds them. 

Help Along The Way 

A number of companies offer 
products or services that help 
you navigate the self-assessment 
waters. For example, Protiviti 
( is a leading 
international provider of indepen- 
dent internal audit and business 
and technology risk consulting 
services. It has a number of re- 
sources on its Web site and spon- 
sors the KnowledgeLeader (www site offer- 
ing a mix of articles, checklists, 

Self-Assessment Considerations 

Here are some questions to consider from a records management perspective: 

• Where do you store employee health insurance records? 

• Are all paper documents in a lockable storage container? 

• Who has access to these records? 

• If you have records on a computer system, are there access controls in 
place to prevent any unauthorized access? 

• Do you have a plan in place for the destruction of HIPAA-related informa- 
tion for employees who have been terminated? 

and tips on the subject of self- 
assessment. Most of the informa- 
tion requires a subscription for 
access, but it does have a few free 
sample materials. 

Another resource is the Amer- 
ican National Standards Institute, 
or ANSI (, which 
publishes a large number of 
standards documents. For in- 
stance, the standards document 
ISO/IEC 17799:2005 addresses 
information security manage- 
ment and should serve as the 
basis for any formal security plan. 
ANSI sells its documents for 
a nominal fee ($165 in the case 
of ISO/IEC 17799) from its 
Web site. 

The SANS Institute is another 
option; it has an audit checklist 
in Adobe Acrobat format that is 
free to download from www. sans 
_checklist.pdf. The checklist in- 
cludes topics such as organization- 
al security, asset classification and 
control, personnel security, com- 
munications and operations man- 
agement, and access control. It 
also includes system development 
and maintenance, business con- 
tinuity management, and compli- 
ance. The topics are applicable to 
any security-related regulatory 

and should pro- 
vide a good starting 
point for developing a self-assess- 
ment plan for any industry. Al- 
though these will help you get 
started, they don't address every 
issue that you should consider. 

Security Concerns 

Wireless access points offer 
an inexpensive way to connect 

Page 13 

mobile devices to a company net- 
work. They also represent a signif- 
icant security threat if not properly 
controlled. They could put compa- 
nies falling under the regulations 
of the Health Insurance Portability 
and Accountability Act of 1996 at 
risk of noncompliance if not con- 
figured for the highest security. 

The NIST (National Institute of 
Standards and Technology) has a 
white paper available for down- 
load on its site that details how to 
configure a wireless network for 
the highest level of security. It 
includes a Wireless LAN Security 
Checklist to help with the self- 
assessment chores. The white 
paper is available at csrc.nist 

management and stor- 
age represents one 
of the biggest areas 
of concern with re- 
spect to HIPAA. 
The U.S. Depart- 
ment of Health and 
Human Services has a 
number of checklists and 
frequently asked questions 
available for free at www 

Protection requirements are 
even more important for compa- 
nies in the healthcare provider 
industry with the need to protect 
patient information. The same 
general rules apply but should 
be implemented for all patient 
records. Diligence is the key word 
when it comes to being compliant, 
and nobody knows your business 
better than you do. 

Power Distribution 

Dual power feeds in one enclosure 
Group outlet control for up to 4 power circuits 
Remote reboot via IP 

Secure HTML GUI, SNMP, RS-232 access 120/208 VAC 
15, 20&30-Amp models 
True RMS Input Current Monitoring 
Power-up Sequencing 


Server Technology, Inc. 

1040 Sandhill Road 
Reno, NV 89511 
Phone: (775) 284-2000 
Fax: (7752842065 

Power Distribution 

• Remote Reboot via IP 

•Secure HTML GUI, SNMP, 
RS-232 access 


• 120/208 VAC 15, 20 & 30- 
Amp models 


• True RMS Input Current 

• Power-up Sequencing 

• Link to a second tower for 
group outlet control 

U 1040 Sandhill Road 

Reno, NV 89511 
{J Phone: (775) 284-2000 
> ^^^^> Fax: (775) 284-2065 
Server Technology, Inc. 

Power Management 


•■ ■ • ■ ■ 

Remote Power Management & Pass-Through Console 

Port Access 

4 Pass-Through ports for console management of serial 


4 power outlet receptacles 

Secure in-band or out-of-band communications 

Field-Replaceable internal Global Secure Modem 

Server Technology, Inc. 

1040 Sandhill Road 
Reno, NV 89511 
Phone: (775) 284-2000 
Fax: (775) 284-2065 

Power Management 

24 Receptacles 

. » B* 

♦ \ 

LCD Display 

RS232 Access 

24 Receptacle Remote Power Monitoring & Distribution 

• Current, Voltage, Power, and Temp Monitoring 

• LCD Screen Display 

• RS232 Interface 120/208VAC 10,20,30A Models 

• Power Distribution and Monitoring In One Unit 



5239 Avenue A 
Long Beach, MS 39560 
Phone: (800) 523-2702 
Fax: (228) 563-7335 

Power Management 

RS232 Access 

8 Rebootable Receptacles 
LCD Display 

8 Receptacle Power Control and Monitoring 

1 Current, Voltage, Power, and Temp Monitoring 

■ LCD Screen Displays Power Monitoring Information 
•RS232 interface, 120/208VAC 10,20,30A Models 

■ Turn On, Off, or Reboot any or All Receptacles 



5239 Avenue A 
Long Beach, MS 39560 
Phone: (800) 523-2702 
Fax: (228) 563-7335 

Power Management 

Dualcom™ Plus 



FINALIST for Best of Show at Networld + Interop 2005 

• Monitor and manage current consumption at EACH outlet 

• TCP/IP or RS-232 

• SNMP management 

• Login/password security 

• Intuitive user interface 



1 580 Berger Drive 
Phone: (888)311-6277 

San Jose, CA95112 
Fax: (408) 975-0941 

Page 14 

February 24, 2006 

Power Management 

www. Iizzi6 

IPC 34XX-NET Series 

• OU or 1U mounted 

• Remote-Reboot/power management via Ethernet, 
TCP/IP, Dial-Up, Direct Serial 

• 85-264V - /20A input - 16A output 

• Control up to 10 racks or 80 devices 

• Automatically sequence your systems power up or 
down with Multiple time Delay 


3200 S Susan Street 

Phone: (877) PULIZZI (785-4994) 

Santa Ana, CA 92704-6839 
Fax: (605) 334-4999 

The rPower RS232-enabled meter features an eight-channel, 
auto-scrolling capability and provides remote monitoring for 
20-60 Amp (125 / 208 Volt) rackmount enclosure power solu- 
tions. rPower also has a high-res color display that can be 
viewed from as far away as 12 feet. In addition, the device 
connects to traditional console port switches and can be 
managed simultaneously with other RS232-based devices. 

24 Mt. Jefferson 
Hubbardston, MA 01452 

connect your world 

Power Management 

connect your world 

New MT3 Series! 

Vertical PDUs Ranging 

From 5,000 to 8,600 Watts 

• Designed for standard and 
blade servers 

• 30A/208V, 20A/3 Phase, 
30A/3 Phase options 

• NEMA and/or IEC outlets 

• Optional metering or 
remote monitoring (RS232) 

• Connect to traditional con- 
sole port switches 

• UL60950-1 compliant 
(UL489 breakers) 


Power Protection 

www. Iizzi5 


TPC 2104 Series 

1 OU or 1U mounted 

■110-1 25V - or 200-240V - 20A input - 1 6A output 

■(16) IEC60320C1 3 outlets 

' IEC60320 C20 power inlet 

1 EMI/RFI filtering, surge suppression 

1 Over-current protection 


3200 S Susan Street 

Phone: (877) PULIZZI (785-4994) 

Santa Ana, CA 92704-6839 
Fax: (605) 334-4999 

Power Protection 

Transfer Switch 

RS232 Port 

4 receptacles 
per side 

8 Receptacle Power Control / Monitoring w/Trans Switch 

• Current, Voltage, Power, and Temp Monitoring 

• Automatic Transfer Switch 

• RS232 or Network Interface 120/208VAC 10, 20, 30A Models 

• Turn On, Off, or Reboot any or All Receptacles 



5239 Avenue A 
Long Beach, MS 39560 
Phone: (800) 523-2702 
Fax: (228) 563-7335 

Power Protection 


Provide redundant power to single-power supply servers 
Auto-switches to a secondary power source if the primary 
becomes unavailable 
Universal voltage: 120V or 208-240V 
Primary select switch to designate the primary & second- 
ary power feeds 
LED lights indicate which power source is in use 


Server Technology, Inc. 

1040 Sandhill Road 
Reno, NV 89511 
Phone: (775) 284-2000 
Fax: (775) 284-2065 

Power Protection 

www. Iizzi7 



T 2235 Series 

• OU or 1U mounted 

• Dual input, auto-switching between sources (primary 
and secondary) 

• Transfer time of 30 ms max 

• Brown-out monitoring and "Out of Phase" transfer 

• IEC and North American versions available 


3200 S Susan Street 

Phone: (877) PULIZZI (785-4994) 

Santa Ana, CA 92704-6839 
Fax: (605) 334-4999 

Racks & Cabinets 

8 $865 



19" Enclosure Cabinet 

• 42 U x 36" Deep 

• 4 Mounting Rails 

• Front and Rear Lockable 
Doors, choice of Solid, 
Tempered Glass or 

• 2 Removable and Lockable 
Side Panels 

• 4 Dual Wheels 

On Sale and ready to gol 

56-01 55th Avenue 
Maspeth, NY 11 378 
Phone: (888) 222-7270 
Fax: (888)410-0671 

Racks & Cabinets 

4 Post 19" Relay Rack 

User adjustable design 
accomodates equipment 
from 24" to 36.5" Deep. 

$ SALE $ 

Hergo iRack 

42U - From $245 

26U - From $235 

12U- From $225 

• 4 Heavy-Duty Steel 

• 4 Gliders 

• Ships Knock-Down 

• Easy to Assemble 



56-01 55th Avenue 
Maspeth, NY 11 378 
Phone: (888) 222-7270 
Fax: (888)410-0671 

Racks & Cabinets 

Pro Series II Vertical Racks 


Selling tftt Sttnesrri in fahiiial Furniture. 

' Fully adjustable rack rails 

• Heavy-duty welded frames 

• Independent lift-off side 
panels w/optional lock 

• Open top & bottom w/1 9- 
inch EIA mounting 

• Custom vented side panels 

• NEMA conduit knock-out 
stop and bottom 

• Tapped rack rails — front 
and rear 

« Vented top panel (optional) 

• 10-inch fan (optional) 

• 7-inch wide wiring spacer 

10901 Hampshire Ave S 
Minneapolis, MN 55438 
Phone: (800) 447-2257 
Fax: (952)944-1546 

Racks & Cabinets 



New Generation of 19" 
Server Rack Cabinet 

• 42U x 42" deep 

• Fully perforated front door 
and rear split door 

• Perforated roof top and 8 
cutouts for cable entry 

•All Doors/Sides lock!!! 

• Guaranteed compatibility 
w/Dell, HP, SUN & IBM 

• Static load rating 2200 lbs 

• Unit Markings (front & rear) 

• Also includes 4 mounting 
rails, 4 dual casters & feet 

• Super Sales and ready to 
ship today!!! 

30081 Ahem Ave 
Union City, CA 94587 
Phone: (888) 483-241 £ 
Fax: (510)372-2736 

Racks & Cabinets 

The Secure Laptop/ 
Notebook Cabinet (SLNC) 

fully powered cabinet is 

designed to house up to 1 8 
laptops/notebooks with inter- 
nal power bars for charging. 
The unit even has a network 
capability for Internet 
updates while secured. 
These cabinets come with a 
two-piece all-steel tambour 
door, a lock with two keys, 
and a power bar for keeping 
each laptop fully charged. 
For More Information, Visit: 

5uppart Concepts, nc 

Arlington, TX 76011 

I J^L Information 

714 N. Watson Road, Suite 302 
Phone: (800) 458-6255 

February 24, 2006 

Page 15 

Product l^ Releases 


Power Management 

■ American Power Conversion's high- 
density InfraStruXure systems deliver UPS 
power, power distribution, and cooling in a 
standardized rack-based architecture. The 
systems feature APC's new InRow RC unit 
to provide up to 60kW cooling to equip- 
ment in the row, rackmount power distribu- 
tion, and enhanced management tools. 
All InfraStruXure systems include the com- 
pany' s SX rack platform, which uses a 
vendor-neutral design to accommodate 
rack-optimized thin servers with higher 
power densities that can lead to thermal 
problems. The systems' rackmount power 
distribution units free up valuable "U" 
space by occupying the rear side channels 
of the SX rack; each power distribution unit 
offers up to 22kW power. 

Racks & Furniture 

■ GizMac announced a taller XRackPro 
rackmount enclosure cabinet for Apple 
Xserve-based systems. The 25U XRackPro 
Noise Reduction Enclosure is for both 
Xserve and Xserve RAID systems. As its 
name suggests, it reduces excess noise 
using noise-cancellation technologies. The 
product supports up to 25 Xserve servers 
for Apple Workgroup Clusters. 


Application Networking 

■ Certeon released new S-Series Secure 
Application Networking appliances for 
WAN acceleration. Only changed informa- 
tion is transmitted over the wireless network. 
The S-Series appliances analyze applications 
to develop an understanding of the ways 
they work and the type of data they receive 
and transmit. The appliances accelerate 
HTTP and HTTPS traffic, reduce application 
response time, and improve scalability. Three 
models are available: the S-1000 for small 
branch offices, the S-2000 for regional 
offices, and the S-3000 for large data centers. 

Network & Systems Management 

■ Locate 4.0 is a new user/device identifi- 
cation network appliance from eTelemetry. 
The plug-and-play Locate can take the IP 
address of a problem device and report its 
physical location, switch port, department, 
username, and user phone number. More- 
over, it maintains a log of all such activity 
for compliance with regulations such as 
HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. 

■ Network Instruments launched the 
GigaStor 2T historical data analysis appli- 
ance. The 2TB device is part of the GigaStor 
4T and 8T family. It offers time-based navi- 
gation that lets analysts cull data from specif- 
ic time periods (including specific hours on a 
particular day). It also supports more general 
searches, such as weeks' worth of historical 
data. Network Instruments is targeting the 
smaller appliance at businesses that want to 
extend their searching abilities to branches 
outside their cores. The GigaStor 2T starts at 
$19,995 in a two-port configuration. 


■ Composed of the R3000H and Enterprise 
Reporter, two compact 1U appliances, 8e6 is 
offering a high-availability, carrier-class 
Web filtering and reporting product with 
dual Xeon processors, hot-swappable hard 
drives and power supplies, time-based filter- 
ing, and more. 8e6 also announced 8e6 
Client, an appliance-based remote Web fil- 
tering application. Using technology from 
B secure, the new product lets organizations 
enforce the same Web filtering protection to 
remote devices as machines that reside inside 
the network. 8e6 Client extends the function- 
ality of the 8e6 R3000 appliance, empower- 
ing IT administrators to enforce acceptable 
Web-use policies, including access to known 
spyware and phishing sites. 8e6 Client is cen- 
trally managed from the 8e6 Management 
Console. 8e6 also introduced the 8e6 Threat 
Analysis Reporter, an appliance that enables 
network administrators to view current Web 
activity on the network by category and then 
drill down to specific threats by individual 

users. This appliance is the first product in 
the company's User Policy Management 
strategy, which is designed to arm organiza- 
tions with data for identifying threats and 
enforcing Web policies across a range of 
applications, including email, spam filters, 
instant messaging, and other devices. 

■ Array Networks introduced enhance- 
ments to its SSL VPN SPX Series. It 
includes a variety of new software tools for 
management, security, reporting, and capac- 
ity. This product supports up to 256 virtual 
portals and 64,000 concurrent users and has 
a latency of less than 10 milliseconds. The 
new series also supports detailed RADIUS 
accounting data for HIPAA and Sarbanes- 
Oxley compliance. Array Networks also 
introduced a new GINA (Graphical Iden- 
tification and Authentication) for universal 
access with a simple login and authentica- 
tion process. It supports token-free, two- 
factor authentication. 

■ Atempo introduced a universal edition 
of Time Navigator that supports both 
PowerPC -based and Intel-based Macs. This 
software for Macs provides data protection 
for companies with Mac OS X. Atempo 
used Apple's Xcode development environ- 
ment and tools to develop the universal edi- 
tion of Time Navigator. 

■ Breach Security introduced its Web- 
Defend GX200 Web application security 
appliance. The application has security fea- 
tures ideal for applications in large compa- 
nies, data centers, ISPs, and ASPs. The 
GX200 appliance includes a behavioral- 
profiling engine, as well as detection engines. 
It analyzes data to detect Web-application 
attacks and creates profiles for each applica- 
tion which contains information about 
acceptable routines and behavior. Activity 
that does not match the profile is flagged and 
passed on to detection engines for further 
analysis, so the behavior can be either 
blocked or allowed. If an activity is deemed 
malicious, a number of actions, such as 
blocking the attack or logging out the 

offending user, will occur. WebDefend also 
contains ExitControl, which monitors outgo- 
ing application data and checks for credit 
card numbers, social security numbers, and 
other sensitive data sent over the network. 

■ Caymas Systems announced improve- 
ments to its Caymas 525 Access Gateway. 
The Caymas 525 now has 40% greater 
throughput, with a maximum throughput of 
1 .4Gbps, and latency is now as low as three 
milliseconds. It's access driven and uses 
the Identity Tagging Architecture to man- 
age access control and network security 
policies. It can base its analyses on user 
identities, device identities, locations, client 
configurations, and other factors. The 
Caymas 525 is FIPS 140-2 validated. 

■ Cenzic introduced new plug-ins for its 
Nessus Security Scanner. The plug-ins are 
available as free downloads and help com- 
panies detect vulnerabilities in Web appli- 
cations. The plug-ins include WebLogic 
Server, Sun Java JDK Bugs, WebLogic 
Clear Text Transmissions, WebLogic 
Mbean Disclosure, WebLogic MBean 
Password Disclosure, PHP Apache Socket 
Crash, Sun Java Server Installation Path 
Disclosure, PHP Input Validation And Safe 
Mode Bypass, MySQL Access Control 
Vulnerability, and Apache modjk Infor- 
mation Disclosure. 

■ Cisco Systems announced additional ser- 
vices for its "Anti-X" network threat 
prevention and SSL VPN products. The 
CSC-SSM (Content Security and Control 
security services module) for the Cisco 
ASA (Adaptive Security Appliance) 5500 
ties together URL blocking and filtering, 
antivirus, antispyware, and content and file 
filtering. Cisco's ASA 5500 Series 7.1 soft- 
ware lets the Cisco ASA 5500 Series family 
offer up to 5,000 concurrent SSL VPN ses- 
sions per device, giving organizations' 
remote and mobile employees secure access 
to network resources and applications. 

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Astaro Unified-Threat 
Gateway Security Appliance 

Affordable Network Security 
That Is User-Friendly 

by Daniel P. Dent 

To keep PACE with the growing 
range of network-based security 
threats (email viruses, spam, and 
phishing), along with intrusion 
attempts, spyware, hostile Web 
applets, and inappropriate con- 
tent, companies are looking 
at their Internet gateway as the 
best place to fight and at all-in- 
one, or "Everything But Firewall 
(and maybe VPN)" boxes, to 
provide UTM (Unified Threat 

Astaro Corp. Security, which 
makes integrated network security 
solutions, recently re-leased its 
Security Gateway and 525 and 
525F, a high-end, high-perfor- 
mance appliance version of its 
UTM security software-only and 
appliance product line. 

Intended for 1,000- to 2,000- 
person enterprises and other orga- 
nizations needing multigigabit 
performance and high-reliability, 
gateway-level security, the 
Astaro Security Gateway 525 has 
a pair of 3.2GHz Intel GHz 
Xeons with 4GB of RAM, a pair 
of 120GB hot-swappable RAID 
SATA disks (for processing, log- 
ging, and for caching and quaran- 
tining), a hardware acceleration 
card, and hot-swappable power 
supplies, and 10 gigabit copper 
ports and costs $19,995. 

The 525F model ($21,995) 
has four gigabit copper ports 
and six SFP (small form-factor 
pluggable) ports, which can be 
equipped with lOOOBase SX/LX 
mini-GBIC fiber interfaces for 
multimode or single-mode fiber 

Astaro Security is based on the 
company's customized version 
of Linux, the company's own 
software firewall, and popular 
open-source network, email, and 
Web security programs, which 
customers can purchase and acti- 
vate selectively. 

The security applications in the 
Security Gateway (all are included; 
customers can purchase and acti- 
vate them selectively) include 
Astaro' s own SPI (stateful packet 
inspection) application-level prox- 
ies firewall, Astaro' s VPN gate- 
way (works with most PPTP and 
IPSec clients), mail/Web anti- 
virus (choice of Kaspersky Lab or 
ClamAV), antispam (choice of 
Proventia [was Cobion] or Spam- 
Assassin), Intrusion Detection/ 
Anti-Phishing (Proventia), antispy- 
ware (Proventia), and content filter- 
ing (Proventia). 

Other companies in the UTM 
appliance market include Barracuda 

Fortinet (, Mc- 
Afee (, Sonic- 
WALL (, and 
Symantec ( 
Despite the competition, Astaro has 
been successful due to its ease of 
use and lower costs. One system 
administrator in a 100-person com- 
pany in the northeast United States 
used Check Point's firewall before 
he made the switch to Astaro. "The 
user interface is clearer — what 
you ask it to do is what it will do; 


Astaro Security Gateway 525 

Gateway 525: $19,995 
Gateway 525F: $21 ,995 

Astaro's new Linux-based security appli- 
ance integrates Astaro and open-source 
applications for cost-effective gateway- 
level security 

you're not guessing. And the prod- 
uct was a lot less expensive — more 
in line with our cost expectations 
for a product like this." 

Aside from cost-effective man- 
ageability and affordability, Astaro 
feels its all-in-one solution and 
integrating open-source security 
products can compete with features 
from established market leaders 
like Symantec and McAfee by 
offering central control and user 
friendliness, according to Alex 
Neihaus, vice-president of market- 
ing at the Astaro Corp. Neihaus 
says one difference is, "Our inte- 
gration allows the various security 
pieces to interact and call each 
other. For example, the Web proxy 
and antivirus components combine 
to prevent the inadvertent introduc- 
tion of malware." As an example 
of the software's ease of use, he 
says, "We can put a proxy between 
you and your Internet access with- 
out the administrator needing to 
configure anything." 

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February 24, 2006 

Product W\ Releases 

Continued from Page 15 
■ Citrix is extending its popular Access 
Gateway SSL VPN product line by adding 
the new Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise 
Edition. The new Access Gateway adds 
increased scalability and performance, is cer- 
tified to meet government and commercial 
security standards, including FIPS-140 and 
ICSA, and has optional integrated disaster 
recovery. All products in the Access 
Gateway product line have Advanced Access 
Control capabilities to manage access to 
information and activities. All Access 
Gateway appliance models will be available 
in Q2. Citrix also introduced NetScaler 
Application Firewall Standard Edition. 
Designed for midsized enterprises and busi- 
ness units within large companies, the new 
Standard Edition provides protection against 
the most common and dangerous Web appli- 
cation threats and is upgradeable to the full 
Enterprise Edition. The Standard Edition is 
plug-and-play compatible and can be set up 
in as little as 30 minutes. 

■ Crossroads Systems introduced the 
StrongBox SecurDB, which is a network 

device designed to secure and block unau- 
thorized use of critical information. Aimed 
at medium-sized to large enterprises, the 
StrongBox SecurDB features an intelligent 
policy engine and is capable of automated 
audit reporting and forensics. Other fea- 
tures include proactive monitoring, real- 
time policy-based access and control, sepa- 
ration of duty, and intelligent auditing. 

■ E-DMZ Security announced the eGuard- 
Post security appliance designed to minimize 
the risk from external connections. The de- 
vice provides full capture and replay capabil- 
ities for Windows Remote Desktop Protocol 
or standard Secure Shell sessions. Other 
features include granular control access, 
auditing capabilities, malware and virus pro- 
tection, and clientless implementation. 

■ Endforce released Informant, software for 
enterprises that are concerned about rogue 
users who bypass security rules in order to 
gain unauthorized access to the network. 
Informant comprises passive clients called 
Monitors and a server-based correlation 
engine that only accepts communications 

from authorized Monitors. The system can 
alert admins in real time but with time-based 
throttling to prevent floods of alerts. 

■ IronPort released the M-Series Security 
Management Appliance, which offers a sin- 
gle interface for email and Internet security 
appliances and policies. The appliance offers 
reporting information and audit data, in- 
cludes an email quarantine that supports hun- 
dreds of thousands of users, and runs 
IronPort AsyncOS. Through auditing infor- 
mation, administrators can monitor attacks 
across multiple protocols. Both the M600 M- 
Series Security Management Appliance, 
which supports medium-sized and large 
enterprises, and the Ml 000, which handles 
larger networks, will be available this month. 

■ Internet Security Systems released four 
new networking products targeted at network 
administrators. They include Proventia 
Network ADS (Anomaly Detection System), 
Proventia Network Enterprise Scanner, 
Proventia Network IPS, and Proventia 
Management SiteProtector. Proventia Net- 
work ADS uses analysis engines to monitor 

data flow throughout the company. ISS 
offers the Provential Network Enterprise 
Scanner as an appliance; it includes work- 
flow and reporting tools and a vulnerability 
scanning feature. The Proventia Network IPS 
protects against Internet-based attacks and 
has an appliance that includes an LCD. The 
Proventia Management SiteProtector console 
manages all ISS products and lets adminis- 
trators view security assets and network 

■ Lockdown Network's Lockdown NAC 
(Network Access Control) helps enforce cor- 
porate security policies within the local net- 
work, while Lockdown' s new Lockdown 
Enforcer extends these policies to remote 
systems that connect via VPN or WAN. 
Using Lockdown Enforcer, administrators 
can ensure that corporate policies regarding 
spyware, OS updates, and virus protection 
are followed on remote systems. Lockdown 
Enforcer is compatible with Cisco, HP 
ProCurve, Nortel, Entersys, Extreme Net- 
works, Acatel, and 3Com switches. 

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Single-Board Blade Server 
Makes An Impression 

Performance Technologies' CPC5564 
Features 1.8GHz, 64-bit Dual Processors 

by Joe Lazzaro 

The evolution of business 
computing systems has taken us 
from mainframes to minicomput- 
ers to tower servers to rack- 
mounted blade servers and now to 
single-board computers. Whether 
these devices are used as single- 
purpose application servers or 
multipurpose network servers, 
things just keep getting smaller. 
But as the saying goes, good 
things come in small packages. 
Performance Technologies has 
recently introduced the CPC5564, 
the world's first computer single- 
board blade system built around 
the PICMG (PCI Industrial 
Computer Manufacturers Group) 
2.16 and 2.9 CompactPCI stan- 
dards and AMD's 64-bit Opteron 

processors ( The 
CPC5564 is part of Performance 
Technologies' next-generation 
product line specifically designed 
for high-end telecommunications, 
defense and homeland security, 
and commercial applications. 

Performance Technologies' 
CPC5564 uses both single-core 
2.2GHz and dual-core 1.8GHz 
Opteron processors that are easily 
upgradeable from 32-bit to 64-bit 
processing and supports Linux, 
Solaris, and Windows operating 
systems. A major benefit of using 
AMD's Opteron processors is that 
the dual-core design provides 
increased performance without 
generating additional heat and 
power consumption that usually 
occurs when increasing clock 
speed alone, which allows the 

single-board blades to take advan- 
tage of the CompactPCI form fac- 
tor standard that supports both 3U 
and 6U card sizes, conforming to 
both the IEEE 1101.1 mechanical 
standards and Eurocard dimen- 
sion for high-density 2mm pin- 
and- socket connectors. 

The benefits of supporting 
CompactPCI and PCI Express/ 
PMC standards include vertical 
card orientation for good cooling 
and positive card retention. User 
I/O connections can be accessible 
from the front or rear of the chas- 
sis, and in its basic configuration, 
it supports eight slots but can be 
configured with bridge chips for 
easy expansion. Even without 
expanding beyond eight slots, 
Performance Technologies' CPC- 
5564 puts a lot of processing 
power in a very small space. 

Aside from the previously men- 
tioned features, the CPC5564 is 
compatible with Performance 

Technologies' Advanced Man- 
aged Platform, which provides 
managed platforms targeting spe- 
cific applications. The CPC5554 
also includes 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB 
memory options; dual gigabit 
interface and onboard managed 
Ethernet switch; four external 
SATA channels or one channel 
PATA channel routed to a RTM 
(Rear Transition Module); USB 
2.0 support; and an optional 
onboard hard drive. The CPC- 
5564 provides OEMs and system 


Performance Technologies' CPC5564 

Volume pricing starts at $2,995 

A single-board computer that packs a lot 
of power into an industry standard, 
expandable form factor offering the best 
performance available today 

integrators with a powerful, 
expandable, state-of-the-art pro- 
cessing solution. 

While there are several major 
manufacturers of single-board 
computing systems, competition 
to Performance Technologies' 
CPC5564 that provides the same 
power/performance capability is 
hard to find. Thales Computers 
( of- 
fers a variety of single-board 
systems. The PENTXM is its 
highest end system, and that is 
not yet 64-bit ready and comes 
standard with 10/100 Ethernet, 
according to Thales' product 
overview located on its Web 
site. SBS Technologies' TELUM 
ASLP10 ( single- 
board product, based on the Intel 
chipset, offers 2GHz processing 
and Gigabit Ethernet but advertis- 
es support for only up to 2GB of 
memory and makes no mention of 
64-bit support. 







Technical Workstations 

• Pre-configured or Made to 
Order Units 

• Heavy-duty 1 1 -Gauge Steel 
Frames, Legs and Shelf 

• Frame Sizes: 72" or 84"H, 
24, 30 or 36"W 

• High-Pressure Laminated 

• Cable and Power 
Management Options 

• Flat Panel or CRT Monitor 
Mounting Solutions 

• Nationwide Delivery and 

56-01 55th Avenue 
Maspeth, NY 11 378 
Phone: (888) 222-7270 
Fax: (888)410-0671 

Application Networking 


The ONLY Converged Platform (CP) that Delivers 
Scalable, Secure End to End Remote Access, User 
Authorization, Two-Factor Authentication and Automated 
Network-Based Bandwidth Shaping and Provisioning in a 
Tightly Integrated, Easy to Manage Appliance. 

Assess, Authenticate, Authorize, Access, 
Audit and Abolish. 

100 Cooper Court 
Los Gatos, CA 95032 
Phone: (877) 776-2372 
Fax: (408) 354-721 1 

I E T W R K 5 

Intelligence Inside Networks 

Network & Systems Mgmt. 

Envoy is a revolutionary network management solution that 
will change the way you manage your network. By 
automating network support & recovery procedures, Envoy 
reduces errors & accelerates the time it takes to recover 
from network disruptions. Envoy is a 24/7 virtual network 
administrator that addresses 95% of the issues that regu- 
larly cause service outages and degradations. 

cEh I U P L D G I X 

I Powering Business Uptime 

823 Congress Ave., Ste. 1200 
Austin, TX 78701 
Phone: (877) 857-7077 
Fax: (512)857-7002 

February 24, 2006 

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Product Releases 

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■ nCipher partnered with Geotrust and 
Adobe to create an appliance that handles 
document security. It offers signing, time 
stamping, and encryption capabilities and 
doesn't require plug-ins. The nCipher 
Classified Document Security Appliance 
includes Adobe LiveCycle Document 
Security Server, GeoTrust True Credentials 
For Adobe Acrobat, and nCipher HSM 
(Hardware Security Module). The appli- 
ance can certify author identities and offers 
cryptographic keys. 

■ Nortel announced its Secure Network 
Access Switch, part of the company's 
Secure Network Access lineup. It enforces 
the security policies of enterprise LANs by 
forcing devices seeking access to conform to 
the rules in place. It supports Nortel's VPN 
routers, VPN gateways, and Ethernet 
Routing switches. Support is in the works 
for third-party platforms, as well as for 
Microsoft's RADIUS-based Network Policy 
Server and Network Access Protection. 

■ In collaboration with Phoenix Technolo- 
gies, Arcot Systems announced its Crypto- 
graphic Camouflage and ArcotID, which are 
built into Aventail's SSL VPN. Together it 
provides a combination of software and 

device authentication. Cryptographic 
Camouflage prevents brute-force, man-in- 
the-middle, and Trojan attacks. It also offers 
PKI security through the software-based 
ArcotID secure token that performs the same 
functions as a smartcard. Arcot Systems also 
announced Arcot SignFort, an authentication 
server for digital signing and the authentica- 
tion of PDF and XML documents. 

■ Secure Computing announced that it will 
ship a new version of its Sidewinder G2 
soon. The new version will include Secure 
Computing's new Zero-hour Attack Protec- 
tions, a security system design to protect 
against zero-hour attacks without the need 
for a known signature. It uses a positive 
computing model that allows only legitimate 
Internet traffic and blocks all other traffic. 
Sidewinder will still include traditional 
signature-based protection with a database 
of over 200,000 known attacks. The system 
also includes components for monitoring, 
analyzing, and reporting attacks. 

■ Sendmail announced the addition of 
DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) into 
its Sendmail Switch MTA and Sendmail 
Sentrion security appliance. DKIM allows 
senders to sign outgoing email and recipients 
to validate incoming mail. The system uses 

public-private key encryption to sign and 
verify email. The Sendmail Switch MTA and 
Sentrion security appliance work together to 
verify incoming email. From there, Send- 
mail' s Mailstream Manager can determine 
how to handle the message depending on if 
the message is verified and the sender's pub- 
lished signing rules. Using these variables, 
Mailstream Manager labels messages as 
either verified, suspect, or forged. 

■ The ES4000 from Sophos provides email 
security and performance monitoring. The 
system receives new updates regarding the 
latest email threats every five minutes and 
can quarantine suspected messages before 
they reach the network. The ES4000 includes 
a Web-based Dashboard that provides 
administrators with a quick overview of sys- 
tem performance. Detailed reports are avail- 
able. The ES4000 offers protection from 
unknown viruses using Sopho's Genotype 
detection technology, which allows the 
software to detect new attacks based on cur- 
rent threats. 

■ Spyrus released its Hydra PC Series II 
personal security token. The device is the 
size of a standard USB memory plug and 
features a removable miniSD card that lets 
the user upgrade storage capacity. Using the 

PC, users can securely encrypt sensitive data 
and protect access to that data using security 
sleeves that let you input a PIN or verify 
identity using a fingerprint scanner. It 
includes support for Suite B, Elliptical Curve 
Cryptography, AES, and SHA-2 encryption 
standards. The Hydra PC also lets users per- 
form secure smartcard logins, encrypt email 
or sign email, and use one-time password 
systems based on the OATH open-standard. 

■ Tipping Point announced a new end 
point security product called Quarantine 
Protection. The solution remedies infected 
nodes, which are walled off from other sys- 
tems on the network. The clientless, net- 
work-based Quarantine Protection supports 
3Com switches and the Cisco 6500 Catalyst 
switch out of the box, with support for wire- 
less 3Com switches coming this summer. 

■ Xilinx and Sensory Networks have col- 
laborated on a scalable, FPGA-enabled 
UTM (Unified Threat Management) appli- 
ance. Using Sensory Networks NodalCore 
and Xilinx Virtex-4 FPGA, the unnamed 
network security acceleration product sup- 
ports throughputs from 100Mbps to 
lOGbps. It can also support security data- 
bases of up to 10 million threat signatures. 
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Ensure Data Integrity, 
Security & Recovery 

Red Gate's SQL Backup Pro Provides High-Level 
Performance For SQL Server Implementations 

by Kurt Marko 

Databases are the foundation of most 
enterprise applications and business 
processes and contain a company's most 
important and sensitive information — often 
including confidential customer records 
and financial data. The business criticality 
of databases, along with the trends of 
increasing size and sensitivity of the 
records therein, underscores the necessity 
of robust backup and recovery tools and 
procedures. Microsoft's SQL Server, 
perennially third in the DBMS (database 
management system) market-share trifecta 
behind Oracle and IBM, is particularly pop- 
ular among small and medium-sized busi- 
nesses — popularity that has led to a 

plethora of add-on utilities for management 
and administration. Red Gate Software's 
SQL Backup Pro Edition steps into the 
breach by addressing two of the major 
shortcomings in SQL Server's native back- 
up utility: file size and security. 

SQL Backup Pro Edition is the full- 
featured half of Red Gate's duo of back- 
up utilities, comprising a superset of the 
Standard Edition's functionality and offer- 
ing real-time database compression and 
file encryption. Supporting three levels of 
compression, which trade off speed vs. 
size, Backup Pro promises to decrease file 
sizes by up to 95%. Smaller files render 
faster backups and restores, less storage 
space (or media) for archives, and quicker 
transmissions for network backups. 

Encryption is performed using the AES 
(Rijndael) algorithm with either 128- or 
256-bit keys and incorporates the original 
file's MD5 checksum to detect unautho- 
rized tampering. The Pro Edition also has 
the ability to remotely manage backups on 
multiple servers from a GUI-based client. 
SQL Backup Pro includes a number of 
more traditional features of database back- 
up applications including: split backups 
(across multiple files and disks), mirroring 
(simultaneously back up to different disks), 
and a command line interface (for those 
wishing to add backups to a larger mainte- 
nance script). 

Given the potential backup performance, 
reliability, and security enhancements 
offered by a utility such as SQL Backup 
Pro, it's no surprise that it faces a number 
of competitors. Similar products are avail- 
able, including Idera's SQLsSafe (www, Quest Software's LiteSpeed 

(, Embarcadero Tech- 
nologies' Backup Analyst (www.embar, and SQLZIP's eponymous 
product ( — all of which 
have remarkably similar features headlined 
by real-time compression and encryption. 

Databases are the lynchpin of most 
businesses' IT infrastructure and continue 
to grow in both criticality and extent — 
trends that place increasing pressure to 
ensure reliable, secure, and efficient 
backups. Red Gate's SQL Backup Pro, 
a utility that promises to improve per- 
formance in all of these areas, should 
be on the shortlist of every DBA still 
coping with SQL Server's bundled back- 
up utility. 


Red Gate Software SQL Backup Pro Edition 

$695 per single server, $2,995 for five-pack license, 
$4,995 for 10-pack license; software support, includ- 
ing latest product upgrades and priority customer 
support, at 25% of the purchase price ($174 for 
single-server license) 

An SQL Server (2003 or 2000) backup utility provid- 
ing file compression and encryption, promising to 
reduce backup times, storage requirements, and 
increase data security 


The CopperCom CSX is an 
RUS listed, next generation 
switching system that pro- 
vides Class 4, Class 5 and 
IP Services. With a complete 
set of features including resi- 
dential CLASS and custom 
calling features, business 
group, CALEA, LNP and 
centrex, the CSX is the per- 
fect solution for service 
expansion or legacy switch 
replacement. For additional 
information, visit this page: 




3600 FAU Boulevard 
Phone: (561)322-4000 

Boca Raton, FL 33431 
Fax: (561)322-4050 


Quad WAN Broadband Router - PermaLink PRI-684 

• World's only QuadWAN w/ inbound load balancing for 
web hosting. Failover, load balancing between WAN lines 

• Aggregate Bandwidth and one network connection 

• Mix DSL, Cable and Satellite broadband line 
between WAN lines 

• T1 alternative. Combine bandwidths of multiple WAN lines 

3350 Scott Blvd. #15 
Santa Clara, CA 94054 
Fax: (408)980-1530 

Access Control 

pB— i|SS= 

1 nnnn •• 1 

Password Management Solution 

CSPM Express is designed to help small to medium-sized 
businesses eliminate hard-coded passwords from their 
applications. New regulations have highlighted hard-coded 
passwords as insecure and unacceptable in any sized 
company. Auditors are now applying increased pressure to 
eliminate hard-coded passwords. 


8320 Old Courthouse Road 
Vienna, VA 22182 
Phone: (703) 752-4833 

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February 24, 2006 

Product l^ Releases 

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■ Transition Networks announced un- 
named switches that have a rugged design for 
harsh environments, such as power plants 
and substations. With a lifetime warranty, the 
Ethernet switches comply with the IEEE- 
1613 standard and support industry features 
such as Link Pass Through, Automatic Link 
Restoration, Far-End Fault, and Pause. 
They're available in both multimode and sin- 
gle mode fiber port configurations. 


■ Edgewater Networks announced the 
EdgeConnect 2402 PoE switch, designed 
for VoIP traffic at Gigabit speeds. Other 
features include auto-negotiation for 
Ethernet links, support for 802. 3af standard 
devices, in-line power, simplified VLAN, 
and a QoS configuration. The EdgeConnect 
2402 is sold in five- and 10-pack bundles. 


■ Linksys announced the RangeBooster 
family of Wireless-G products, which 
includes the WRT54GR Wireless-G Broad- 
band Router with RangeBooster and the 
WPC54GR Wireless-G PC Card with 
RangeBooster. The RangeBooster technolo- 
gy offers up to twice the range and up to 
35% greater throughput compared to stan- 
dard 802. llg wireless networks, yet is still 
fully compliant with 802.1 lg standards. For 
security, the RangeBooster router can 
encode all wireless transmissions with 
industrial-strength WPA encryption and sup- 
ports VPN pass-through. Additional prod- 
ucts in the RangeBooster family are sched- 
uled for release over the next few months. 



■ ATEN Technology unveiled the CN5000 
KVM on the NET, an IP-based KVM control 

unit, to boost data center security. The 
RADIUS-compliant CN5000 lets system 
administrators manage and access servers, 
computers, and additional network resources 
connected via a LAN, WAN, or the Internet. 
It supports up to 64 users with concurrent 
server access for up to 16 users. The CN5000 
offers the following other features: 1,024-bit 
RSA, 128-bit SSL, 56-bit DES, and 256-bit 
AES encryption; DOS, Windows, and Linux 
compatibility; and firmware upgrades via its 
RJ-45 Ethernet connection. Prices for the 
CN5000 start at $649.95. 

■ Cyclades introduced a firmware update 
for its AlterPath KVM over IP switches. 
The update allows for faster response 
times, more security features, and easier 
and better overall product management. 
Some specific enhancements include 
single-click security profiles creation and 
the ability to create server-based authoriza- 
tion profiles, so administrators can limit 
access at the switch level. Current Alter- 
Path customers can download the new 
update at the Cyclades Web site. 

■ Tripp Lite announced a new NetDirector 
1U Rackmount KVM Console with a 17- 
inch, 1,280 x 1,024 LCD monitor. The 
switch, available in 8- or 16-port configura- 
tions, can control up to 516 PCs or servers 
(more through daisy-chaining). The 
firmware-upgradeable NetDirector also fea- 
tures a slide-out drawer, a touchpad, and an 
88-key keyboard. 


■ Lexmark introduced the MarkNet N7000 
series of external print servers. The family 
includes the MarkNet N7020e, MarkNet 
N7000e, and MarkNet N7002e. All three 
models have an LCD operator panel that lets 
customers change settings on the device. The 
MarkNet N7000 series uses 802. lx authenti- 
cation, secure remote management, and 
secure printing using IPP1.1. The N7000 

series also have IPSec support to encrypt all 
data coming from the host to the printer and 
to help prevent unauthorized access to digital 
information. The MarkNet N7020e can 
accept up to four different devices through 
USB ports at Gigabit Ethernet speed and has 
printing and device configuration directly 
from a USB flash memory device. The 
MarkNet N7000e has a single USB port, and 
MarkNet N7002e has a single parallel port 
connection. Lexmark also announced five 
new monochrome multifunction laser print- 
ers: the Lexmark X644e, X646dte, X850e, 
X852e, and X854e models. All of these new 
printers have a new version of Lexmark's 
eTask interface to help customers easily per- 
form basic or advanced tasks. The maximum 
speeds of these printers range from 35 to 
55ppm and offer duplex color scanning capa- 
bilities. These devices offer standard scan 
preview capabilities and the ability to scan to 
or print from a USB flash memory device. 
By using the Lexmark Embedded Solutions 
Framework, these printers also provide docu- 
ment-tracking functionality. Lexmark also 
introduced the quiet and compact E120n 
monochrome laser printer at the affordable 
price of $149. The E120n has print speeds of 
up to 20ppm and offers networking as a stan- 
dard feature. 


■ The REALiS SX6, REALiS SX60, and 
REALiS SX600 join the REALiS SX50 in 
Canon's family of high-resolution multime- 
dia projectors targeted at professional pho- 
tographers and graphics artists. The three 
projectors use Canon's proprietary AISYS 
(Aspectual Illumination System) optical sys- 
tem, which Canon claims augments LCOS 
technology for sharper, more detailed 
images. A 1.7x zoom lens increases the pro- 
jectors' range and lets users present to a larg- 
er audience. The REALiS projectors' Off 
and Go permits presenters to simply unplug 
the power cord; internal circuitry continues 
to run the fan to cool the projector. The SX6, 

SX60, and SC600 will be available in May 
for $6,999, $5,999, and $3,999, respectively. 


■ Metrologic released the MS1633 
FocusBT, a wireless two-dimensional 
handheld area imager barcode scanning 
package. The package includes the 
MS 1690 Focus handheld imager and 
Omniplanar SwiftDecoder software. The 
device has Bluetooth wireless capability. 
The MS 1633 FocusBT can handle both ID 
and 2D bar code symbologies. 


■ IBM released its new line of blade com- 
puting systems, which enable network data 
to transfer up to 10 times faster than previ- 
ous products. IBM BladeCenter H utilizes 
processing research done at IBM, which 
lets every blade in the server receive over 
40Gb of I/O bandwidth. Currently a single 
chassis can house up to 14 fully functioning 
blades. The systems were designed to let 
businesses run high-performance analytics 
software as well as manage data warehous- 
ing application in industries such as 
telecommunications, retail, and finance. 
Pricing will start at $3,849. 

■ The Transport GT20 (B3870) and 
Transport GT20 (B5161) from Tyan are 
tool-less 1U rackmount servers ideal for IT 
infrastructures quickly growing in a short 
period of time. The GT20 offers the follow- 
ing: support for dual core AMD Opteron 
200 series processors for 32/64-bit comput- 
ing; two Gigabit Ethernet ports; one PCI-X 
slot on riser; and a TARO add-on SODIMM 
socket for SCSI, SATA-II, and SAS func- 
tionality. The GT20 includes support for an 
Intel Pentium 4 or Pentium D processor and 
DDR2- 667/533/400 unbuffered memory, 
two Gigabit Ethernet and one 10/100 
Ethernet port, and one PCI-X slot on riser. 
(A PCI Express slot on riser is optional.) 
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Network Change 
& Configuration 

AlterPoint Device Authority 

Helps Improve Network, Plan For Change 

by Tony Bradley 

Managing a network of disparate de- 
vices and applications spread throughout a 
building, in a region, or around the world is 
a difficult task. It becomes even more diffi- 
cult if you don't have an accurate inventory 
of the devices and equipment you are sup- 
posed to be managing. The lack of a current 
and comprehensive inventory can also be 
an auditing nightmare and pose a signifi- 
cant security risk. 

"Many companies have staffing models 
where highly skilled network engineers are 
still manually performing mundane tasks, 
instead of focusing on more strategic 
requirements. Ironically, human error still 
accounts for as much as 60% of network 
downtime and potentially exposes networks 
unnecessarily to security breaches," says 

Barbara Prinsell, director of marketing for 

According to Prinsell, that is where 
AlterPoint' s DeviceAuthority product 
comes in. "AlterPoint has pioneered the 
discipline of network change and configu- 
ration management [NCCM] and devel- 
oped DeviceAuthority to serve as the foun- 
dation for four key solution areas: network 
compliance management, network security 
management, network change management, 
and network inventory management." 

DeviceAuthority seeks to fill a variety of 
niche roles in a single enterprise-class 
product. Similar to competing network 
change management products such as 
Relicore Clarity ( or 
VoyenceControl (, 
DeviceAuthority provides a window to the 
network and can discover and map the 

devices on the network and implement and 
track changes to the devices. 

AlterPoint stands out from the competi- 
tion in its integration and extensibility. 
Integration with external security systems 
such as TACACS+, RADIUS, and Cisco- 
Secure ACS allows granular security, 
authentication, and separation of duties. 
DeviceAuthority' s strong APIs and support 
for common communication protocols let 
the product be incorporated into virtually 
any environment. Combined with direct 
support for more than 25 hardware vendors, 
including Cisco and Juniper Networks, 
AlterPoint DeviceAuthority can be adapted 
quickly to almost any network infrastruc- 
ture and get down to the business of man- 
aging the network more efficiently. 

"AlterPoint is clearly focused on opti- 
mizing management of the network domain 
while also serving a critical role in the 
ecosystem required to integrate across the 
enterprise and make strategies like business 
service management, adaptive computing, 




6fQ Catalyst 6D00 MSFC - running-conflg 


Captured On: 9/30/05 11:39:33 AM CDT 

Backed Up By: DA User: Admin 

Version Created By: DA User: Admin 

05 Version: 12.1(22)E1 

access-list 165 deny 

Printer Friendly 

tcp any any eq 13 9 
udp any any eq 

access-list 165 deny 

netbios-ss log 

access-list 165 permit ip any any 

access-list 165 permit icmp any any 

sninp-server enginelD local 

000000090200000 021000000 

sninp-server trap-source LoopbackO 

sninp-server packetsize 680 

sninp-seryer trap-timeout 50 

sninp-server queue-length 50 

-server location 6th-street 

sninp-server contact pi 

sninp-server chassis-id 5069436 

sninp-server system-shutdown 

sninp-server enable traps snmp 
authentication warmstart 

sninp-server enable traps sib real 

sninp-server enable traps hsrp 

Close I 


AlterPoint DeviceAuthority 

Helps with network compliance, security, and change 
and inventory management 

and on-demand computing a reality," 
Prinsell says. 

Aside from maintaining a current and 
accurate device inventory, an NCCM prod- 
uct such as DeviceAuthority also provides 
an audit trail and reporting to help maintain 
and verify compliance with regulations 
such as Sarbanes-Oxley or HIPAA. 

February 24, 2006 

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Product Releases 

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■ Elesys and Lexmark announced the 
Elesys DUET 400, a DVD/CD Recorder- 
Printer that makes it possible to record, 
duplicate, and print CDs and DVDs 
on demand. The DUET 400 DVD/CD 
Recorder-Printer prints up to 1,200dpi with 
printing speeds ranging from 20 seconds to 
about two minutes, depending on the image, 
ink density, and coverage. The DUET 400 
supports most Windows-compatible label- 
ing and recording software programs and 
comes with SureThing SE CD/DVD 
Labeler for DUET and Sonic MyDVD, 
CinePlayer, and RecordNow software. 

■ The latest version of EVault's iSeries 
solution has received IBM's ServerProven 
validation, meaning EVault's iSeries solu- 
tion should be easy to install and use on 
IBM's iSeries platform. EVault's iSeries 
Agent accepts a backup stream via an API. 
It then compresses the data by an average 
ratio of about 10:1 to minimize the 
amount of data sent over the network. 
EVault's iSeries Agents work with both 
EVault's InfoStage and EVault's Protect 
outsourced service. The software includes 
support for parallel backups and restores 
and encrypts data between the iSeries 
servers and the vault. 

■ Softek has streamlined its data migration 
offerings behind a single brand: TDMF 
(Transparent Data Migration Facility). It 

also announced a few additions to its TDMF 
line, including its new TDMF IP. TDMF IP 
allows companies to move data over long 
distances and runs on Sun Solaris, IBM 
AIX, and HP-UX-attached storage OSes, as 
well as WinNT/2000/2003 Server. The 
company also announced its Softek Rep- 
licator software for long-distance backup 
and recovery, as well as several offerings 
for IBM systems running z/OS 1.7. 

■ The Data Express DX115 is a new exter- 
nal enclosure for 3Gbps SATA hard drives 
in the 3.5-inch form factor from StorCase. 
Targeted toward SMEs that do disk-to-disk 
backup, the DX115 comes with Dantz 
Retrospect backup software. 


Business Productivity 

■ Borland Software unveiled the Bor- 
land IT Management and Governance 
package, designed to improve the process 
of making technology decisions based on 
the needs of the company as a whole. The 
offering lets users manage demand, port- 
folios, financial and resource information, 
assets, and projects. The latest version of 
Borland Tempo, a Web-based control and 
management application, also ships with 
the product. Customers also have access 
to Borland's services, which consist of 
team training, process improvement ser- 
vices, and Application Lifecycle Manage- 
ment technology. 

■ Castle Computer Technologies intro- 
duced Key Control, a program that helps 
companies monitor inventory, such as note- 
book computers, credit cards, keys, and 
other items that are loaned to employees. 
Key Control includes tools for maintaining 
a master inventory list, as well as a list of 
employees. The program has a simple drag- 
and-drop interface, making it quick and 
easy to note which employee currently has 
the position of a given item. Key Control 
also produces reports in TXT, PDF, or 
HTML formats. The software also includes 
tools for tracking employees' names, badge 
or employee numbers, departments, active 
and inactive status, and other details. All 
data can be exported to a spreadsheet or 
database. The software is compatible with 

■ CITTIO announced WatchTower 2.5, 
which enables IT managers to create and 
monitor asset categories, making it easy to 
assess the performance of business sys- 
tems, such as CRM software, and to set 
performance quality goals. Version 2.5 
also features user-specific interactive 
dashboards, agentless asset discovery, 
content integration with Safari Books 
Online, and a customizable network test 
and polling tool. 

Database & Data Mining 

■ EnterpriseDB released Advanced Serv- 
er 8.1, which is based on PostgreSQL 
8.1.2, the most current version of what 
EnterpriseDB claims is the world's most 

advanced open-source database. Advanced 
Server 8.1 delivers Oracle-style sequences, 
packages, and additional features to bolster 
its compatibility with Oracle. The software 
also includes an integrated debugger, which 
can be used to develop and analyze stored 
triggers, procedures, and functions written 
for EnterpriseDB, PostgreSQL, and Oracle 
databases. The debugger also provides mul- 
tiple breakpoints and an impressive collec- 
tion of functions (step into, step over, 
restart, continue, stop, and exit) to let 
developers remove bugs in code before 
production. Advanced Server 8.1's DBA 
Management Server delivers powerful 
database profiling, reporting, querying, 
monitoring, and security abilities. 

Imaging & Printing 

■ Lexmark announced the Lexmark 
Embedded Document Accounting Solution. 
The system integrates seamlessly into 
UniPrint software from Pharos Systems 
International. By combining the two, cus- 
tomers can receive data on print, copy, fax, 
and scan usage at each device to help man- 
age printing costs. The Lexmark Embedded 
Document Accounting Solution uses 
Lexmark's Embedded Solutions Framework, 
which lets java-based applications run on 
Lexmark's multifunction printers, thereby 
reducing the need for additional servers. 

■ Loftware released the LPS (Loftware 
Print Server) 8.4, which offers RFID sup- 
port for fixed mount RFID readers, such as 
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GoRemote EMS 
To The Rescue 

Enhanced Management Services Help 
Administrators Manage Network Assets 

by Tony Bradley 

Companies continue to expand 
operations around the block, across 
the country, or around the world 
as their needs dictate. Workers 
of all types need to be able to 
access company and network 
resources from anywhere and at 
any time. Although this expanded 
and mobile presence offers many 

business benefits, it poses many 
problems when it comes to manag- 
ing the various systems and devices 
on the network. 

GoRemote Internet Communi- 
cations has long been providing 
managed broadband network 
services that help boost the pro- 
ductivity of mobile workers both 
securely and efficiently. The 
Milpitas, Calif., -based company 

has developed its new Enhanced 
Management Services, or EMS, to 
help expand on existing Go- 
Remote services and provide more 
comprehensive control of network 
assets, including the ability to con- 
figure devices, implement and 
audit regulatory compliance, and 
generate reports to give managers 
and technical personnel the infor- 
mation they need to effectively 
manage the network. 

Similar to AlterPoint's Device- 
Authority (, 
GoRemote EMS gives network 

administrators the ability to discov- 
er and inventory all assets on the 
network. It also lets users deploy 
and implement patches or updates 
to devices throughout the network. 

GoRemote EMS gives adminis- 
trators the information and the 
control they need to ensure regu- 
latory compliance. Enhanced 
Management Services watches 
network assets in real time 
to automatically detect when 
unauthorized changes are made, 
and it can automatically restore 
a mandatory configuration to 
ensure continued compliance. 
Detailed reporting provides in- 
depth information on the changes 
that have been made and who per- 
formed the changes. 

EMS expands the functionality 
of other services such as the 
GoRemote Branch Office and 
GoRemote RetailConnection 
managed IP VPN solutions. 
For business in industries gov- 
erned by regulations such as 

Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, or 
ITIL, a service such as GoRe- 
mote EMS can be invaluable in 
maintaining an accurate under- 
standing of the assets within the 
network and ensuring regulatory 
compliance across the enterprise. 


GoRemote Enhanced Management 

Can help network administrators 
effectively and efficiently manage remote 
and mobile assets and automate 
regulatory compliance 

Unlike DeviceAuthority, Go- 
Remote EMS is not a product to be 
purchased and implemented. Like 
GoRemote' s other core offerings, 
EMS is a fully managed service 
that can provide a simpler deploy- 
ment, lower costs, and fewer inter- 
nal dedicated IT resources. 

Accounting & Logging 



r - _ __ 




',, " 







SafeTape - Tape Backup Encryption 

The SafeTape range of secure backup units offers a com- 
plete solution in a single enclosure to simplify the installa- 
tion of a solution to meet the requirements of regulatory 
rules in the financial, medical, research and similar areas of 
commercial, industrial and government users. 


Digital Security International 7 

2703 Arlington Blvd. #101 
Phone: (703) 527-8547 

Arlington, VA 22201 
Fax: (703)527-1220 




Firewall 310 model 
Additional sizes available 

Stops spyware downloads (including drive-by downloads) 

Stops virus downloads 

Blocks access to spyware Web Sites 

Detects spyware access to the Internet 

Facilitates spyware removal • Block offensive Web Sites 

No per user fees! Very Affordable! 

Call 1-888-ANTI-SPAM for your free evaluation 



385 Ravendale Drive 
Mountain View, CA 94043 
Phone: (408) 342-5400 
Fax: (408)342-1061 

Event Correlation 

GuardedNet's nS appliance family brings all the benefits of 
an appliance together with the feature richness of an enter- 
prise-class SIM platform. The nS series can consolidate, 
correlate and analyze the logs of more than 100 devices, 
including network security products, hosts and applications, 
while providing full lifecycle incident management, as well 
as proactive policy monitoring and enforcement. 


5901 -A Peachtree-Dunwoody Rd. 
Phone: (404)591-8200 

Atlanta, GA 30328 
Fax: (404)591-8299 

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February 24, 2006 

Product W\ Releases 

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Alien, AWID, Symbol, and ThingMagic. 
The program can encode and read Smart 
Labels and RF tags. Loftware is targeting 
the program at enterprises that send 
requests to hundreds or thousands of print- 
ers. It supports HF, UHF, and GEN 2 RFID 
interfaces. Enterprises can switch from 
legacy barcode infrastructures to RFID 
technology by phasing the new technology 
in, thanks to LPS 8.4. 

Messaging & Groupware 

■ Comverse Technology launched the 
updated 3G Mailbox, which is a network- 
based mailbox for the storage and man- 
agement of voice, video, and fax mes- 
sages. 3G Mailbox 2.0 creates a graphical 
avatar for the senders of voice messages. 
The graphical interface can be used to 
group and customize the avatars based 
on personal preferences. Comverse is tar- 
geting 3G service providers that want 
to offer 3G video capabilities to their 

■ Microsoft announced the upcoming 
availability of Microsoft Office Communi- 
cator Mobile for Microsoft Office Live 
Communications Server 2005. Based on 
the user interface of the Microsoft Office 
Communicator 2005 desktop client, Com- 
municator Mobile offers voice services, 
security-enhanced IM, presence awareness, 
and integrated VoIP. By deploying the 
Communicator Mobile client with Live 
Communications Server, businesses can 
give their employees increased mobile 
access, including on-premise IM, remote 
access to Live Communications Server sys- 
tems using mobile phone networks, and 
remote access to enterprise collaboration 

resources from Wi-Fi hotspots or home 

■ Sherpa Software released Archive 
Attender for Exchange 2.5. This offering 
can move messages and attachments in 
Microsoft Exchange mailboxes to external 
storage devices. It does so by "stubbing" or 
creating small bits of information that point 
to the folder and message map you have 
created in your inbox. With Version 2.5, 
users can archive attachments while leaving 
the rest of the message intact. Though both 
the Web interface and the offline access 
options can be used separately, when used 
in conjunction with each other, users can 
keep their mailbox the same while having a 
portal to archive all of their own messages. 

■ VIACK announced the latest version of 
the VIA3 Assured Collaboration Service. 
This version enhances video and audio 
quality while offering users a more robust 
application at reduced bandwidth. VIA3 
uses H.264, a next-generation video com- 
pression technology, to reduce required 
bandwidth by up to 50% during use. This 
lets users with slower connections receive 
a clearer image and pick up visual cues 
such as gestures and other body language. 
Users will also notice an improvement in 
the quality of audio in VIA3, as VIACK 
has implemented AGC (Automatic Gain 
Control), a feature that automatically 
adjusts microphone levels for an optimum 
speaking volume. Also included is a 
built-in echo cancellation device, reduc- 
ing the amount of ambient noise detected 
by microphones. 

■ Zi Corp. unveiled eZiType, a text entry 
product designed for email users working 

on keyboard-based mobile devices such as 
smartphones and some PDAs. eZiType 
attempts to alleviate some of the chal- 
lenges, such as slowed input and spelling 
errors due to double-key pressing, that go 
along with mobile typing. It features auto- 
correction tools, and it attempts to help 
users speed up typing by offering a predic- 
tive text technology that suggests words as 
you type. 


■ Good Technology's new Good Mobile 
Defense software works on a variety of 
handheld PCs including Windows Mobile, 
Windows Mobile Smartphone, Palm OS, 
and Symbian. Using the software, adminis- 
trators can set application whitelists, limit 
communications over certain ports (such as 
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and HotSync), and en- 
crypt data. An advanced password manager 
can be set to erase all handheld data if too 
many failed password attempts are made. 
Administrators can use Good Mobile 
Defense in conjunction with GoodLink's 
Secure Over The Air technology to manage 
handheld security settings wirelessly with- 
out ever having to touch the device. 

Network & Systems Management 

■ BMC Software released the BMC 
Transaction Management family of soft- 
ware designed to streamline business ser- 
vices. Aimed at large businesses, the soft- 
ware consists of end-to-end diagnostics and 
tools for identifying, analyzing, and resolv- 
ing problems quickly and efficiently. 
Two of the offerings include the BMC 
Transaction Management Application 
Response Time and the BMC MAINVIEW 
Transaction Analyzer. 

■ ConSentry Networks announced that its 
LANShield operating software received an 
upgrade. Now enterprises can support a 
wide variety of endpoint security software. 
Called the LANShield Release 2.0, the 
upgraded product can integrate a dissolv- 
able agent to manage mobile and uncon- 
trolled desktops that are trying to access the 
LAN. Release 2.0 integrates seamlessly into 
Check Point ICS (Integrity Clientless 
Security) technology, and the new LAN- 
Shield now supports an even wider range of 
endpoint security products. The new offer- 
ing from ConSentry is available with the 
dissolvable agent as an add-on for prices 
starting at $2,995 per LAN controller. 

■ HP introduced OpenView Select Audit 
and enhancements to its HP OpenView 
Select Identity software. HP OpenView 
Select Audit can automate the entire audit 
lifecycle to meet both internal audit poli- 
cies and federal regulations. It has a visual 
control modeling framework that can dis- 
play a map of compliance guidelines to IT 
audit controls. The OpenView Select Audit 
also has out-of-the-box reporting with a 
special report designed specifically for 
Sarbanes-Oxley requirements. The en- 
hanced HP OpenView Select Identity 4.0 
automates change management and compli- 
ance processes and has functionality for 
segregating administrative duties. 

■ Insignia released the latest version of its 
device provisioning software, Device 
Management Suite 4.0, which supports 
OMA CP (Client Provisioning), DM (Device 
Management), and FOTA (Firmware Over- 
The-Air) for mobile devices. It can also han- 
dle several OMA DM enablers, including 
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Starting From 


Interceptor - Stops Network Attacks in Real Time 

Internal & External Protection from DoS, DDoS, Worms, 

Viruses, Syn Floods, Trojans, Scans and Access Control 

Listed by Gartner as "Pure Play" in IPS 

6 Different Intrusion Detection Models 

Integrated antivirus (Optional) 

Config available supporting ADSL to Gigabit environment 




5730 Glenridge Drive - Suite 10 
Atlanta, GA 30328 
Phone: (888) 872-7555 
Fax: (770) 408-2035 


TippingPoint X505 - 50Mbps Attack Filtering 

Layer 2-7 protection against internal/external attacks 
Blocks worms, viruses, trojans, phishing, spyware, P2P, etc. 
Stateful packet inspection firewall/VPN HW acceleration 
Traffic prioritization within VPN tunnels providing VoIP QoS 
Web content/URL filtering & out-of-box VPN client support 
Evergreen protection with weekly Digital Vaccine® updates 


7501 -B N. Capital of Texas Hwy. 
Austin, TX 78731 
Phone: (888) TRUE IPS 
Phone: (888) 878-3477 


Checkmate Intrusion Protection System 

Real-time behavioral assessment of intent 
Capability to detect unique or new forms of attack 
Automated tracking and blocking 
Automated profile development to aid forensic analysis 
User-friendly graphical user interface 


1025 Thomas Jefferson St. NW, Suite 300E 
Phone: (800)431-0830 

Washington, DC 20007 
Fax: (202) 298-2689 

Multifunction Appliance 

Hybrid Firewall, Active IDP, IPSec VPN 

12 AV methods to filter SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, HTTP & FTP 
Antispam system proven to eliminate 98% of spam 
Content Filtering and Company Policy Enforcement 
Remotely Managed and Updated 24/7 using proprietary 
secure PUSH technology 

Enterprise Quality for the SMB Market 


2825 Wilcrest Drive, Suite 620 
Houston, TX 77042 
Phone: (832) 242-5757 

Serial Extender 


The NPort 5600 Series provides a convenient and trans- 
parent Ethernet connection that not only protects your cur- 
rent hardware investment, but also ensures future network 
expandability. Perform some simple configuration tasks, 
and you'll be ready to network your existing serial devices. 
Moreover, NPort 5600 can transparently transmit data bi- 
directionally between the serial and Ethernet interfaces. 


14712 Franklin Ave, UnitA/B 
Tustin, CA 92780 
Phone: (877) 235-6628 

Serial Extender 


The NPort 5110 serial device server is designed to make 
your industrial serial devices Internet-ready instantly for 
POS and security market applications. The compact size of 
the NPort 51 10 device server makes it the ideal choice for 
connecting your RS-232 serial device, such as a card read- 
er or payment terminal, to an IP-based Ethernet LAN, mak- 
ing it possible for your software to access serial devices. 


14712 Franklin Ave, Unit A/B 
Tustin, CA 92780 
Phone: (877) 235-6628 

February 24, 2006 

Page 21 

Product Releases 

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FUMO and SCOMO. The device provision- 
ing is open standards-based. The software 
includes intelligent automation features and 
supports new devices, thanks to a hot update 
feature. The suite also includes auditing, log- 
ging, and reporting tools, as well as support 
for both front- and back-end components. 

■ SteelEye Technology released three 
new products for Windows environments: 
LifeKeeper for Windows v5.2, LifeKeeper 
Protection Suite for SAP (service advertis- 
ing protocol) on Windows, and a new ver- 
sion of LifeKeeper Data Replication for 
Windows. LifeKeeper Data Replication 
v5.2 utilizes new software technologies to 
create a constant data flow across a wide- 
area connection at faster speeds than any 
of its predecessors. It can achieve over 
90% bandwidth utilization without the 
help of accelerators or compression 
devices. The LifeKeeper Protection Suite 
for SAP provides monitoring and recovery 
for the entire application stack of an SAP. 
The latest version of LifeKeeper for 
Windows supports active/active and 
active/standby data and application con- 
figurations of up to 32 nodes. Users can 
build shared storage configurations using 
direct-attached shared SCSI, iSCSI, or 
Fibre Channel SANs. All are supported by 
LifeKeeper v5.2. 

■ Voyence unveiled VoyenceControl NG, 
which is designed to automate the entire 
configuration management lifecycle, includ- 
ing design, change, and compliance. 
VoyenceControl NG has been engineered to 
closely align and support industry best prac- 
tices for change management such as ITIL. 
The product allows devices to be virtually 

modeled, connected, and configured entire- 
ly in software — before actual devices are 
deployed in the field. Another new feature 
will verify hardware identity, update OS 
images as necessary, push the defined con- 
figuration, run diagnostics to confirm prop- 
er operation and report the results of the 
operation to designated recipients. 


■ Application Security announced the lat- 
est version of AppRadar. The new release 
helps enterprises accommodate tightening 
regulatory environments. AppRadar 3.0 is a 
real-time product that gives businesses a 
way to defend application vulnerabilities 
while complying with regulatory require- 
ments. This new version of AppRadar also 
brings all of its new features to the IBM 
DB2, Sybase, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL 
Server platforms. AppRadar 3.0 features 
compliance-ready monitoring and security 
auditing. At a granular level, this lets cus- 
tomers define the criteria for events to be 
monitored. The other major feature in v3.0 
is dynamic vulnerability assessment and 
protection. This uses Application Security's 
AppDetective vulnerability assessment pro- 
gram to point out vulnerabilities and sug- 
gest remediation. 

■ Barracuda Networks released the 
Barracuda Spy ware Removal Tool, which 
is a module designed for Barracuda 
Spyware Firewall 2.0. In addition to 
detecting, identifying, and rejecting spy- 
ware before it comes into the network, the 
software is capable of clearing malware 
from already infected computers. Pricing 
starts at $1,999. A 30-day trial is available 
for download. 

■ Blue Sage launched a new Sarbanes- 
Oxley Internal Control compliance pro- 
gram. The software publisher is targeting 
Torch Control at SMEs that need Sarbox 
302/404 compliance tools. The software 
includes training materials and user guides, 
as well as practice examples. It supports the 
COSO framework and preexisting control 
data. The system can be put into place 
within one to four weeks. 

■ Cisco Systems announced the Cisco 
Security Management Suite, which con- 
tains a host of applications for enhancing 
system-wide security policy enforcement 
and administration. The packages includes 
the CSM (Cisco Security Manager), Cisco 
Security MARS (Monitoring, Analysis, and 
Response) 4.2. The two applications com- 
bine to let users pinpoint threats centrally 
and protect infrastructure on a global level. 
CSM features different system views — 
device, policy, and topology — to meet dif- 
ferent operational preferences. With Cisco 
Security MARS, users receive a visual rep- 
resentation of any security event, including 
the affected location in the network and 
a proposed point of mitigation. Cisco 
Security Manager will be available in a 
Standard and Professional Edition for 
$3,500 and $15,000, respectively. 

■ CRYPTOCard launched the updated 
version of its CRYPTO-Server, a two-factor 
authentication package, for Mac OS X- 
based systems. CRYPTOCard was able to 
use Apple's developer tools to create 
CRYPTO-Server 6.4, which works with 
both Power PC and Intel-based Macs. 
The authentication package consists of 
a CRYPTOCard token that generates a 
one-time password and a user-specific PIN 

number. Other features of the new ver- 
sion include a new M2M (machine-to- 
machine) architecture and client-based 
Disconnected Authentication. 

■ Elcomsoft's Distributed Software Recov- 
ery package lets you conduct brute-force 
password attacks on protected documents. 
Rather than tying up a single computer for 
this purpose, Elcomsoft uses special agents 
installed on multiple computers and uses dis- 
tributed computer power to crack lost pass- 
words. The software uses spare CPU cycles, 
so it won't interfere with regular work. The 
software requires just 2MB on each client 
and 4MB on the server. The software 
includes a Console component for adminis- 
tration purposes. Prices start at $599 for a 20- 
client network. The software runs under 

■ F5 Networks announced the Traffic- 
Shield, the company's latest offering for its 
product line for the TMOS architecture. A 
firewall that provides comprehensive and 
proactive protection, TrafficShield was 
designed to protect users from both gener- 
alized and targeted malware attacks. This 
product features SSL acceleration, which 
enables it to process SSL traffic more effi- 
ciently than before, and packet filtering, 
which enables TrafficShield to provide 
security at the network and application 
layers by identifying and filtering packet- 
level traffic. The iRules support used in 
TrafficShield gives administrators flexibili- 
ty and control by letting them build iRules 
to remove sensitive information such as 
social security numbers or credit card num- 
bers from servers. 

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Telephony Accessory 

Eicon Networks is a world leader in high quality communi- 
cation products for networked business applications. 
Eicon's Diva Server™ products are communication adapters 
for voice and speech enabled applications, conferencing & 
unified communications. Our Software Development Kit 
(SDK) is a comprehensive, user-friendly development envi- 
ronment for Diva Server adapters. 



2805 N. Dallas Pkwy., Ste. 200 
Piano, TX 75093 
Phone: (972) 473-4500 
Fax: (972)473-4510 

Wireless Security 

The Secure Access Point is a multifunction security appli- 
ance that provides a variety of security functions. Firewall, 
Virtual Private Network, Intrusion Prevention System, 
Network Address Translation, Dynamic Host Configuration 
Protocol, Domain Name Service (DNS) & Secure Web 
Server are among the capabilities of the Secure Access 



7858 La Verdura Drive 
Dallas, TX 75248 
Phone: (866) 642-4732 

Wireless LAN 


108Mbps 802.1 1g MIMO Wireless Router 

■ Robust wireless solution to extend wireless coverage and 
improve network performance 

• Compatible with 802.1 1g and 802.11b 

■ Intelligent stream handling & automatic traffic prioritization 

■ Built-in SPI firewall to protect you from hackers 

1 Perfect solution for small businesses and home offices 


3135 Kashiwa Street 
Torrance, CA 90505 
Fax: (310)891-1111 

Wireless Analysis 

Yellowjacket™ is a passive, 

calibrated wireless receiver 


module that interfaces with 


HP's iPAQ in sweeping, 
installing & optimizing 2.4GHz 


Wi-Fi networks, WISPs & 

lit. \!l 


Hotspots. The receiver mea- 


sures spectrum analysis on 

IpEHHHBBrib *t^J 


all 802.1 1 (specify B, A or G 

1 B *' 1 


Jin? ■ 1 


model) channels allowing 


users to determine PER, 

SSID, RSSI as well as SNR 
and multipath (802.11b 


1 , 

model). Yellowjacket™ also 

supports true direction finding 
and MAC security auth lists. 

n o°22o£o22f«. 

255 Liberty Street 

•-0° ••^•MM'BinKEirr 
Sreless produc™*!* "VUITHMCS 

Metuchen, NJ 08840 

Phone: (732) 548-3737 

Fax: (732) 548-3404 


Rackmount LCD Drawer 
w/KVM Over IP 


New Product! 

i-Tech Superstore for Rackmount LCD Console Drawer 

• 15", 17", 19" & 20" is also available 

• Optional with 8/1 6 ports KVM 

• New integrated with Remote Access via CAT5 and via IP 

• New SUN Solaris Rackmount Keyboard 

Free Grd Shipping for all Rackmount LCD KVM Drawers! 


30081 Ahem Ave 
Union City, CA 94587 
Phone: (888) 483-241 E 
Fax: (510)372-2736 


UltraMatrix™ Remote Server Management 

1 Connects 1 ,000 computers to multiple user station over IP 
1 Secure encrypted operation with computer access control 
1 High-quality video up to 1 ,280 x 1 ,024. 

■ Advanced visual interface (AVI). Easy to expand. 

■ No need to power down servers to install 

1 Free lifetime upgrade of firmware. Call for other models 



10707 Stancliff Road 
Houston, TX 77099 
Phone: (800) 333-9343 
Fax: (281)933-0044 

Page 22 

February 24, 2006 

Product W\ Releases 

Continued from Page 21 
■ NCircle launched nCircle Focus, which 
is its new security analysis and synthesis 
tool. The package lets enterprises sort 
data into information that can be used for 
quick action. The package lets analysts 
spot system vulnerabilities, host informa- 
tion, and patch availability. The system 
vulnerability monitoring tools let analysts 
find systems that are vulnerable and can 
access high-threat zones or that run criti- 
cal applications. 

■ PortWise released PortWise 4.5, a soft- 
ware suite for remote access to corporate 
applications and data. New features include 
real-time and historical reporting, proactive 
identity and access management alerts, 
access client security, midpoint integrity, 
extensive application support including 
VoIP, and integration with leading end- 
point security tools from Symantec (Secure 
Desktop and Confidence Online). 

■ The DefensePro 3.0 software from 
Radware is a proactive, learning IPS 
designed to mitigate the effects of malware, 
worms, DDoS, and other flood attacks. 
DefensePro 3.0 offers content-based, 
behavior-based, and rate-based zero-day 
protection in a single package. Pricing 
starts at $25,000. 

■ RippleTech released LogCaster 5.0, the 
latest version of RippleTech' s Security 
Event Management product. LogCaster 5.0 
provides automated, out-of-the-box securi- 
ty risk assessment, continuous systems 
monitoring, alerting, and reporting. 
LogCaster 5.0 now performs automated 
security risk assessments immediately 
upon installation and during scheduled 

intervals. These risk assessments evaluate 
the network and verify that security poli- 
cies are in place. In addition, an extensive 
suite of summary-level reports have been 
added to enhance data mining, so execu- 
tives and auditors can quickly analyze 
event log data. 

■ Sensory Networks announced a partner- 
ship with Sunbelt Software to pair Sensory 
Networks' NodalCore acceleration technol- 
ogy with Sunbelt Software's CounterSpy 
antispyware tool. CounterSpy uses a large 
database of spyware signatures to provide 
antispyware security to vendors of UTM 
(Unified Threat Management) appliances 
and other network gateway equipment. 
Using the NodalCore platform, CounterSpy 
can now get updated signature lists and 
other antispyware products to its users 
sooner. The offering is available as both 
software- and hardware-accelerated forms 
with peak performance of up to lGbps. 

■ Shavlik announced its new NetChk 
Compliance. The new software can monitor 
over 120 security settings to ensure corpo- 
rate networks comply with current regula- 
tions. The system is able to compare current 
security settings to a set of security settings 
that meet regulatory requirements. It notes 
any shortcomings, so administrators can 
properly address them. The software can 
also help enforce security settings. 

■ Softex announced version 4.0 of its 
OmniPass Identity and Access Management 
Suite, which is designed to automate and 
integrate identity and access management 
across enterprise environments. The pass- 
word manager of OmniPass 4.0 can now 
support all enterprise-level applications, 

such as terminal emulators, SAP, Oracle, 
and others. OmniPass 4.0 also becomes the 
first product in the market to support the 
Mozilla browser family (including Firefox 
1.5). The new version also integrates new 
security features, such as secure email, 
secure VPN access, and secure digital cer- 
tificate access. 

■ Voltage Security and Tablus an- 
nounced that they have teamed to deliver 
a classification-based encryption and con- 
tent protection product. The product lets 
enterprises automatically identify sensi- 
tive data and quarantine, delete, or 
encrypt that data in real time based on 
content classification. This joint offering 
will integrate Voltage Identity-Based 
Encryption with Tablus Content Sentinel, 
Tablus Content Alarm NW, and Tablus 
Content Alarm DT. 

■ Websense revealed a series of enhanced 
features for its Web Security Suite and 
Web Security Suite-Lockdown Edition. 
Version 6.2 of the Web security software 
will offer protection from email worms, 
improved defense against "drive-by" spy- 
ware, and management of non-Port 80 
HTTP traffic. Websense CPM (Client 
Policy Manager) and Websense Security 
Suite-Lockdown Edition will integrate with 
WinXP's firewall for better support for 
Cisco's Network Admissions Control. With 
Malicious Bot Traffic Management, 
Websense protects networks from Web 
sites that distribute bots, protecting net- 
worked PCs from bots that are frequently 
used in DDoS attacks and spam proxies. 
The improvements also thwart spyware and 
phishing attacks created to bypass Port 80 
and infiltrate networks from another port. 


■ MailFrontier and AXS-One have joined 
to release an archiving product that includes 
policy-based email security features. The 
software combines MailFrontier Gateway 
and AXS-One Compliance Platform. Mail- 
Frontier Gateway helps companies prevent 
the archiving of messages that threaten secu- 
rity or brand equity. MailFrontier Gateway 
prevents the archiving of spam and viruses. It 
can identify content that violates rules and 
regulations and also offers violation moni- 
toring and compliance reports. With Mail- 
Frontier Gateway, companies can improve 
HIPAA, GLBA, and Sarbanes-Oxley com- 
pliance. AXS-One Compliance Platform 
manages electronic records, including email 
and IM. It captures communications, indexes 
archived copies, retains necessary copies, 
offers search tools, and destroys content on a 
rule-based basis. 

■ NTP Software announced NTP Software 
QFS with Deep Scan. The application uses 
heuristics to determine the real content of a 
file, even if the file extension has been 
changed. The new technology does this 
without impacting storage platform perfor- 
mance. New features include zip scan, file 
management policies, audit policies, quar- 
antine policies, and delete policies. 

■ Proxy Jukebox is a new software feature 
from QStar. A write procedure, Simulated 
Proxy Jukebox works with a hard drive to 
verify the data integrity of each DVD-R 
created with the UDF (Universal Disk 
Format) spanning file system capability of 
QStar' s HSM and Master products. QStar 
software versions 4.20.80 and later have 
the new feature. 


www. P 


Connects up to 1 ,000 computers to a KVM station 
Compatible wtih Windows, Linux, Solaris & other OSes 
Connects to PS/2, Sun, USB, or serial devices 
Security features prevent unauthorized access 
Full emulation of keyboard and mouse functions for 
automatic, simultaneous booting. Easy to expand. 




10707 Stancliff Road 
Houston, TX 77099 
Phone: (800) 333-9343 
Fax: (281)933-0044 


POS2200 Series Touchscreen: 

Designed for harsh food service and retail conditions 
Integrated ELO five-wire resistive touchscreen RS-232 or 
or ELO IR touchscreen with USB connections 
Easy touch on-screen display (OSD) 
Base removable for VESA mounting option 
■ 1 5" A grade TFT LCD panel 



16728 E. Gale Avenue 
City of Industry, CA 91745 
Phone: (877) 893-6886 
Fax: (626) 363-9388 

KVM Accessory 


• 1 U/2U Rackmount LCD/Keyboard/Trackball 
•15"or 17" TFT Color LCD 

• Trackball or Touchpad 

• 6U/8U Panel Mount Available 

• Optional KVM Switch Functions 


453 Ravendale Drive 
Mountain View, CA 94043 
Phone: (650) 428-0868 


Digital Signage - Media View 7"- 23" models 

Applications include tradeshow display, advertisement, 
point-of-purchase • Featured remote control allows different 
play modes to loop, autoplay, and program • Play format 
includes MPEG1/2/4, JPG, and MP3 • Built-in speakers or 
earphone • Video output features single composite or 
S-Video • Output format in PAL or NTSC • Compact flash 



16728 E. Gale Avenue 
City of Industry, CA 91745 
Phone: (877) 893-6886 
Fax: (626) 363-9388 

KVM Accessory 


Rack Mounted KVM Drawer - RackView™ 

15", 17", or 19" LCD Panels 

Built-in single or multiple user KVM switch options 

Supports AT/XT, PS/2 and Unix computers 

Front Panel conceals unit when it is not in use 

Keyboard available in international variations 

LCD flat panel and kybrd/trackball can be sold separately 




10707 Stancliff Road 
Houston, TX 77099 
Phone: (800) 333-9343 
Fax: (281)933-0044 



• Grade A TFT/LCD panels ranging from 6.4" to 20.1" 

• Integrated with touch screen options 

• Integrated with high brightness and exclusive transflec- 
tive technology options 

• Integrated with waterproof NEMA 04/IP 65 options 

• Designed for commercial, industrial, and custom applica- 



16728 E. Gale Avenue 
City of Industry, CA 91745 
Phone: (877) 893-6886 
Fax: (626) 363-9388 

February 24, 2006 
—Manufacturer Presentation 

Page 23 

Software - Security Advertisement 

Acronis Privacy Expert Suite 
Guards Against Spyware 

Acronis Privacy Expert Suite provides you 
with proactive, real-time protection against 
malware; including spyware parasites, root- 
kits, adware, keyloggers, hidden dialers, 
browser hijackers, and other malicious pro- 
grams. Our latest version, 9.0, adds key new 
features to ensure that your PC is not infected 
with malware: 

NEW! Rootkit removal automatically detects 
rootkits and enables users to remove these 

NEW! Quarantine places detected spyware items to the quarantine store 
before removal 

NEW! Enhanced malware shield allows you to set the level of protection you 
need (high, medium, or low) 

NEW! Daily malware definition updates 

NEW! Enhanced pop-up blocker allows you to select the level of protection 
you need (high, medium, or low) and allows you to block many different 
types of ads 

NEW! Internet cleanup utility supports Mozilla FireFox browser 



Compute with confidence 

(877) 669-9749 

—Manufacturer Presentation 

j- Manufacturer Presentation 

Software - Messaging & Groupware Advertisement 

Contact Synchronization 

For Desktops, 
Laptops & Mobile Devices 

Advantage International's Add20utlook for Contacts™ is a synchro- 
nization solution perfectly suited for end users. 

The program works as an Outlook client-side add-in, providing users 
with two-way replication of contact folder entries and four-way synchro- 
nization of edits and deletions. 

For Desktops 

Add20utlook for Contacts synchronizes between three types of folders: 
public, private and PST. For Outlook users connected to the LAN, 
Add20utlook for Contacts will create a system of auto-synchronized pri- 
vate and public rolodexes for more efficient contact management at the 
workplace. Add20utlook provides individuals, team/group members and 
even entire departments the opportunity to access accurate contact infor- 
mation. By synchronizing contact folders, users and managers can pre- 
vent accidental or malicious deletion of valuable leads or client contact 

For Laptops & Mobile Devices 

For mobility, Add20utlook for Contacts lets users view their private and 
public contact folders on their handhelds and other mobile devices. When 
installed, the user first establishes a public-to-private folder relationship. 
By doing so, any new contact entry made in the public folder, which is usu- 
ally a company-wide address list, will automatically replicate down to the 
user's private folder or mailbox, ready to be synchronized to Outlook on 
the user's Blackberry, Treo, iPAQ, Pocket PC, etc. 

Advanta ge 


Phone (813) 977-5739 

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Powerful Partition & 
Hard Disk Management Utility 

You've come to rely on your servers for pro- 
viding mission-critical applications for your 
customers, employees, and partners to con- 
duct business. Because these resources need 
to be available 24 x 7, you need reliable man- 
agement tools that provide better data protec- 
tion, minimize server downtime and allow you 
to perform needed maintenance ensuring 
maximum server performance. 

Acronis Disk Director Server 10.0 provides 
you with powerful partition and hard disk 
management utilities to ensure your servers are running efficiently. The 
product builds upon the award-winning technologies from Acronis to man- 
age partitions and edit hard disk drives. 

Key Features: 

• Command-line interface — create scripts for application tasks 

• Partition management — split, merge, resize, copy, move and delete parti- 
tions within Windows 

• Data destruction — wipe out all data from a deleted partition and from 
unallocated space 

• Hard disk editor — perform advanced editing, such as restoring boot 
records and hexadecimal editing 

• Application log — View all actions performed using the application 

• Data recovery — restore damaged partitions 

J Acronis 

Compute with confidence 

(877) 669-9749 

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Integrated Network Management Solution 

AlterPointand EntuityJoin Forces 

AlterPoint and Entuity are partnering on a product that will give customers integrated, 
real-time and historical insight into a network's configuration and performance. The 
integrated product helps enterprises solve problems at the cause rather than manually 
sifting through the symptoms provided by traditional fault and performance manage- 
ment systems. By combining AlterPoint's DeviceAuthority and entuity's Eye of the 
Storm, companies and service providers can proactively monitor, manage, and 
enforce compliance, security, change, and inventory to maximize IT performance while 
reducing cost and risk. 

Entuity's EYE is a network management suite that provides network specialists, plan- 
ners, application owners and business managers the actionable information needed to 
manage complex networks and routed environments. AlterPoint's DeviceAuthority 
provides a comprehensive solution for automating and managing configurations of 
routers, switches, firewalls, VPNs, wireless access points, and other network devices. 
The integrated Alte rPoi nt/Entu ity solution will provide: 

• Automated problem resolution - As an intelligent NCCM solution, DeviceAuthority 
notifies EYE when a configuration change or a policy violation occurs. 

• Inventory synchronization - This benefit reduces the effort required to manage mul- 
tiple inventory sources by automatically seeding DeviceAuthority's inventory with 
EYE's device list. 

• Dynamic topology resolution - EYE's automated, continual discovery of network 
topology and devices and their attributes provides a real-time, accurate, and detailed 
network inventory configuration management database (CMDB). 

For Complete Information, Visit: 

(888) 228-3422 



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February 24, 2006 

Opportunity Lost: A 
Microsoft Licensing Story 

Microsoft licenses are often 
seen as commodity products: 
widely available and generically 
priced. This, in fact, is not the case. 
Many managers don't realize the 
significant opportunity hidden in 
large licensing contracts, so they 
leave key licensing decisions in the 
hands of Microsoft resellers, under 
the assumption that the information 
the managers are getting is from 
the "experts." These managers 
blissfully continue to pay into 
bloated agreements that unneces- 
sarily inflate licensing costs. 

You Be the Expert 

Resellers don't always have their 
clients' best interests at heart and 
should not be given the sole power 
to determine a company's licensing 
strategy. Asking a reseller to tell 
you which licensing program to 
adopt is akin to asking a used car 
salesman to tell you which car to 
buy. To defend themselves, compa- 
nies should learn about the options 
before acquiring a license program. 

Be sure to shop around. Micro- 
soft does not set prices centrally, 
so different resellers will quote dif- 
ferent prices. This also means that, 
contrary to what resellers might 
say, there is usually room for 
negotiation around price. 

Key Success Factors 

Companies licensing software 
are probably familiar with Micro- 
soft's software maintenance plan, 
SA (Software Assurance). Resell- 
ers are quick to push SA as the 
only road to upgrading, but there 
are other options available, such as 
purchasing upgrades as packaged 
products or skipping upgrades and 
simply buying full versions as they 
are needed. The ROI of SA will be 
based on a company's specific cir- 
cumstance and will be positive for 
some and negative for others. 

Companies with these character- 
istics are often better suited for SA: 

• A short upgrade cycle and a 
well-defined, highly disciplined 
planning process for upgrades. 

• The ability to derive value from 
the various features and add- 
ons that come with SA, such as 
training, work-at-home rights, 
and problem resolution support. 

• A strong commitment to Micro- 
soft products, either in the form 
of a large number of licenses 
(250+) or a desire for company- 
wide SA coverage. 

EAs Not For Everyone 

Assuming that the reseller knows 
best often leads companies to 

enroll in programs they don't need 
and sign up for features or products 
that they will never use. Specifi- 
cally, many midsized enterprises 
are urged to sign up for Microsoft's 
EAs (Enterprise Agreements) sim- 
ply because they have the 250-seat 
minimum needed to qualify. Un- 
derstanding the conditions that 
come with EAs might cause deci- 
sion-makers to reconsider. Take 
into account the following: 

nearly double the acquisition 
cost of the software for all its 
licensed Microsoft products. 
EAs come with a "true-up" 
clause, which means that for any 
new PCs added during the year, 
the company pays the full cost of 
all the software licensed on those 
PCs at the end of the year. There 
is no true-down, so companies 
that reduce their PC count cannot 
reduce their license count. 

/simmm Hvoue 

g Nauman Haque is a research analyst at 
~ Info-Tech Research Group, a research and 

professional services firm focused on 
midsized companies. Haque is an expert in the 
application of IT business strategy, specifically 
corporate Web design best practices. 


EAs are companywide and re- 
quire all company desktops be 
licensed for the latest Microsoft 
Windows and Office software. 
EAs require the Core CAL 
(Client Access License) bundle 
on all licensed PCs. 
EAs include the Professional 
version of Microsoft Office on 
all licensed PCs, a premium of 
about $100 per title over the 
Standard version. 
EAs come with mandatory SA, 
meaning the company commits 
to pay maintenance fees at a rate 

For many large enterprises, opt- 
ing in to these conditions makes 
sense. Companies that have a 
large number of licenses, aggres- 
sive upgrade requirements, and a 
desire for simplified license 
administration find value in this 
type of arrangement. However, 
many that qualify for this pro- 
gram will not find value, despite 
promises from their resellers. 

Select For Greater Selection 

Midsized companies that quali- 
fy for the EA program often sign 

up because they assume bigger 
means bigger discounts. This is 
not necessarily true. More often, 
bigger means a bigger commis- 
sion check for the reseller. 

Many decision-makers don't 
realize that there is another option: 
the Microsoft Select Agreement. 
Select Agreements require a little 
more in the way of license admin- 
istration (since each PC is no 
longer licensed for a standard con- 
figuration), but they offer volume 
discounts similar to EAs. They also 
give companies more flexibility to 
opt out of options such as SA, Core 
CALs, and Office Professional. 

The downside is that the next 
time your reseller picks up the 
lunch tab you might be dining at 
McDonald's instead of the local 
steakhouse. You may also have to 
deal with a different reseller to get 
this option, as not all resellers 
offer all licensing programs. 

Decisions That Stick 

Most Microsoft licensing con- 
tracts last for three years — a fairly 
long-term commitment by most 
standards. Bearing in mind that 
licensing decisions influence the 
company's purchasing strategy, 
cash flows, and technology road- 
map during this time, perhaps let- 
ting a salesperson influence the 
company's licensing strategy isn't 
such a good idea. 

Send your comments to 
infotech ©processor, com 


1620 Berryessa Road 
Phone: (800) 729-7654 

17" and 19" TFT Monitors 

• For mounting in 19" racks. 

• Clean look front panel. 

• Black or White colors. 

• Optional Touchscreens. 

• Analog/Digital inputs. 

• Wide viewing angles. 

Contact us about other sizes 
(10" to 20") and options. 

Distributors and OEMs 

San Jose, CA 95133 
Fax: (408) 729-3661 


Flexible Mini Box 


• 800MHz - 1 .4GHz Embedded CPU 
•Slim CD /DVD 

• Up to 4 internal Hard Drives 

• 150W to 250W internal ATX Power Supply 

• Optional Rack Mount or Wall Mount Kit 

@Prolmcige ( 


13317 166th Street 
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Cerritos, CA 90703 
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FusionA8™ is built around the advanced 64-bit Dual-Core 
Opteron™ 800 Series processor technology from AMD® and 
features 4 GbE ports and support for a maximum of 64GB 
memory. 4 PCI-X 64/133MHz and IPMI 1.5 make the 
FusionA8™ server a powerful solution for any HPC proces- 
sor technology. 

£^ Western Scientific 

9445 Farnham St. 
San Diego, CA 92123 
Pho: (858) 565-6639 
Fax: (858) 565-6938 

Embedded System 

This new fanless full-function computer offers excellent 
graphical performance and is suitable for Industrial 
Automation and excellent AOI/DVR/Media Display 
Devices. Available in two configurations using either a 
low voltage Intel® Pentium® M 1 .4 GHz or ultra low volt- 
age Intel® Celeron® M 600 MHz processor. 
For More Information: 



18138 Rowland St. 
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City of Industry, CA 91478 
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OEM Server 


Professional Network Appliance Hardware Provider 

Connecting Everything You Need 

MBX-1736 - Intel AMT & l/OAT Technology Ready 

■ Intel Pentium D processor up to 3.8GHz 
Memory up to DDR2 2GB 

■ 6 x PCI-E Gigabit LAN / 2 x PCI-E Gigabit LAN with By Pass 

■ Support SATA HDD (3Gb/s) / Graphic Mode LCM 

Embedded and Network Computing 

2032 Bering Dr. 
Phone: (408) 452-8900 

San Jose, CA 95131 
Fax: (408) 452-8909 

Email Appliance 



Spam Firewall 300 
Additional sizes available 

2 million emails per day capacity 

300 - 1 ,000 active emails users 

Compatible with all emails servers 

MS Exchange/LDAP acelerator 

Per user settings • 10GB quarantine 

No per user fees! Save Money! 

Call 1-888-ANTI-SPAM for your free evaluation 



385 Ravendale Drive 
Mountain View, CA 94043 
Phone: (408) 342-5400 
Fax: (408)342-1061 

February 24, 2006 




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Digital Asset Management: 
One Reseller's Answer 

Things are changing in the 
technology reseller and sec- 
ondary markets. Before, authorized 
IBM, Sun, and HP business part- 
ners, as well as used equipment 
dealers, focused primarily on sell- 
ing hardware because that was 
where the profit was. But today, 
you can find "hardware resellers" 
everywhere. Prices for hardware 
have plummeted as the equipment 
resellers are selling has become a 
commodity. To differentiate them- 
selves from the pack, many of 
today's successful resellers now 
specialize in unique applications 
and areas of expertise. 

Recently I met with Phil Betten- 
burg, president of North American 
Systems International of Bloom- 
ington, Minn., one of the 300 
member companies of the ASCDI 
(, to learn about 
digital asset management, a unique 
focus of the company. 

North American Systems decid- 
ed to focus its efforts on servicing 
organizations struggling with the 
storage and retrieval of digital 
assets such as video, audio, images, 
animations, and other multimedia. 
And this is not a bad move. Indus- 
try experts estimate that the U.S. 
market for digital asset manage- 
ment will grow to more than $5 

billion in the next 12 months. To 
service this market, North Ameri- 
can Systems acquired Ancept 
Media Server from Stellent. 

Storing Offline 

In years past, advertising firms, 
libraries, and other similar organi- 
zations would take their media and 
store it offline, "in a can." I might 
be dating myself, but I remember 
years ago how my parents took 
35mm home movies and literally 
stored them in a tin can. That is the 
type of approach advertising firms 
and other companies using media 
have used for years. 

This approach presents a few 
problems, including the inevitable 
degradation and deterioration of 
content, inefficiency in sharing and 
retrieving assets, delay in duplicat- 
ing content, and delayed time-to- 
market. (It is hard to get media to 
market when you can't find it!) 

And don't forget the costs. 
Many times media creators find it 
faster to just re-create the media 
rather than try to find it. And 
often the media they recreate is 
not consistent with the rest of the 
corporate media, which obviously 
leads to branding issues. 

More and more firms are find- 
ing that digital asset management 

software assists them in dealing 
with these problems. 

Why It's Unique 

What is unique about North 
American System's Ancept Media 
Server is that the system eliminates 
the need for editing bays that are 
traditionally used in video reel pro- 

with different schools. And the uni- 
versity was able to expand its dis- 
tance learning programs by making 
material available on the Internet. 

Recently, I visited the Museum 
of Broadcasting in New York 
with my two 9-year-old sons, who 
think they have "discovered" The 
Beatles. Using the museum's dig- 


g For the past 30 years Joseph Marion has 
H worked in the technology equipment 
<! reseller market. In the I 970s he competed 
with the major equipment manufacturers by 
selling, leasing, exporting, and maintaining 
used equipment. In the 1980s he "crossed over, " 
joining forces with IBM and becoming one of 
its most successful authorized business partners. 
Since 1 990 Marion has headed up the 
Association of Service and Computer Dealers 
International, the world's largest association 
of companies that deal in technology products. 

duction. Ancept Media Server 
allows for accurate editing through 
a standard Web browser, accelerat- 
ing the production process, which 
in turn improves both the bottom 
line and client satisfaction. 

Many educational institutions 
have also begun to utilize digi- 
tal asset management solutions. 
The University of Michigan uses 
Ancept Media Server to store and 
reuse content created by its Art, 
TV, and Radio departments, and 
it also used Ancept to develop a 
platform for collaborative research 

ital asset management system, we 
sat in the museum's library and 
watched The Beatles do their 
thing on the "Ed Sullivan Show." 
As a matter of fact, the Museum 
of Broadcasting claims to have 
every program ever broadcasted 
available for viewing. 

Digital asset management is also 
a great way to start delivering new 
applications such as video on 
demand. Servers such as Ancept 
have the ability to automatically 
transform media into formats that 
can be distributed via the Internet, 

turning these assets into a nice 
profit center. 

There are other digital asset 
management solutions, such as 
Artesia, Documentum, Clearstory, 
and Northplains. What makes An- 
cept Media Server unique is that 
it utilizes IBM's DB2 Content 
Manager to handle the secur- 
ity, workflow, messaging, data- 
base, and file system components. 
Ancept is a key IBM Strategic 
Partner and a component of IBM's 
eBusiness On-Demand solutions. 

Specialized Solution 

Digital asset management is a 
very specialized solution and an 
example of the shape of things to 
come for the traditional reseller 
community. We are beginning to 
see more and more resellers, in- 
cluding North American Systems 
International, finding unique mar- 
kets to differentiate themselves 
from other resellers. 

This year, I plan to visit with 
resellers around the world to 
uncover some of the more unique 
solutions they are embracing. As I 
do, I will report them to you. 

Send your comments to 
ascdi ©processor, com 

If you have any questions on dig- 
ital asset management solutions, 
please feel free to contact North 
American Systems International's 
Christian Trygstad (ctrygstad® 

IM Appliance 3 

Starting at 

$1 ,999 

No Per-User 
Licensing Fees! 

Barracuda IM Firewall 

IM Traffic Identification 

Public IM Management 

Private and Secure IM Server/Network 

Keyword Identification and Reporting 

Interoperability with Public IM Networks 

Unified Client for all IM Networks 

Secure File Transfer Free 30-Day Evaluation! 




385 Ravendale Dr. 
Mountain View, CA 94043 
Phone: (408) 342-5400 
Fax: (408)342-1061 

Tape Library 

• LTO Gen 3 - Twice the capacity of LTO-2 

• One LTO-3 400/800GB Tape Drive 

• Holds 8 tapes and only 2U high 

• Backward compatible with LTO-1 and LTO-2 media 

• Tapes & accessories included 

• 3 year manufacturer warranty 


555 E. Easy Street 
Phone: (805)426-1000 

Simi Valley, CA 93065 
Fax: (805)426-1011 

CD/DVD Duplicator 

• 1 TO 1 1 CD/DVD Duplicator 

• Duplicator solutions 
equipped with today's 
latest performance and 
technology for high volume 
CD & DVD production 

•DVD±R, RW:Upto16x 
burn speed 

• CD-R, RW:Up to 52x burn 

• Optional features: Hi-speed 
USB 2.0 and FireWire 
connections, 40-300GB hdd 

• 1 year parts/labor warranty, 
lifetime technical support 

• Free UPS Ground shipping, 
free media 



565 Brea Canyon Road #A 
Phone: (866)444-1876 

Walnut, CA 91789 
Fax: (909) 444-4660 

Mobile Storage 

Lacie's SAFE Mobile Hard Drive with Encryption with new 
DES or Triple-DES hardware encryption in 40GB, 80GB 
and now largest 120GB capacity is a revolutionary biomet- 
ric access hard drive. The new encrypted model lets you 
choose between different levels of security depending on 
your needs. LaCie SAFE with Encryption is ideal for trans- 
ferring and carrying sensitive data. 


22985 NW Evergreen Pkwy. 
Hillsboro, OR 20701 
Phone: (503) 844-4500 
Fax: (503)520-9100 

Network Attached Storage 

Express Stor is a multifunction appliance that provides a 
consolidated management point for controlling primary and 
secondary storage. It acts as a centralized NAS that more 
efficiently accesses, shares and distributes information 
across the enterprise and provides high-speed access to 
large data stores. Users easily find data and share files 
among various operating systems. 


45 Skyline Drive 
Lake Mary, FL 32746 
Toll Free: (800) 228-0891 
Phone: (407) 472-6000 


How Do You Research & 
Make Your Buying Decision? 

The proven track record of Processor's prim issue and Web site offer an 
unbeatable combination! 

When you're looking for product or buying information, turn to the print 
issue for a wide variety of current products from our list of hand-selected j 
manufacturers and resellers. 

Once you're ready to buy, turn to 
our Web site to connect with 
companies offering the products 
and services you need. 


INTERNATIONAL CALLS: (402) 479-2141 


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—Manufacturer Presentation 

Software - Network & Systems Mgmt. Advertisement 

Network Security & Compliance Software 

AlterPoint Expands DeviceAuthority 4.0 

Version 4.0 Delivers Enhanced, 
Enterprise-Class Compliance and 
Security Capabilities for Network 

Most large companies have difficulty 
meeting the demands of security and 
compliance at the network level in a 
cost-effective manner. The effort to 
truly understand the details about 
every device installed, along with the 
different operating systems and 
change data, is a tremendous chal- 
lenge. DeviceAuthority 4.0 eliminates 
the need for companies to tie up their 
precious network engineering and 

February 24, 2006 

Policy Summary Report 

operations personnel to do this tedious, but critical work. 

AlterPoint's customers, in industries such as financial, healthcare, government and tech- 
nology, rely on some of the most complex networks in the world and they understand the 
impact that better network visibility and management has on their ability to reduce security 
threats, increase reporting capabilities, and meet auditing requirements. The expanded pol- 
icy engine in version 4.0 enforces best practices and enables continuous compliance by 
making it easy to create rules for devices and groups, and then validating, in real time, 
every change made against the associated policies. 

"Our DeviceAuthority 4.0 enhancements were developed in direct response to enterprise 
customers' requests to address the growing concern for network security and compliance 
with regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and NSA security guidelines, " says Jeffrey Ait, 
AlterPoint president and CEO. "In order to meet the stringent internal and external security 
and compliance requirements, DeviceAuthority now provides the most powerful capabili- 
ties to meet and enforce mandates, such as separation of duties between auditors and 
administrators, tracking every user action along with 'reason codes ' for complete account- 
ability, and masking sensitive information down to the configuration element. " 


For Complete Information, Visit: 

(888) 228-3422 

Manufacturer Presentation 

Software - Security Advertisement 

Beta Systems' Identity Management Suite 

Now Includes Enterprise Single Sign-On Component 

Passwords seem like a great way to secure your applications. But most users 
have to log in to several password-protected applications and Web sites every 
day, and they often have trouble. In fact, Gartner says about one-third of all calls 
to Help Desks concern passwords, and that is expensive. Forrester Research and 
other research organizations agree that it costs at least $38 to reset a single pass- 
word. And all those calls cause enormous wear and tear on your overworked sup- 
port staff. A solution is needed to save time, money and frustration all around and 
get your passwords working for you again. You need a comprehensive Single 
Sign-On solution that can scale up to thousands of workstations and still work 
transparently when your users are on the road. You need a true SSO solution that 
will pay for itself within a year. 

The Single Sign-On solution of Beta Systems, SAM eSSO, is a proven technology 
that's easy to use, simple to integrate and cost-effective to manage. It's a flexible, 
platform-independent building block that can integrate smoothly with virtually any 
environment with a minimal of configuration and maintenance. SAM eSSO meets 
all the key requirements of today's organizations, including: 

• Quick integration of the vast majority of existing applications - Windows, Web 
and legacy - through powerful agents and XML parameter files. Scripting to han- 
dle exceptional cases is available in the language of your choice. 

• A highly available architecture based on multiple servers that provides fail-safe 
operations scalable up to hundreds of thousands of users. 

• The lowest Total Cost of Ownership achieved through leveraging your existing 
resources and adopting a cost-effective Windows/Intel server platform. 

• A flexible authentication scheme that preserves your investment in existing tech- 
nologies and supports your choice of any future technologies. 

• Transparent operations that require no learning curve, no training and no disrup- 
tion to the normal working routine for your users. 

For More Information, Visit 

Phone (301) 486-4600 

j- Manufacturer Presentation 

Software - Wireless Management Advertisement 

PC Playback Viewer For 
Spectrum Analysis Data 

6te Brt > 

6ntoBa-Sp!*Di IMMttH 



Warkni?, SM7 A MHz -69 dBm 
Marlrer 3, *HS2 i MH2-95 dBm 

Berkeley has a new PC 
Playback Viewer for spectrum 
analysis data captured on its 
handheld BumbleBee™. The 
Windows® software applica- 
tion can read and display RF 
data directly off the 
BumbleBee™ iPAQvia USB 
or from the iPAQ's removable 
SD or CF card slots via a card 

reader. The PC software operates much like a VCR with PLAY, FF, REW 
and PAUSE buttons and allows users to view MARKER points created 
during capture as well as create new MARKER points for PC 
viewing. BumbleBee™ PC viewer software is available now to all 
BumbleBee™ users for $250. for more info! 




wireless products*^ 


#Z# v Varitronics 

Phone: (732) 548-3737 


.Manufacturer Presentation 

Software - Storage Advertisement 

Data Protection Software 

Based on DPS' increasingly popular : ; b »ba 

EzBackup™ solution, the company 

has developed and now offers its 

EzBackup software to end users 

seeking simple, cost-effective and 

robust solutions that enable users 

to boot directly from the backup 

drive and restore in a single step. 

This truly unique software solution 

now enables Windows® users to make any hard disk drive a backup device 

and grants them the ability to instantly restore their entire system's hard drive, 

a directory, file type or a specific file. DPS also offers EzBackup™, enabling 

users to simply back up and recover files to any hard disk without creating a 

mirror-image copy of the system. 

As part of its development, Data Protection Solutions continues to advance its 
strategic approach to continuous data protection by strengthening, simplifying 
and delivering backup solutions that take features found in the enterprise, 
such as bare metal recovery (BMR) and delivering them economically for use 
with edge-of-the-network devices such as PCs, laptops, workstations and 
departmental servers. Users can now enjoy simple, more reliable and lower 
cost disk-to-disk technologies with one-step restore capabilities. 

For a FREE 45 day trial to learn how EzBackup can end your backup woes, 


* • 



(800) 458-1666 • 

February 24, 2006 
—Manufacturer Presentation 

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Software - Network & Systems Mgmt. Avertisement 

Breakthrough Technology: 
Maximum System Performance - Automatically 

It's a known fact fragmentation cuts 
directly across the integrity of your 
systems causing crashes, slowdowns, 
freeze-ups and even total system fail- 

NEWDiskeeper 10 
provides new adap- 
tive technology 
designed to wring 
every last drop of 
performance out of 
every computer on 
your network. 

No more com- 
plaints from users 
waiting 50 seconds 
opening a Word 
document, 45 sec- 
onds saving a file, 
or 70 seconds searching for one. 

With Diskeeper's advanced automatic 
"Set It and Forget It"® technology, peak 
performance is maintained - automati- 

Diskeeper 10 

"Set It and Forget It" Features 

• NEW! I-FAAST™ (Intelligent File 
Access Acceleration Sequencing 
Technology), breakthrough disk perfor- 
mance calibration technology that 
boosts access speeds for the most 
commonly accessed files. 

• NEW! Terabyte Volume Engine™ 
defrags large volumes, SANs, RAIDs, 
and NAS, quickly and thoroughly. 

• NEW! Core enhancements provide 
faster, more thorough defragmentation. 

• NEW! Enhanced I/O Smart™ intelli- 
gently provides transparent defragmen- 
tation ensuring uninterrupted system 


• EXCLUSIVE! "Set It and 
Forget It" scheduling includes 
SmartScheduling™ for fully 
customized and automatic 
defragmentation based on indi- 
vidual usage patterns. 

• NEW! Enhanced user interface 
provides easy configuration and 
scheduling as well as reports on 
disk health, real-time perfor- 
mance and fragmentation statis- 

• NEW! Native 64-bit operating 
systems support. 

Every system on your network needs 
Diskeeper, The No. 1 Automatic 
Defragmenter with over 17 million 
licenses sold! 

Volume licensing and Government/ 
Education discounts are available from 
your favorite reseller or call 
(800) 829-6468 code 4346. 



FOR 45 DAYS! Download: 

(Note: Special 45-day trial only available at above link) 

7590 North Glenoaks Boulevard 

Burbank, CA91504 

Phone: (818) 771-1600 • Fax: (818) 252-5514 

Page 28 

—Manufacturer Presentation 

February 24, 2006 

Software - Storage Advertisement 

Powerful IP SAN Software at Affordable Prices 

SANmelody™ pricing starts below $1 ,000 

SANmelody™ software converts PC servers 
into cost-effective expansion disk servers. 
Their added capacity appears as additional 
internal drives to disk-starved servers on 
LANs or SANs. This simple solution elimi- 
nates the need to commission extra applica- 
tion servers when the existing systems have 
no more room to add disks. Advanced 
options include point-in-time snapshots, 
auto failover across redundant disk servers, 
auto provisioning of disk space and long- 
distance asynchronous replication over IP 
WANs. These functions are host-indepen- 
dent and operate without occupying 
resources on the application servers. 

To enhance application security and availability, SANmelody-equipped disk servers 
can maintain up-to-date copies (mirror images) of critical data currently housed on 
internal disk drives. 

SANmelody accelerates performance through built-in caching that minimizes delays 
from slower mechanical drives. The software equitably distributes the available disk 
space to multiple applications spread across several machines by carving out small- 
er logical disks from larger physical disks. Ethernet iSCSI host connections and 
Fibre Channel high-bandwidth ports are supported. Like other powerful Windows- 
based software, SANmelody runs on a wide choice of hardware platforms and disk 
drives. Windows, Linux, Unix, NetWare and MacOS applications may concurrently 
take advantage of the added gigabytes or terabytes of external disk space. 


Jf* DataCore 


(954) 377-6000 

.Manufacturer Presentation 

Software - Network & Systems Mgmt. Advertisement 

High-Capacity Gigabit Analysis 

Network Instruments, the leading innovator of network analysis solutions, released 
the GigaStor 2 Terabyte, which is a cost-competitive, high-capacity gigabit 
analysis and stream reconstructive appliance. This 2TB appliance is the newest 
addition to Network Instruments' GigaStor product line and part of a new paradigm 
of network analysis, which resolves problems more effectively by eliminating 
entire steps within the troubleshooting process. 

This time-based navigation utility within the GigaStor product line allows network 
professionals to navigate through hours, days, even weeks worth of network data 
down to the nanosecond. Therefore, if an employee complains of a problem that 
happened around 7 last night, it is quite simple to isolate a time interval (6:50 p.m. 
to 7:10 p.m., for instance) to capture and analyze that problem. 

"Our enterprise customers originally demanded a high-capacity analysis device 
they could utilize at the core of their networks," Douglas Smith, president and 
co-founder of Network Instruments, says. "We fulfilled those requests with the 
Gigastor 4T and the GigaStor 8T. They were so impressed with the new 
troubleshooting methodology these products offered that they requested an 
alternative high-capacity appliance they could deploy on connections outside 
the core." 

As with all GigaStor appliances, the GigaStor 2T can support up to eight ports at 
gigabit wire speed for any combination of SPAN sessions, full-duplex connections, 
and trunked links. It also processes data directly on the appliance. This eliminates 
having to transfer large amounts of data across the network for analysis. 
Additionally, the GigaStor 2T can concurrently serve as a gigabit probe, tracking 
real-time statistics and solving issues with a comprehensive Expert system. 

Pricing for the GigaStor 2T starts at $19,995 for a two-port configuration. This 
price point comes at a fraction of the cost of competitive offerings. 

10701 Red Circle Drive 
Minnetonka, MN 55343-9136 
Toll Free: (800) 526-7919 
Phone: (952) 358-3800 
Fax: (952) 358-3801 



—Manufacturer Presentation . 

Software - Storage Advertisement 

QStar Adds Digital Signatures 
To Its Data Archive Product Suite 

QStar's HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) has been 
setting the standard for Storage Management since its 
introduction. HSM provides the security and accessibility 
you need for your data on your platform of choice. The fol- 
lowing hardware is supported: UDO Drives/Jukeboxes, 
PDD Drives, Magneto-Optical Drives/Jukeboxes, CD 
Jukeboxes, DVD Drives/Jukeboxes/Arrays & Tape 

HSM now includes functionality to manage the digital signature process. The Digital 
Signature feature provides a means for a signing authority to secure documents 
from tampering and version changes, a key to many compliance requirements. 

Adding the ability to provide digital signatures to stored data and manage the digital 
signature process provides another level of information security within the QStar 
product line to protect customer's data. Digital signatures can be used with any kind 
of document, whether it has been encrypted or not. The digital certificate contains 
the digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority so that anyone can verify that 
the certificate is real, and thus the document is authentic. This is a key component 
for a number of highly regulated market segments such as Drug Development, 
Medical, and Life Sciences. The signature is there to ensure that any changes made 
to the data have been signed and cannot go undetected. 

The QStar Digital Signature feature is an optional component supported in software 
version 4.20.80 and available immediately. 

For More Information, Visit 


Toll Free 
(800) 568-2578 


.Manufacturer Presentation 

Software - Storage Advertisement 

Disaster Recovery & Storage Pool Mirroring 

Affordable Solutions For SANs & Multiterabyte Storage Sites 

DataCore Software offers a new class of affordable, remote site disaster recovery (DR) and 
storage pool mirroring solutions. These DR solutions are designed to protect terabyte-sized 
storage pools serving multiple application servers (e.g. Windows, Netware, VMware, Linux, 
Solaris, AIX, Unix, etc.) over LAN, SAN or WAN networks. The DR package prices start at 
$7,998, which includes software to manage two separately located SANmelody disk servers, 
each capable of supporting terabyte storage pools, plus a choice of disaster recovery soft- 
ware — either asynchronous LAN/WAN-based replication software for disaster recovery over 
great distances or simple and fast synchronous LAN 
or SAN failover mirroring software for storage pools 
supporting systems stretched across buildings, 
campuses or cross-town distances. These packages 
usher in a new product class delivering the highest- 
end data protection capabilities at a price point 
comparable to low-end single system replicators. 
Users get all the software they need to manage and 
support terabyte-sized storage pools at two different 
sites in a single package, plus breakthrough pricing, 
faster performance and true enterprise-class disas- 
ter recovery and business continuity functionality. 


DataCore lets small to midsized businesses enjoy all the benefits of higher-end data-center- 
class disaster recovery solutions at a fraction of the cost. With these new solutions, DataCore 
fills the large gap and meets the need that exists between low-end system replicators (e.g. 
NSI DoubleTake) that cost thousands and high-end enterprise class storage array and SAN- 
based disaster recovery systems (e.g. IBM), which are typically proprietary, complex and 
cost many tens of thousands of dollars. The DataCore DR solutions create a new pricing 
standard-priced comparable to low-end replicators, but delivering the full functionality inher- 
ent to high-end solutions. 

The DataCore DR packages provide a compelling disk backup and recovery alternative to tra- 
ditional system replicators and tape backup systems. DataCore protects storage pools serv- 
ing multiple platforms or a mix of Windows, NetWare, VMware, Novell, Mac OS, Solaris, and 
Linux systems. Systems administrators do not have to juggle products that only deal with 
one of these platforms or be forced to add agents to each application server just to mirror 
data between sites. Many environments today are also caught in the middle: They need a 
faster and better solution than trying to recover from tape but can't afford the high cost of 
remote site disk mirroring. 

(954) 377-6000 

J^ DataCore 


February 24, 2006 

Page 29 

Conducting A 
Security Assessment 

One Step Toward Finding Out If Your 
Business Is Protected Against Threats 

by Sixto Ortiz 

a • a 

Electronic security is abso- 
lutely crucial to keeping your data 
safe from unwanted intruders. But 
how much money should you 
invest in security technologies? 
What types of technology should 
you purchase? Which business 
assets require the most stringent 
security measures? 

These are not easy questions 
to answer without methodically 
assessing the security needs of 
your business. You need to 
determine what security threats 
are lurking, the areas where you 
are most vulnerable, and the 
best ways to mitigate your busi- 
ness risk. 

A security assessment provides 
a snapshot of your business secu- 
rity readiness; only then can you 

clearly see where the gaps are and 
what you need to do to close 

Today's Threats: 
A Shifting Landscape 

As network perimeter defenses 
get better at repelling traditional 
external attacks such as viruses 
and spyware, electronic crimi- 
nals are busy developing new 
ways to exploit vulnerabilities 
and gain unauthorized access 
into your business. The increas- 
ingly sophisticated phishing 
attacks that exploit end-user gul- 
libility and circumvent perimeter 
defenses, for example, are now 
all the rage among data and in- 
formation thieves. 

According to a recent sur- 
vey conducted by security firm 
Cyota and market research firm 

Infosurv, the number of phishing 
attacks per month doubled be- 
tween mid-2004 and the begin- 
ning of 2005. 

That's not to say that viruses, 
Trojans, spyware, and other tra- 
ditional threats are going away. 
According to a recent survey by 
antispyware developer Webroot, 
87% of corporate computers had 
instances of spyware, including 
cookie trackers, system monitors, 
and Trojans, in the first quarter 
of 2005. 

Security Assessments: 
Why They're Necessary 

A security assessment makes 
good sense, and it may also be 
a regulatory requirement with 
which your business must com- 
ply. In a March 2005 research 
report, Yankee Group Security 
Solutions and Services Subject 
Matter Expert Phebe Waterfield 
points out that regulations such 
as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley 

require businesses to prove they 
are appropriately securing IT sys- 
tems and confidential data. 

So even though the regulations 
do not tell businesses how to 
secure their systems, they require 
that those systems be secured in 
some way and that businesses 
prove to third-party auditors that 
security is effective. 

To meet these requirements, 
Waterfield recommends busi- 
nesses perform risk assessments 
covering IT hardware and soft- 
ware, employee training, and 
work processes. These risk 
assessments, Waterfield says, are 
necessary to ensure businesses 
"identify their overall security 

Regulatory requirements aside, 
performing a security assessment 
makes good sense because to 
improve security, you must know 
where your business is today. 

Michael Gavin, a senior ana- 
lyst with Forrester Research's 

Computing Systems team, says a 
security assessment is the best 
way to get security, operations, 
management, and other person- 
nel to see the entire environment 
holistically from a potential 
attacker's perspective. This, 
Gavin adds, is needed for man- 
agement to prioritize spend- 
ing and implement the right 

A sound security assessment is 
also a way to determine the value 
of the various types of data gen- 
erated and stored across your 
business operations. Without 
valuing the various types of data 
in your business, it's impossible 
to prioritize and spend technolo- 
gy dollars where they're needed 
the most. To accurately assess 
risk, you must know the data that 
is most valuable to your busi- 
ness, the assets that store that 
data, and how vulnerable those 
assets are. 

Go to Page 32 

Security Concerns For SMEs Still Focused On Perimeter 

Even though other types of security threats are emerging, IT personnel in SMEs are still concerned with traditional, perimeter security threats such as viruses, worms, and spyware. 

Viruses & Worms 



Outside Hackers 

Identity Theft 

Security Configuration Compliance 

Employees Violating Security Policies 

Internal Hackers/Attacks 

Regulatory Compliance 

Don't Know j 


SMB Top Security Concerns 

ri 83% 

4 61 % 

d 54% 

i 53% 


4 29% 

J 28% 

J 20% 











Source: Forrester Research, Business Technographics June 2005 United States SMB Software And Services Benchmark Study 

Network Attached Storage 

• Robust storage server ideal for: Math Applications, 
Scientific Modeling, and Weather Forecasting 

• 64-Bit EdgeWare™ Storage Operating System 

• Four Dual Core Opteron Processors 

• NAS or IPSAN Configuration 

• 24 TB Storage Capacity 

• Optimized components for maximum Performance 


V E D <3 E 

Network Storage Solutions 

1825 Gilespie Way, Suite 100 
Phone: (619)667-7888 

El Cajon, CA 92020 
Fax: (619)667-7890 

Network Attached Storage 

Starting at 


DataNAS Director: Scalable on-the-fly from 500GB to 
over 22TB based on iSCSI technology. Serial ATA hot- 
swap hard drives, 2GB ECC DDR memory & Dual Gigabit 
Ethernet. Supports Real-time Antivirus scaning, SmartSync 
tapeless disk-to-disk replication, Snapshot file system and 
RAID 0, 1 , 5 with global hot spare option & dynamic expan- 
sion. NDMP, auto-loader/library tape-backup is supported. 


k >CC» 




3220 Commander Drive, # 101 
Carrollton, TX 75006 
Phone: (800)995-1014 
Fax: (972) 980-0375 

A Mil's ill i :i;-y ui Akniiii "Rilmuli'ijic: 

Storage Component 



External SFP, HSSDC2 


Madison Turbo Quad 

Gold Cable 

Internal Panel-Mount 



4Gbps optical T-Card 
Adapters from SCA-40 to 
DB9 and PTP Cabling 
2Gbps T-Card with LRC 
DB9 LoopBack Adapters 

17500 Gillette Ave 
Irvine, CA 92614 
Phone: (800) 470-0744 
Fax: (949)475-9119 

Page 30 

Blocking Downloads 

Effective Strategies Help Keep 
Your Enterprise & Employees Safe 

by Curt Harler 

From shoplifting to industrial spying, 
every enterprise should fear the "inside 
job" as much as the external crook. The 
same holds for computer software. 

Most SMEs have firewalls and secure 
ports to guard against outside hackers. But 
employees bring personal notebooks, 
iPods, digital cameras, and other USB- 
enabled devices to work. Those devices 
have memory — memory that can be poi- 
soned; memory that can take away compa- 
ny secrets. Massive amounts of sensitive 
data and intellectual property can be 
removed without IT's knowledge. 

On top of that, those "brought-from- 
home" programs have software that may 
reside on company servers. Such unautho- 
rized software takes up space and does 

"Our company has been concerned about 
data being carried out the door ever since 
we had floppy disks," says Fabi Gower, 
vice president of information systems with 
Martin, Fletcher & Associates, a medical 
staffing firm in Irving, Texas. Four years 
ago, she watched technology advance 
through PDAs, then burners, and now to 
USB devices. She was worried. 

She spent almost a year looking for a 
product that would work. "Meantime, tech- 
nology went from PDAs to smartphones to 
all those wonderful little USB storage 
devices," she says. 

Gower wasn't sitting on her hands. She 
tried Registry blocks and scripts to disable 
ports. "We could disable everything but the 
USB ports," she says. 

iPod Attack 

Dennis Szerszen, vice president of mar- 
keting and corporate strategy for Secure- 
Wave, calls situations such as Gower' s 
"The attack of the iPod." He says recogni- 
tion of the problem is relatively recent. 
"Two years ago there was not a lot of activ- 
ity to control uploads or downloads by 
devices," he says. That has changed. 

Part of the problem is that USB, 
Fire Wire, and PCMCIA ports are standard 
on computers. Removable storage, PDAs, 
digital cameras, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 
adapters can be connected. Capacity and 
transfer speed has improved to the point 
that huge volumes of data can be compro- 
mised in seconds by everyday devices. 

Removable media devices make life easier 
when properly used, says Jose Negron, 
technical director of Layton Technolo- 
gy. However, he adds that improper use leads 
to catastrophic issues for SMEs. 

"An employee who works from home 
may have a USB stick with company infor- 
mation on it. He or she uses the stick to 
upload data to a home PC and continues 
working on it. Meanwhile a virus may have 
previously infected the PC and is now 
spreading to the device, or even the compa- 
ny file may have been infected." 

Negron adds that a disgruntled employee 
may have the intention of crashing the 
servers or the network by uploading virus 
files from a USB stick. 

Imperative Management 

It is imperative that these avenues of attack 
are blocked or properly managed. Controlling 
these devices is easy with blocking products 
that let information systems departments 
implement a global policy on removable 
devices. An exception list can be created on a 
per-user basis, allowing access only to spe- 
cific devices. The policy is loaded on the PC 
at the user level. 

"If the situation is serious, there are at 
least a dozen ways to deal with peripheral 
port/device vulnerabilities, from disabling 
ports to gluing them shut," says Device- 
Lock's Vladimir Chernavsky. But he says 
even DeviceLock can't beat "glueware" in 
terms of security. "In theory, only autho- 
rized peripheral devices or device classes 
should be allowed," he says. He recom- 
mends any external storage device be 
allowed on as-needed basis. 

"In practice, everything depends on the 
kind of information you want to protect or 

compliance requirements," Chernavsky 
adds. DeviceLock allows the hard approach 
(all blocked except authorized devices for 
authorized users), a soft approach (all open, 
audit is on), or a combination of the two. 

Next month his company will add ver- 
sion 6.0 of its DeviceLog software to the 
DeviceLock product. A plug-and-play 
product, it not only tells what is plugged in 
to all computers on a network but also tells 
what files were copied and can provide a 
copy of the actual file if you require it. 

"Wise enterprises have looked to em- 
brace these technologies rather than to 
eliminate them. They have learned that the 
use of devices can be best evaluated based 
on how they can benefit (or harm) the 
enterprise. The first step toward effectively 
managing devices is to institute a sensible 
usage policy," Szerszen says. "Then, using 
this policy as the backbone, companies can 
roll out an enforcement solution." 

Products To Help 

Several good products are on the market 
to combat the problem. They include 
DeviceLock, DeviceShield, and Sanctuary. 
(See the "Blocking Software" chart.) 

DeviceShield lets enterprises control and 
manage access to PC ports, device types, 
and specific device models; provides 
read/write permissions and file control for 
USB plug-and-play devices and iPods; 
allows multiple removable policies for 
every level in an SME; and captures histo- 
ries of actions by users attempting to access 
blocked ports, media, or files. 

SmartLine's DeviceLock Plug-and-Play 
Auditor is a nonintrusive clientless utility 
for system and IT security administrators 
who need to know how many users are 
uploading and downloading data to person- 
al, portable storage devices. 

Secure Wave's Sanctuary line uses a posi- 
tive, policy-based approach to stop unwant- 
ed executables, including spyware, and 
enforce safe use of approved removable 
devices, including items such as iPods and 
external hard drives. 

Sanctuary provides granularity in the 
form of context-sensitive policies that can, 
for example, disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 
devices if the user's PC is plugged in to the 

February 24, 2006 

wired LAN. Because Sanctuary uses a 
white-list approach, administrators can 
focus on allowed devices rather than try to 
anticipate bad behaviors and unwanted 
devices. Sanctuary runs only when a user 
attempts to plug in and use a device, so it 
uses minimal systems resources. 

Practical Use 

Martin, Fletcher & Associates' Gower 
chose Secure Wave's Sanctuary product for 
her 500-person firm. "We put it in, installed 
it, and had it running in 24 hours," she says. 
The process required her to put it on the 
server, pick features from the GUI interface, 
and then let the system auto-install. 

"Once installed, it just stays in place," 
Gower says. Granting temporary access 
requires a few clicks, and an individual or a 
computer can get access for a specified 
time period. "After that, it turns off the 
access," Gower says. 

DeviceLock' s Chernavsky emphasizes 
that any program can only enforce policy. 
It can not stop a determined criminal. 
"Consider it as a security guard in a build- 
ing — he can enforce policy but wouldn't be 
able to stop a tank," he says. 

Layton Technology's Negron says every 
SME should implement a written policy that 
users must acknowledge so they are aware 
that using these devices is prohibited. 

"Use a software package that allows the IT 
administrator to control what users will have 
access to what device," he says. "A zero- 
access policy is realistic; however, prevent- 
ing users from utilizing these devices can 
make their jobs more complicated where 
legitimate use of the device is needed." 

SecureWave's Szerszen differs. "Trying to 
institute a 'zero-access' policy is not realistic. 
In fact, it is counter-productive," he says. He 
recommends companies stay cognizant of 
what's next. He sees a convergence of appli- 
cations and devices and recommends a com- 
plete application control solution. 

Gower agrees protection is a necessity. 
Like most other systems, Sanctuary has a 
suite of defaults. "Me, being a technical per- 
son, I had to go in and look at everything," 
Gower says. It took her 20 to 30 minutes to 
make the tweaks she wanted. The system 
allowed her different levels of permission 
for different titles and job functions. 

So Gower put her employees in groups 
similar to Active Directory groups. "In fact, 
Active Directory would work just fine," she 
says. "If you find anything else that works 
as well, give me a call." 

Blocking Software 





Full Active Directory Integration 

Operate From Console 1 

Layton Technology 




All, none, combo, time of day 

Independent of AD 






All, none, combo, time of day 







All, none, combo, time of day 



Storage Component 

PCI-Express SATA II 3Gb/s RAID Controller 

Featuring RAID 6 and also 0, 1,0+1,3,5 and JBOD 
4, 8, 12, 16, 24ports, Intel I/O Processor, DDR Memory 
Online RAID Level/Stripe Size migrations, Online RAID 
Capacity expansion and RAID level migration simultane- 
ously, NCQ and Staggered Spin-up Support, Battery 
Backup ready, I2C, Full OS Support. 


2861 Saturn St. Unit B 
Brea, CA 92821 

Storage Component 

■ For SATA Hard Drive 

1 Fits standard 5.25" bay 
■Aluminum sided 

I 3 built-in fans 

■ Auto-close doors keeps dust out 

■ Key lock to secure your data 

I I Year Warranty 


555 E. Easy Street 
Phone: (805)426-1000 

Simi Valley, CA 93065 
Fax: (805)426-1011 




The 1st SATA RAID 5 

Hot-swap Midtower 

Chassis in the World! 

Dual Intel Xeon proces- 
sors up to 3.06GHz 
Super X5DAL-TG2 server 
Upto8GBECC Reg. 

1 8xAGP Pro 1.5V slot 

2 64-bit PCI/X 66/133, 2 
32-bit PCI 

Dual Gigabit LAN Ports 
12" x 9.8" ATX form factor 

Embedded and Network Computing 

2032 Bering Dr. San Jose, CA 951 31 

Phone: (408) 452-8900 Fax: (408) 452-8909 

February 24, 2006 

Page 31 

The Softphone 

Should You Ditch 
Your Traditional Phone? 

by Elizabeth Millard 

As VoIP becomes more common in 
small and midsized enterprises, com- 
panies have been pondering whether 
to make the switch from traditional, 
desk-based telephones to softphones. 

Designed to work in concert with 
VoIP, softphones — sometimes called 
soft sets or Internet phones — are mul- 
timedia applications that let users 
make calls directly from their PCs or 
notebooks. The interface often mimics 
a telephone or cell phone, complete 
with push buttons and smaller win- 
dows that display numbers and 
address books. 

Just as with many migration deci- 
sions, analysts note that the decision 
about whether to replace telephones 
with softphones should be based on 
company need, employee preferences, 
and the IT budget. The two telephony 
products often can be mixed, so 
employees that are more mobile can 
use softphones, while those in the 
office can still use handsets. 

Also, similar to any technology, 
softphones have their benefits and 
downsides, and if IT managers under- 
stand both, analysts note, they can bet- 
ter determine how far they want to 
stray from traditional telephony. 

Softening Up 

The main advantages to softphones 
are ease of use, higher mobility, and 
integration with database systems. 

All major VoIP providers have some 
type of softphone available, which 
means that companies can install and 
use the applications with minimal has- 
sle. And because the interfaces are 
built with simplicity in mind, training 
is usually not extensive. 

Where softphones really shine is in 
giving mobile employees more flexi- 
bility and tying in call data to sys- 
tems such as customer relationship 
management. "If you want to track 
time and billing, softphones are great 
for that," says Nora Freedman, enter- 
prise networking analyst at research 
firm IDC. 

Employees can log who they talk 
to, search through phone records, 
import call information into other 
applications, and create call lists that 
can be shared with co-workers 
through email. For sales reps in par- 
ticular, this can be a powerful way to 

Soft Sell 

track activity without having to sync 
their PDA to the computer. 

"There's just more portability and 
functionality with softphones," says 
Gary Chen, analyst at research firm 
Yankee Group. "Instead of carrying 
around a PDA, cell phone, and laptop, 
an employee can just have one device 
for all of it, and that's appealing to 
many people." 

When To Skip It 

Although softphones may be attrac- 
tive to an increasingly mobile work- 
force, the applications have some dis- 
advantages that are limiting their 
reach into SME environments. 

A main consideration for compa- 
nies is that softphones are entirely 
reliant on PCs or notebooks, which 
means that if there's a hardware prob- 
lem, or they're turned off, employees 
can't get their phone calls. Some pro- 
grams still route the calls to a voice- 
mail system, but not all applications 
work that effectively. If a computer is 
off, Chen notes, sometimes the call 
simply doesn't go through. 

Another problem can be coming up 
with a noise-canceling headset that 
works well with the computer. Al- 
though many options exist in the 
marketplace, Chen says some compa- 
nies struggle to find a product that 
employees don't mind using as they 
make calls. 

Hardware and headset troubles 
aside, the IT budget is the largest 
wrangle in the debate over whether to 
employ softphones. For some SMEs 
that need to replace their traditional 
phones when they move to VoIP, soft- 
phones can be a cost-efficient choice 
rather than bringing in a wealth of 
new phones. But for companies that 

Nearly all VoIP providers offer soft- 
phones, including these from smaller 

Adore Softphone 

Manufacturer: Adore 

Distinctive Features: Can be used 
with all versions of Microsoft Windows 
without the need for external codecs 

CommPacket Softphone 

Manufacturer: Nexge 

Distinctive Features: Highly config- 
urable user interface, including chang- 
ing color, components, and appearance 


Manufacturer: CounterPath 

Distinctive Features: Brings together 
softphone capability with video and 
instant messaging; interface mimics a 
PDA-type phone 


Manufacturer: SIPfoundry 

Distinctive Feature: Runs on a Linux 

Limited Spread 

Because of its disadvantages, and 
because many SMEs don't feel com- 
pelled to implement the applications, 
adoption of the software among smaller 
companies is limited, Freedman says. 

Even in larger enterprises, it could be 
a long time before softphones are the 
norm, she notes. The psychological 
hurdle of taking the phone off the desk 

The main advantages to softphones 

are ease of use, higher mobility, 

and integration with database systems. 

have already put in VoIP-enabled sets, 
replacing them with softphones may 
feel like an unnecessary expense. 

"SMEs tend to be very price-sensi- 
tive," says Chen. "If they can save 
money with a softphone, they'll 
implement it. But if it costs them 
money, they'll probably skip it." 

Skype Aims For World Domination 

PC-to-PC calling may boost more softphone adoption, Yankee Group's Gary Chen 
says, and enterprises that are experimenting with free phone service from Skype may 
be thinking of going with softphones sooner rather than later. 

Last month Skype rolled out a number of products, services, and partnerships, including 
deals with Kodak, D-Link, VTech, and Netgear. The company, bought by eBay last 
September, has also hinted at many more big announcements in the future. With Skype 
eager to gain customers in the consumer and small to midsized enterprise markets, 
companies may want to experiment with the technology and see if Skype's softphones 
give mobile employees the edge over competitors. 

is part of the difficulty, especially when 
it comes to generational differences. 

"It's a major switch, asking people 
to use headsets connected to their 
computers as opposed to the phones 
they've been used to for decades," 
says Freedman. 

The technology could have limited 
adoption, too, because softphones 
were never meant to be the primary 
phone systems for VoIP, Chen adds. 
"There won't ever be 100% adoption," 
he says. "But softphones can replace 
some traditional phones and be very 
effective in a smaller enterprise." 


Switchvox SoundPoint IP 501 

High-quality desktop business 

VoIP telephone 


lU iuW iumUL 

u autt ljU - 

Equipped with the Intel® Pentium® M/Celeron® M high- 
performance processor, the BPC-8080 answers the 
demands for Point of Sale (POS) Terminals, interactive 
kiosks, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) with expanded 
capabilities, gaming terminals and even high-rel and harsh 
environment equipment. 
For More Information: 



950 Fee Ana St., Suite B 
Placenta, CA 92870 
Phone: (714) 996-7200 

Data Comm Component 

Quad-Port Gigabit Ethernet Interface Card 

The SlotOptimizer™ is a perfect solution for use in conjunc- 
tion with early ATCA processor blades, which have few or 
no native faceplace Ethernet ports. It is best suited for 
applications requiring multiple ports directly connected to 
the processor blade, including both telecom-oriented and 
general-purpose computing platforms. 



Designed To Perform. Designed To Last. 

2901 N. Dallas Parkway 
Phone: (800) 327-8638 

Piano, TX 75093 
Fax: (214)654-5500 

Input Device 

Keyboard Pays For Itself The First Day!!!! 

Cut data input by 40% with the ZTAB Keyboard (keyboard 

has an extra tab key next to the number pad 

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Your 10-key Data Entry Staff Will Love This! 

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L CD/DVD Duplicators 

Where Do You Go 

To Find The 

Newest Products 


Check Each Week's Issue For: 

Manufacturer Presentations filled with 
in-depth information on new products. 

Quick rundowns of all 
new data center- re laced 
products released in the 
past week. 

Articles with valuable product 
overviews and data. 


Then go to and take 
advantage of our online search tools 
to find even more in-depth information! 



Page 32 

February 24, 2006 

Conducting A Security Assessment 

Continued from Page 29 

Performing A 
Security Assessment 

So how do you perform a 
security assessment? Kevin 
Beaver, an independent informa- 
tion security consultant with 
Atlanta-based Principle Logic, 
says following a methodology 
is very important. The five gen- 
eral steps to follow in per- 
forming a security assessment, 
says Beaver, are planning tests, 

carrying out tests, analyzing 
results, reporting results, and fol- 
lowing up to ensure changes are 
implemented and improvements 
are made. 

Testing involves the use of 
threat modeling to understand the 
source and attack vectors of likely 
threats, says Forrester's Gavin. 
Once a threat model is developed, 
existing security controls must be 
mapped to the threat model to 
ensure threats are blocked at 
multiple points along the attack 

vectors and to identify places 
where controls need to be added, 
says Gavin. 

If you're worried about devel- 
oping an entire security assess- 
ment methodology from the 
ground up, fear not. Both Gavin 
and Beaver point to various 
standardized approaches to per- 
forming security assessments, 
including OCTAVE, ISO/IEC 
17799: 2005 (code of practice 
for information security manage- 
ment), NIST's Federal Information 

Technology Security Asses- 
sment Framework, and the 
NSA's Infosec Assessment 

Security Assessment: 
A Necessary Tool 

No matter which method you 
use to conduct a security assess- 
ment, the bottom line is you will 
need one sooner or later, either 
to comply with a regulatory 
requirement, satisfy the require- 
ments of a business partner, or 
simply ensure you're getting 
the most from your security 



Helps monitor and manage your 
primary network security systems 

Security Awareness 

Specializes in providing security 

training products and services 



TippingPoint M60 

The industry's first intrusion 

prevention system able to scale 

up to 60Gbps 

Spyware Rules The Enterprise 

According to Webroot, the percentage of enterprise computers infected with adware decreased from the fourth quarter of 2004 
to the first quarter of 2005, likely because of better mitigation. However, the presence of tracking cookies increased by 10%. 

Spyware Found In Corporate Computers 
Q4 2004 & Q1 2005 

Q4 2004 
I Adware H Tracking Cookies _J Trojans 

Q1 2005 
System Monitors 

Source: Webroot Corporate Spyaudit, 2005 

OCTAVE: A Specific Security 
Assessment Method 

OCTAVE (Operationally Critical Threat, Asset, and Vulnerability Evaluation) is 
a methodology developed by the Software Engineering Institute, a federally 
funded research and development center established at Carnegie Mellon 
University. According to "Introduction to the OCTAVE Approach," a publication 
from Carnegie Mellon's Software Engineering Institute, the OCTAVE method 
is a "risk-based strategic assessment and planning technique for security." 

OCTAVE uses a small team consisting of both business and IT people looking 
at an organization's operational risk, security practices, and technology and 
performing three principal tasks: developing asset-based threat profiles, identi- 
fying infrastructure vulnerabilities, and developing security strategy and plans. 

The first task, or phase, in OCTAVE parlance, looks at an organization's critical 
assets and the security practices in place to protect those assets and identifies 
threats to those assets. In phase two, the team identifies IT components relat- 
ed to each critical asset, looks at network access paths, and determines how 
resistant each component is to network attack. Phase three involves the identi- 
fication of risks to critical assets and the development of plans to mitigate them. 

The OCTAVE method and all the associated documentation you need to apply 
the tool are available at the Software Engineering Institute's CERT Web site at There are two flavors of OCTAVE available to business- 
es: The OCTAVE Method is for large organizations (300 or more employees), 
and OCTAVE-S is for small businesses with 100 or fewer employees. 

—Manufacturer Presentation 

Software - Security Advertisement 

Ecutel Systems Launches New Endpoint 
Automated Security Initiative (EASi) 

EASi (Endpoint Automated Security Initiative) allows Network Administrators 
to establish, manage and enforce policies for endpoint security, access control 
and device management to ensure that mobile computing devices are protect- 
ed and that network access policies are carried out prior to granting a user 
access to the corporate network. EASi helps establish security policies and 
then interrogates the mobile device to enforce compliance to those policies 
before allowing the device to connect to the enterprise infrastructure. EASi 
goes beyond simply testing devices for policy compliance by providing an abil- 
ity to automatically take actions to remediate non-conforming devices, bringing 
them into policy adherance in real time. This enforces network security at the 
point of access and enables users to safely attach to thier resources and 
remain securely connected and productive. 

"Some access control and endpoint security policy products can detect poten- 
tial threats but will generally only quarantine a user's vulnerable device so it 
can not access the network. This approach denies the mobile worker access to 
their critical information resources," explained Tom Matthews, CEO, Ecutel. 
"EASi goes beyond policy enforcement by providing an ability to automatically 
take actions to remediate devices bringing them into policy compliance in real 
time, thus enabling users to attach to their resources and remain securely con- 
nected and productive." 

EASi features include: 

• Endpoint Security Policy Management and Enforcement 

• Network Access Control Policy Enforcement 
•Automatic Remediation 

• Remote Software Updates and Patch Management 

• Device Management and Troubleshooting 




—Manufacturer Presentation 

Software - Security Advertisement 

Streamlined HIPAA Compliance & 
Secure Application Access 

EpicTide & AEP Networks Join Forces On Solution 

In recent years, healthcare providers have streamlined processes by 
offering their partners secure access to sensitive applications. Now, 
healthcare providers want to streamline existing processes for HIPAA 
privacy audits involving those applications. AEP and EpicTide have 
addressed these needs by integrating AEP's remote access solution 
with EpicTide's auditing and log centralization solution. For the first 
time, healthcare organizations can create a comprehensive forensic 
audit trail across all of their applications and systems, including their 
VPN. The combined solution also enables organizations to produce 
analytics such as detailed trending on application access and 
security-related events. 

EpicTide ( is a leader in software solu- 
tions that help organizations increase their security responsiveness, 
automate compliance and reduce associated costs. AEP Networks 
(, the specialist in network and application 
access security, delivers infrastructure security solutions that are 
easy to use and manage while offering exceptional value and mis- 
sion-critical reliability. The company provides a full range of solu- 
tions, including identity-based application security gateways, highly 
secure VPNs, SSL VPNs and cryptographic key management prod- 
ucts, to meet the most demanding requirements of public-sector and 
commercial customers around the world. 

For More Information, Call (866) 602-8433 


February 24, 2006 

Page 33 


Solaris Containers: A 
Breakthrough Approach 
To Virtualization 

Sun Microsystems Helps Customers 
Manage New Ways Of Deploying Applications 

by Chris MacKinnon 

Server virtualization has been on 

many an enterprise agenda over the past few 
years. This growing space in IT is demand- 
ing more attention than ever. Gartner, for 
one, predicts an expensive path for compa- 
nies that don't leverage virtualization tech- 
nologies (about 25% more for Intel servers 
and 15% more for RISC servers, including 
hardware, software, labor, and space). But 
as the cost of managing large networks of 
servers and software components escalates 
in the enterprise, consideration seems to be 
shifting toward finding new ways to reduce 
IT infrastructure costs and better manage 
end-user service levels. 

The State Of Virtualization 

According to Graham Lovell, senior 
director of x64 servers for Sun Micro- 
systems' Network Systems Group (www, server virtualization is largely a 
proprietor's market. Lovell says, "The cur- 
rent state of server virtualization is such that 
there are a lot of proprietary implementa- 
tions of virtualization, either with hardware 
or software. The goal for the industry 
should be to develop an open systems 
model that customers can use in their het- 
erogeneous IT environments. Virtualization 
technology is still slowly being popularized 
for general consumption." 

Part of Sun's view of present server vir- 
tualization challenges includes the need for 
better tools as virtualization grows. Lovell 
says, "Increasing adoption of virtualization 
will also bring about new changes in how 
applications will need to be deployed and 

managed, so tools need to be available to 
help customers manage these new ways of 
deploying their applications." To that end, 
Lovell says Sun has open sourced the 
Solaris OS and partnered with other key 
open systems-oriented software develop- 
ers such as VMware, Xen, and others. 
So why should enterprises be interested in 
server virtualization as Sun sees it? Lovell 
says the answer lies in a simpler and 
easier future. He says, "Sun has existing 
technologies to address virtualization 
and is also focused on developing future 
solutions to continue to offer customers 
great virtualization options. These solu- 
tions include both software and hard- 
ware offerings and help increase cus- 
tomers' IT infrastructure utilization, 
making it easier and simpler to manage 
their resources and data." 

Lovell says in terms of these products, 
Sun's lineup includes Solaris 10 containers, 
Nl System Manager, and Sun Fire x64 
servers that run Solaris 10, as well as 
VMware. He says the company has also 
embodied virtualization in its Sun Fire 
X4100, X4200, and V40z servers with mul- 
ticore support for Solaris 10 and VMware 
ESX, as well as the Sun Application 
Switch, which supports network virtualiza- 
tion to support server applications. 

Containing The Answer 

Lovell says improved methods are neces- 
sary to provision applications and ensure that 
shared resources are not compromised. He 
says the company's Solaris containers are the 
answer to that necessity. "As an integral part 
of the Solaris 10 operating system, Solaris 

containers isolate software applications and 
services using flexible, software-defined 
boundaries. A breakthrough approach to vir- 
tualization and software partitioning, Solaris 
containers allow many private execution 
environments to be created within a single 
instance of the Solaris OS." 

Sun's white paper on Solaris containers 
offers a concise definition of the technolo- 
gy: "A Solaris Container defines a com- 
plete execution environment for a set of 
software components. It allows application 
components to be isolated from each other 




while sharing a single instance of the 
Solaris OS. It offers execution environ- 
ments whose definitions are transportable 
from one server partition to another with 
minimal management overhead, enabling 
great flexibility in provisioning business 
services. The isolation, transportability, and 
resource sharing enable easier and more 
efficient consolidation of applications onto 
fewer servers and OS instances." 

The primary benefits of Solaris containers 
include: reduced management costs (appli- 
cations can be more safely consolidated 
onto fewer servers), increased resource uti- 
lization for lower cost of operations, 
improved service availability, and increased 
flexibility. The containers can also signifi- 
cantly impact the total cost of ownership 
for IT systems. Ultimately, computing 
resources can be dedicated to a single 

application one second and then shared with 
others instantly (all without moving applica- 
tions or rebooting the system). 

With Solaris containers, each environ- 
ment has its own identity, separate from the 
underlying hardware. Lovell says this caus- 
es the environment to behave as if it is inde- 
pendent, making consolidation a simple, 
safe, and secure process. Because the con- 
tainers are independent from the underlying 
hardware, application services can be re- 
created on other systems on an as-needed 
basis. Each application also runs in its own 
individual environment, and application 
resources can be tested and deployed on a 
single server, relieving any fears that the 
application resources will impact one anoth- 
er. Lovell says this way companies can con- 
solidate applications onto fewer servers bet- 
ter, without concern for fault propagation, 
resource constraints, or security breaches. 

Sun's Virtualization Slant 

Lovell claims that Sun's server virtualiza- 
tion solutions are also unique. He says, 
"Yes, our Solaris 10 containers are unique 
because they are open source and optimal 
for virtualization. The Nl System Manager 
manages both hardware and software. In the 
same virtualization vein, our Sun Fire x64 
servers have built-in unique capabilities 
such as high performance but low power 
consumption, built-in management for 
remote control, unique Quad Gigabit 
Ethernet interfaces, and unique ease of 
serviceability." Lovell says Sun's Nl 
System Manager provides comprehen- 
sive infrastructure lifecycle management 
capabilities for provisioning, monitoring, 
and managing a large number of Sun 
volume servers with a powerful, easy-to-use 
hybrid user interface. 

We asked Lovell to comment on what 
else is happening in the server virtualization 
space and what is on Sun's immediate serv- 
er virtualization horizons. He says, "Open 
source and open systems development for 
server virtualization software is coming 
soon. Sun, VMware, and Xen are some of 
the companies already working on this. 
Immediately on Sun's server virtualization 
horizon are solutions utilizing Solaris 10, 
VMware, and Sun Fire x64 servers. In 
2006, look for new hardware and software 
products from Sun with unique capabilities 
that address current customer problems 
using server virtualization." Whichever way 
you look at it, Sun is a major catalyst for the 
way server virtualization is helping to shape 
today's virtual enterprise. 


I CRM (customer relationship 

What it is: CRM is a catch-all term 
for a set of technologies that enable organi- 
zations to "manage" their customer relation- 
ships. Typically, the centerpiece of a CRM product is a 
software application that serves as the repository for an 
organization's customer-related information. But CRM 
also requires organizations to establish policies and business 
processes that enable the successful management of customer 
relationships. So in this context, a CRM application is just a tool 
that enables the implementation of a CRM business strategy. 

Why you should care: Companies already manage customer 
relationships; the difference with a CRM- specific product or strate- 
gy is that it lets an organization bring different methods for manag- 
ing customer relationships across a business under one umbrella. 
With CRM all business groups manage customer relationships in 
one database, eliminating the different methods that may be com- 
mon across different businesses and even different sales personnel. 

Related products and manufacturers: These include IBM, 
Oracle (including its acquisition, Siebel), Microsoft, NetSuite,, and others. Representative products include 
Oracle-Siebel CRM OnDemand, Oracle-Siebel CRM Professional 
Edition, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0, IBM WebSphere, and' s sales force automation application. 

I SRM (supplier relationship management) 

What it is: SRM is a variation on the CRM model that focuses 
on company suppliers that provide an organization with supplies 
such as raw materials and services. SRM is designed to help busi- 
nesses manage procurement business processes. Procurement busi- 
ness processes can include contract negotiation and implementa- 
tion, quality control over suppliers, and existing supplier ranking. 

Why you should care: The business concept behind intelli- 
gently managing procurement relationships with suppliers and 
partners is sound. Businesses spend a lot of money and time 
obtaining the products and services they need, so intelligent 
management of procurement activities can make a lot of sense 
and provide a good return on investment. 

Related products and manufacturers: Products and manu- 
facturers include SAS Supplier Relationship Management suite, 
Oracle-Siebel Partner Relationship Manager, IBM Intentia 
Supplier Relationship Management, and others. 

Next Week 
In Processor 

Coming In Our March 3 Issue: 

What are the key security needs for 
small to medium-sized enterprises over 
the next six months to a year? We talk 
about what enterprises should be 
spending their security money on this 
year, with in-depth coverage of tape 
and notebook encryption technologies. 

You'll also find: 

• Why ejectable disk storage is gaining 
greater attention 

• Tips and advice for finding the "right" 
IT employees 

• What exactly is involved in convert- 
ing your enterprise from Novell to 

• Overviews of five new products on 
the market 

Be sure to visit to find each week's 

issue online. You can view issues as a PDF or search 

our article database for the information you need. 

February 24, 2006 


CTM Industrial Solutions 

and innovative Digital Signage 

- - 


CTX 1U Rack Mount Console Drawer 

CTX's new LDS 1 U rack mount console drawer is an all-in-one unit that 
combines an LCD monitor, keyboard, and point device, all within its ultra-thin 
(1.75" high) console. Its space saving design and industrial durability makes it the 
ideal rack mount solution for network administration, telecommunication, mobile 
applications and more! The 1U rack mount is constructed with durability in mind. With a 
combination of steel and aluminum, it is lightweight and cost-effective to be used in most 
commercial and industrial applications 

Available: 15", 17", 19" ( 8-port optional) 


Digital Signage - MediaView/SmartView 

■Applications include tradeshow display, 

advertisement, point-of-purchase 
Featured remote control allows different 

play modes to loop, autoplay, and program 
Play format includes MPEG 1/2/4, JPG, 

and MP3 

Built-in speakers or earphone 

Video output features single composite or 


Output format in PAL or NTSC 
■ Uses compact flash 

7" - 32" models 

Open Frame LCD Monitor 

Grade A TFT/LCD panels ranging from 

6.4" to 32" 

Integrated with touch screen options 

Integraed with high brightness and 

exclusive transflective technology options 

Integrated with waterproof NEMA 04/IP 65 


Designed for commercial, industrial, and 

custom applications. 

6.4" - 32" models 

POS2500C Touch Screen - All-in-One 

Designed for harsh food service and retail 


15" A grade TFT LCD panel 

Built-in CPU 

- Intel Socket 370 Processors, Front Side 

Bus 66/100/133 MHz 

Pentium III (Tualatin) up to 1.26GHz, 

Celeron up to 1 .5GHz 

Internal 802.1 1g wireless LAN 

POS2200 Series Touchscreen 

Designed for harsh food service and retail 


Integrated ELO five-wire resistive 

touchscreen RS-232 

Easy touch on-screen display (OSD) 

Base removable for VESA mounting 


15" A grade TFT LCD panel 




^^^_ Applied Computing Solutions 







For more information about CTX products, 
call (877) 893-6886 or visit us 



February 24, 2006 
—Manufacturer Presentation 

Page 35 

Software - Security Advertisement 

FutureSoft Enhances Endpoint Security Software Solution 

DynaComm i:scan (enterprise antispyware software and endpoint security manage- 
ment) provides administrators with the ability to manage a range of endpoint securi- 
ty tasks from a single console, saving time, simplifying support, and improving 
security of desktop and mobile devices. 

Version 6.0's Highlights: 

• Removes and protects against spy- 
ware for both local and mobile 

• Locates and eliminates P2P (peer- 
to-peer) file-sharing applications 

• Removes unauthorized IM (instant 
messaging clients) 

• Identifies pornographic images that 
could be a source of harassment 

• Locks down desktop applications 

• Manages USB devices 

• Protects high-value corporate data assets with real-time monitoring 

DynaComm i:scan is already in use in some of the world's largest companies and 
network infrastructures, and this new release extends the management, real-time 
reporting and mobile user protection to further enhance endpoint security for enter- 
prise users. 

"Business administrators are facing a growing range of threats and are having to 
therefore deal with more and more security tools. DynaComm r.scan enables them to 
manage the Mi range of desktop and mobile user, content and endpoint security 
functions, from a single console. " Tim Farrell, Chairman and CEO of FutureSoft 

Download An Evaluation Copy: 


(800) 989-8908 

—Manufacturer Presentation 

Software - Security Advertisement 

Control Access to ALL Removable Media Devices 
and Protect the Integrity of your Network 

No other software makes managing 
Removable Media Devices as quick and 

You probably have extensive network secu- 
rity measures to protect your organization 
from external threats but your biggest 
security risk may be sitting down the hall! 
Innocently or maliciously, employees and 
visitors at any workstation can use remov- 
able media devices to transfer vast quanti- 
ties of data quickly and without your 

Priced From 

USB drives, CDs, digital cameras and MP3 devices are great productivi- 
ty tools. However, left uncontrolled, these removable media devices 
make every workstation (and even your entire network) vulnerable to: 

•Allowing massive amounts of sensitive data and intellectual property to 
be removed without company knowledge 
•Uploading viruses, spyware and any undesirable or hostile software 
•Installing unauthorized software 

DeviceShield™ protects against the Threat from Within. 



Phone (866) 529-8664 

j- Manufacturer Presentation 

Software - Security Advertisement 

10Gbps Network Anomaly Detection 

StealthWatch Xe for sFlow® 

StealthWatch Xe for sFlow analyzes sFlow records to extend internal securi- 
ty without deploying costly sensors or inline devices throughout enterprise 
networks, thereby dramatically reducing cost and complexity of deployment 
and significantly increasing scalability. 

Enterprises with switches and routers that support sFlow as a standard fea- 
ture can simply "turn on" sFlow and direct it toward the StealthWatch Xe 
appliance, which baselines network traffic to detect and prevent network 
anomalies. Through its patent-pending Custom Response™ feature, a reme- 
diation script capability that commands routers and switches to block mali- 
cious traffic at the network edge, the StealthWatch System extends flexible 
mitigation across the enterprise to enable "Infrastructure IPS" to provide 
unprecedented levels for controlling network behavior. The resulting combi- 
nation of rich visualization and advanced behavioral detection functionality 
in the StealthWatch System enables organizations to more quickly defeat 
zero-day attacks, worms, policy violations, network misuse and other 

Overcoming obstacles, such as physical proximity requirements and limited 
span ports, staff or budget, StealthWatch System 5.1 delivers the following 
key benefits for enterprises: 

•Continuous, cost-effective network monitoring & coverage with sFlow data 

• Contextual security awareness and network visibility across the enterprise 

• Effective mitigation via "Infrastructure IPS," which leverages existing network 

•Scalable to 10+ Gbps networks to provide unprecedented protection 

• Mixed deployment for greatest flexibility and breadth of coverage 


(770) 225-6500 

—Manufacturer Presentation 

Software - Network & Systems Mgmt. Advertisement 

NetQoS Enhances Network 
Performance Management Suite 

The NetQoS Performance Center provides global visibility, via a single Web con- 
sole, into all three key metrics necessary to quantify network infrastructure per- 
formance: end-to-end response time, traffic flows and device performance. Its 
modules include SuperAgentfor measuring application performance over the 
network, ReporterAnalyzer for analyz- 
ing traffic flows, and NetVoyant for 
monitoring the infrastructure. The 
Performance Center's customizable, 
role-specific views help engineering, 
operations, and management staff do 
their jobs more effectively. The 
NetQoS Performance Center v1.1 
now incorporates the full functionality 
of the NetVoyant® device performance 
monitoring product NetQoS acquired 
in April 2005 from RedPoint Network 
Systems. With the NetVoyant polling 
product, the Performance Center now 

provides SNMP-based performance metrics for managing network infrastruc- 
ture, devices, and services. 

"Instead of cobbling together tools from different vendors and hoping they will 
work together to provide some actionable data, customers can get all their per- 
formance information integrated in one portal with the NetQoS Performance 
Center," says Joel Trammell, NetQoS CEO. "NetQoS products were built from day 
one to scale to the largest networks and provide the data needed to improve 
enterprise network performance rather than simply focusing on availability. The 
combined power of our products in the Performance Center provides a faster, 
more reliable way to improve the delivery of networked applications." 

For More Information, 

Performance Experts 

NetOoS,. («") 835-9575 

Page 36 

—Manufacturer Presentation 

February 24, 2006 

Software - Business Productivity Advertisement 

Asset Management Software 

NetSupport DNA (Dynamic Network Administration) facilitates central 
management of your enterprise PCs in a secure, coordinated and effi- 
cient manner. Combining powerful Hardware and Software Inventory 
with Software Distribution, Application and Internet Metering, Web- 
based Helpdesk, PC Remote Control and more, NetSupport DNA 
ensures compliance with corporate configuration standards while 
simultaneously reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 

IT assets account for the largest proportion of the overall IT spend, 
therefore, ensuring they are properly managed and maintained 
becomes one of the highest-priority corporate goals for any organiza- 
tion where TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is high on the agenda. 

Without a comprehensive management program in place, IT assets 
can cost far more than necessary through waste and redundancy 
(direct costs) and overly complex management and maintenance 
(indirect costs). By implementing an effective IT asset management 
program, companies can view every asset in their enterprise, allow- 
ing them to control and manage IT assets, eliminate waste and 
redundancy, and comply with ever-tightening government compliance 

For more information on how NetSupport DNA can help manage your 
organization's assets, visit 


Phone: (888) 665-0808 

—Manufacturer Presentation 

Software - Storage Advertisement 

Compressed & Encrypted 
SQL Server Backups 

Red Gate Software's SQL Backup 

Red Gate Software's SQL Backup Pro Edition provides 
high-performance backup and recovery for enterprise- 
level SQL Server implementations. 

"SQL Backup Pro Edition includes two tools — SQL Backup 
and SQL Log Rescue— that should be a part of every 
DBA 's toolbox, " says Jason Delaune, production DBA at 
Tulane University. "It was a crucial tool in our backup and 
recovery efforts surrounding Hurricane Katrina and will 
continue to be a vital part of our data security strategy. " 

SQL Backup Pro Edition provides multiple encryption levels up to 256-bit using the 
AES algorithm, the same standard specified by the U.S. government for encrypting 
top-secret data. 

The software bundle sets new standards for convenience and flexibility, enabling users 
to connect and manage all server backups remotely from a central client-based GUI 
and take advantage of wizards to plan SQL backups and automate log shipping. 
Object-level recovery and log analysis is provided through SQL Log Rescue. 

Advanced compression levels in SQL Backup Pro provide up to 95% smaller backups 
and deliver speeds up to three times faster than native SQL Server backups. 

SQL Backup Pro Edition is available for $695 per server, with substantial volume dis- 
counts. It is compatible with both SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2000. 

A free, fully functional, 14-day trial version of SQL Backup Pro Edition is available at 



(866) 733-4283 

w software 

.Manufacturer Presentation 

Software - Messaging & Groupware Advertisement 

GFI MailEssentials: 
Spam & Phishing Protection 

GFI MailEssentials 12 (antispam software) now protects users from phishing emails by detecting and 
blocking them before they reach the recipient's mailbox. 

Featuring PURBL, a phishing URI realtime blocklist, GFI MailEssentials 12 extracts links from the 
message body and checks them against a list of well-known phishing sites. GFI MailEssentials 12 
also scans typical phishing keywords, which identify and treat the message as spam once found. 

The Exchange administrator's daily workload is greatly minimized as the software works at server 
level, so administrators do not need to install antiphishing software on every desktop. The product 
also features server-based Bayesian filtering tech- 
nology that automatically adapts to each organiza- 
tion's email environment so administrators do not 
need to intervene. 

i Mail Essentials 

for Exchange/SMTP 

Server-based antispam, antiphishing, 
disclaimers, email reporting & more 

For a 10-Day Free Trial, Visit: 

GFI MailEssentials 12 incorporates GFI's invest- 
ment in developing innovative technologies to 
reduce the number of legitimate emails blocked in 

error. Features such as email header analysis and keyword checking, and sender- and recipient-based 
whitelists, in addition to Bayesian filtering technology, significantly curb the number of false positives. 

David Vella, product manager for GFI MailEssentials, says, "Email phishing scams have already 
cost companies millions, both in terms of time spent combating the problem and dealing with the 
effects of the scam. GFI MailEssentials 12 allows business efficiency and security to go hand in 
hand, allowing companies to use their resources and infrastructure in a far more efficient and cost- 
effective way. " 

cml^jsi switPMir F..jh*~a*GFF) 

GFI MailEssentials Configuration 

E GFi 

Users can review spam email 

(888) 243-4329 

—Manufacturer Presentation . 

Software - Security Advertisement 

Prevent Data Theft at the Source 


ensuring endpomt security 

The proliferation of portable storage devices in the workplace puts 
your network at a greater risk than ever of identity theft, data loss and 
spyware propagation. DeviceWall® from Centennial Software helps 
you combat these threats by preventing the use of unauthorized 
portable storage and wireless devices on the corporate network 

• USB memory sticks 

• iPods and other media players 

• PDAs, BlackBerry devices and Smartphones 

• USB & Firewire mass storage devices 

• CDs, DVDs and floppy disks 

DeviceWall enables a central administrator to create and enforce a 
security policy that determines which employees in the company are 
able to access different types of devices. Any device type not explicit- 
ly permitted is automatically blocked. Security managers can remotely 
monitor the volume of blocked and allowed device connections on the 
network - even if they are not logged into the DeviceWall Control 

Why your business needs DeviceWall . . . 

• Reduce risk of identity theft, data loss and espionage 

• Prevent the spread of spyware, malware and viruses 

• Comply with legal obligations & best practices 

• Reduce legal risks 

• Maintain full business productivity 

• Handle exceptions quickly and easily 

DeviceWall can be downloaded for a free 30-day no-obligation trial from 


February 24, 2006 
—Manufacturer Presentation 

Page 37 

Software - Messaging & Groupware Advertisement 

Fax Server Software 
Addresses Compliance & Spam 

Zetafax network fax server software now does a lot more than sim- 
ply enabling employees to send and receive faxes from their desk- 
top and laptop PCs. 

Zetafax helps meet compliance legislation. Compliance remains 
the No. 1 issue for organizations across many sectors, especially 
financial services, healthcare, and local government sectors, with 
regulations such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and the Data 
Protection Act now in force. Zetafax helps IT managers meet 
increasing board-level demands for IT departments to support 
compliance-related targets. For instance, all faxes sent and 
received with Zetafax can be stored electronically for archive and 
retrieval. Sensitive and confidential documents can be kept private by faxing directly from PC to PC, 
and fax audit trails can be maintained. Zetafax supports compliance requirements, and it also helps 
IT managers cope with the growing use of fax as a mass marketing tool. The product now includes 
a Junk Fax Filter, providing an effective way of dealing with increasing amounts of fax spam. 

"We have taken a hard look at the daily issues facing our customers and developed a new version of 
Zetafax which goes beyond simply sending and receiving faxes", says Chris Oswald , CEO of 
Equisys. "Compliance legislation and fax spam are just two key issues which Zetafax 2006 helps to 
address. Our new fax creation tool means that faxing is now even faster and easier for users - 
which by definition means Zetafax is easier for IT managers to manage. " 

Improvements for IT managers: 

A key new management feature is the Junk Message Filter. This allows network administrators to 
automatically delete junk faxes (or fax spam) or to divert them to a specific folder on a system-wide 

A new "Do Not Dial" control allows network administrators to prevent users sending faxes to specif- 
ic numbers such as premium rate services or selected international destinations. Restrictions can 
be made by number prefix, area code, or DDL 

The enhanced Server Queue Management feature allows network administrators to control at sever 
level the priority of faxes that have already been submitted. This means that if nonpriority faxes are 
holding up more important ones, they can be sent to the back of the queue. 

For More Information, Visit 


z eta/ax 

Point. Click. Fax. 

Phone (770) 772-7201 

—Manufacturer Presentation 

Software - Network & Systems Mgmt. Advertisement 

Wireless LAN Analyzer 

AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer 6.0 is the 

sixth generation of AirMagnet's popular, 
laptop-based WLAN security and trou- 
bleshooting software. The new Laptop 
Analyzer adds support for Intel® Centrino® 
technology, eliminating the need for users 
to buy a separate Wi-Fi card, and includes 
a remote visibility capability to share real- 
time network information with distant 

AirMagnet has also expanded its compli- 
ance reporting feature with a new compli- 
ance report to help users meet strict new 
regulatory requirements for wireless pay- 
ment transactions. This automated compli- 
ance report supports PCI DSS, the 
Payment Card Industry's Data Security 
Standard - a set of 12 requirements creat- 
ed by VISA and MasterCard to ensure that 
cardholder information is kept secure 
throughout the credit card transaction 
process. Merchants or service providers 
who fail to comply with the standard face 



financial penalties and may even have their 
acceptance privileges revoked. AirMagnet 
already delivers compliance reports for 
Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Health Insurance 
Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), 
Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLBA) and the 
D0D81 00.2 directive. 

AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer 6.0 adds more 
than a dozen new features in all, including: 

• Direct security alarm notification to email, 
cell phone and other end-user devices 

• Device peer map for enhanced visualiza- 
tion of communicating wireless devices 

• Greater monitoring range with external 
802.1 1a/b/g antenna support via the 
Ubiquity Super Range Card and support 
for new cards covering Japan 's 12 
802.11a channels 

• Enhanced decoding support for key 
Internet protocols such as FTP, SMTP, 
Telnet, HTTP and POP 

Laptop Analyzer 6.0 is priced at $3,495 in 
the U.S. and is available now. 

To download a free 7-day trial version, 


1 325 Chesapeake Terrace 
Sunnyvale, CA 94089 
Phone: (408)400-0200 

^Manufacturer Presentation 

Software - Imaging & Printing Advertisement 

i 23 Email Ma nager 


Create MbW 

Wfevj Monitored Accounts 

rernp unary Directory: 


Monitored Accounts 

Email Address Import Type DeteteType 


D o c F i n i t y® 

Optical Image Technology 
Email Manager 

The new version of Optical Image Technology's Email Manager includes several 
major enhancements that give it much more functionality and more configuration 
options for administrators than its predecessor. 

The program is a powerful email archive system that allows an organization to 
store important emails in the fully secure DocFinity repository and locate them 
using one of the many retrieval options available. In the newest release, the pro- 
gram's ability to index emails is not limited to the traditional fields such as date, 
time, and sender. Any of the email's header information, both custom and stan- 
dard, can also be used for indexing, allowing users more ways to store and 
retrieve emails. This enhancement provides more functionality, enabling emails 
to be associated with other documents based on their content. The system 
administrator sets the indexing criteria in advance, so emails are automatically 
indexed behind the scenes. 

Additionally, the new Email Manager allows administrators to set up rules 
regarding which emails are stored and indexed. This enables the system to con- 
serve storage space by rejecting spam and other messages of little or no impor- 
tance. New features enable the administrator to set up whitelists and blacklists to 
authorize or reject all emails matching those on the list. 

The new Email Manager is written in Java, allowing it to operate on any platform. 
A single installation of Email Manager can monitor multiple email addresses on 
multiple mail servers and apply unique indexing for each address. It works with 
POP3 and IMAP email servers and their secure versions. 


Optical Image 
Technology, Inc. (814) 238-0038 

—Manufacturer Presentation 

Software - Patch Management Advertisement 

Security Patch Management Solution Incorporates Windows 

Firewall Management 

FACT #1: Microsoft releases security patches at alarming rate. 

FACT #2: According to the FBI and Gartner Group, about 90% of all security breaches 

occur as a direct result of exploiting known security vulnerabilities that were not patched 

(Code Red, SQL Slammer, NIMDA, Blaster, and Sasser). 

FACT #3: Deploying patches manually is complex and time-consuming and most of the 

time is not viable. 

FACT #4: Security breaches lead to devastating results that affect your business and are 

very costly in lost data, productivity, and revenue loss. 

THE SOLUTION: Automated Network Security Patch Management Tool for IT 

Professionals of any level: Service Pack Manager. 

- Patch vulnerabilities in WinNT/2000/XP/2003, IIS, SQL, Exchange, ISA, Microsoft 
Office, IE, and other Microsoft products 

- Patch Research and Automated Inventory Update 

- On-demand and Automated Network Scanning 

- On-demand and Scheduled Patch Installation 

Gravity Storm Software's Service Pack Manager (SPM) has 
been a security patch-management mainstay on Windows 
networks since Windows NT. New release of Service Pack 
Manager, v7.1, includes distributed patch management and 
a useful new Windows Firewall-management feature. 
At startup, SPM enumerates the workstations and servers 
on your network and scans the devices for patches and ser- 
vice-pack status. Then you can select a network computer 
and have SPM produce a detailed list of the patches and 
service packs that are appropriate for that computer and 
identify whether they've been downloaded and installed. 
You can install SPM 7.1 as either a master console or a 
secondary console. Master console operators can test, 
approve, and publish patches on intranet Web servers, 

whereas secondary console operators are limited to deploying approved patches. 

Security Patch Management part of SPM is compatible with NT SP4 and later. 

SPM 7.1 's useful new Windows Firewall manager uses rich but intuitive GUI to control 
Windows Firewall on the enterprise network. Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Windows 
2003 Server SP1 include personal firewall as part of the OS. Service Pack Manager pro- 
vides significant convenience, visibility, and enhanced reporting and manageability vs. the 
use of the command-line tools Microsoft provides and doesn't require Active Directory 
(AD) or Group Policy (GP). It allows setting firewall policies on hundreds and thousands 
of network machines in minutes. Simply select the systems you want to manage from 
SPM's top-level network-tree view then click the firewall icon. You can examine and set 
the firewall policies then apply them to selected machines or groups of machines on your 

You can download a fully functional 2-week trial version from: 

3525 Del Mar Heights Rd 

Gravity Storm Software Suite 630 

A SecurityBasticn Company San Die 9°. CA 921 30 


Fax: (866) 450-7931 

Page 38 

j- Manufacturer Presentation 

Software - Security Advertisement 

Oracle COREid Access and Identity 

Identity Administration 

Oracle COREid Identity provides the user 
and group management, delegated admin- 
istration, password management and self- 
service functions necessary to manage 
large user populations in complex, real- 
world environments. 

• User, Group, and Organization 
Management: Dynamically create groups 
based on user attributes. 

• Delegated Administration: Unlimited 
ability to delegate user administration to 
managers and partners. 

• Unified Workflow: Industry-leading 
workflow to manage user lifecycles 

• User Self-service and Password 
Management: Reduce help desk calls 
via password reset and user self-service. 

February 24, 2006 


Access Management 

Oracle COREid Access provides policy- 
based access control and single sign-on to 
web applications, Enterprise Java Beans 
(EJB), and J2EE resources. It supports all 
leading authentication technologies and 
authorization methods. 

• Web Single Sign-On: Secure access to 
multiple applications with one password 
and user ID. 

• Flexible Authentication Methods: 
Oracle COREid supports all popular 
methods including browser forms, digital 
certificates, and smart cards. 

• Centralized Policy-Based 
Authorization: Centralized policy admin- 
istration and enforcement reduce cost 
and operational complexity for IT admin- 

Integration with existing eBusiness 

Oracle COREid provides pre-built agents 
to protect, access, and manage all leading 


third-party Web servers, Application 
servers, Portal servers, LDAP directories, 
email systems, and relational databases. 
Oracle COREid Access and Identity also 
provides seamless integration with Oracle 
Fusion Applications: Oracle eBusiness 
Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Retek. 


Compliance Reporting 

To demonstrate regulatory compliance, 
corporate auditors often require compre- 
hensive reporting across all security and 
identity operations. To ease this task, 
Oracle provides unified and centralized 
audit reporting for all COREid components, 
Web applications, and Web Services 

• Centralized Auditing and Logging. All 
operations are stored and correlated in a 
secure database for reporting and analy- 

• Pre-Built Identity and Security 
Reports. Includes a dozen out-of-the-box 

• Global User and Resource Access 
Reports. See all resources a user can 
access, and all users who can access a 

For More Information: 

500 Oracle Parkway 
Redwood City, CA 94065 
Phone: (650) 506-7000 
Fax: (714)444-8400 

j- Manufacturer Presentation 

Software - Network & Systems Mgmt. Advertisement 

Are your SAP Customers Really Satisfied? 

It's difficult to provide quality SAP service. 

Are your customers demanding better SAP performance? Is the 
first indication you have a performance problem usually a cus- 
tomer complaint? If the answers to these questions are yes, you 
are not alone. SAP is a complex set of applications to manage 
often stretching beyond the capability of operations. 

Your Basis Administrator staff is overloaded. 

Because of SAP's complexity, your expensive Basis Administrator 
staff is worn thin with all the routine, repetitive and error prone 
manual tasks they have to perform. Every issue seems to require 
an SAP Administrator and there are not enough resources to 
deploy the new applications and technologies the business is 
demanding. There is too much work and not enough staff. There 
has to be a way to radically simplify how we manage SAP service. 

Let Horizon's Expert-in-a-Box ™ manage your SAP perfor- 

Horizon for SAP's Expert-in-a-Box will identify and analyze your 
SAP problems for you, even if your expert staff members are not 
available. It does this while the problem is occurring, not hours or 
even days later like the manual processes do. Let the Expert-in-a- 
Box help you provide the quality service your customers are 
demanding and free up your Basis Team to focus on other impor- 
tant tasks. 



To Learn More: 

2100 Geng Road, Suite 210 
Palo Alto, CA 94303 
Phone: (650) 475-4600 
Fax: (650) 475-4700 

j- Manufacturer Presentation 

Software - Database & Data Mining Advertisement 

ProClarity Analytics 6 enhances SQL Server 2005 

ProClarity Analytics 6, version 6.1, super- 
charges the Microsoft business intelligence 
(Bl) platform, making it easier than ever for IT 
to create a successful Bl solution, and sim- 
pler than ever for decision makers to use it. 

An expanded analytics footprint 

• Simplifies the complexity of the UDM 

Microsoft's new Unified Dimensional 
Model (UDM) provides enhanced function- 
ality and powerful new capabilities. With 
these improvements comes complexity. 
ProClarity 6.1 simplifies the complexity by 
making it a much more intuitive process by 
leveraging hierarchy, attribute and mea- 
sure relationships to create analytic views. 
Context filters help keep analysis focused 
on pertinent information, and ProClarity's 
highly visual charts and graphics help 
users instantly understand key perfor- 
mance indicators (KPIs). 

• Improves SQL Server's adaptability 

ProClarity frees IT from being the sole 
group responsible for creating and main- 
taining KPIs. With ProClarity 6.1, any busi- 
ness user can do it. 

Tight integration with Microsoft Reporting 
Services 2005 

• Simplifies reporting 

With ProClarity, authors do not have to 
spend loads of time writing complex MDX 

• Links reports to analysis 

By integrating Reporting Services reports 
into the ProClarity dashboard, ProClarity 
enables decision makers to monitor perfor- 
mance and access formatted reports for 
additional detail. 

New versatile dashboard 

• Makes it easier to monitor the information 
you care about 

Any user can easily build, tailor, maintain 
and update a dashboard using ProClarity's 
wizard-based interface — without waiting 
on IT to develop it. 

• Enables train-of-thought analysis 
Instead of needing technical expertise or 
IT to perform data analysis, users can sim- 
ply link from any spot on the dashboard 
into full-screen, guided ad hoc analysis. 

• Simplifies deployment and customization 
Eliminating the need to install analytics 
software, ProClarity provides easy portal 
integration through URL addressability and 
completely thin, zero-footprint clients built 
on an open .NET architecture. All charts 
are optimized for Web deployments. 

Expanded delivery options 

• Equips you to more easily produce printed 

With ProClarity Publishing Server, it's sim- 
ple for end users to create externally con- 
sumable publications that integrate 
ProClarity graphs, grids, and visualizations 
with commentary and dynamic text. The 
publications can be fully customized to fit 
corporate branding guidelines. 

• Cuts costs 
Publication templates are reusable so you 
don't have to start from scratch each time 
you need the publication. 

• Links scorecards to analytics 
By adding powerful charts, visualizations, 
and analysis tools, ProClarity takes your 
Microsoft scorecard initiative much further, 
with an easy-to-integrate, zero-footprint 
scorecard solution. 

For Evaluation Software: 



500 S 10th St 
Boise, ID 83702 
Phone: (208)344-1630 
Fax: (208)343-6128 

—Manufacturer Presentation . 

Software - Network & Systems Mgmt. Advertisement 

ClearSight Analyzer Version 5.0 

Real Time Network Analysis and Application Monitoring 



ftj T«n" 

•;JJ U.^'l koJI'ti :. 


Cwsirfctor. Cfcnl Server Its... Lnil LlyJsie Ti 

' li- l:-:l- Ic-t :ili -■i-i-Ucny ■!■■■; <..;n.'- ilr-.jkr _-J kdj I':iJ J -I I J v:~ :.~X f \~.:i lil*.\ !■■- 1 ■: t J-J9 Cj.MTfflQOl 1* t 






0001 J** 




ClearSight's fifth-generation Analyzer implements Real Time application and protocol sup- 
port for Citrix, SMB, RTSP (Real time streaming protocol), HTTP flow reassembly, Wi-Fi 
on Ethernet with WEP decryption support, New History Reports, and Real Time TCP data 
view, as well as enhanced support for VoIP (new video and voice Codecs added) and 
security visualization. 

The Version 5.0 Analyzer delivers new functionality, enabling enterprise users to verify 
real-life performance of application deployments (such as VoIP and Database, IPv6), 
assisting customers in making critical decisions before rollout and providing deeper sup- 
port for managing and growing deployments. The collaborative nature of Analyzer 5.0 is 
improved through the use of a variety of setup wizards and extensive, configurable report- 
ing functions providing new optional long-term History Reporter and integrated Packet 
Generation feature. 

The latest version provides easy-to-use application packet generation tools, making it 
possible for IT administrators to effectively emulate new application traffic in the enter- 
prise's existing environment. At the same time, ClearSight is also used to evaluate traffic 
in real time, display issues and problems, and generate extensive reporting. 

ClearSight Analyzer 5.0 is available as both a software solution and as a bundled product. 
Supported physical interfaces include 10/100BaseT, including full duplex, Gigabit Fiber 
(Copper, multimode, or single-mode) and 10 Gigabit. The new version provides customers 
with a reliable and easy-to-use solution to remotely troubleshoot and manage their unique 
network environment and applications, including Citrix, SMB, Microsoft Exchange Server, 
Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Web Servers, VoIP, and associated multimedia protocols. 

Do you know what's on your network? 
Free two week trial available at 

46401 Landing Pkwy 
Pho: (650) 358-9555 
Fax: (650) 358-3923 


Networks 1 " 

February 24, 2006 

j- Manufacturer Presentation 

Software - Mobility Advertisement 
GoodLink Enterprise Edition - Now Available On Cingular 2125 

• Full Outlook®-like functionality 

• Low cost of ownership with Secure Over-The-Air Management 

• Handheld choice with support for Palm OS, Microsoft Windows 
Mobile 5.0 and 2003 handhelds 

• Advanced handheld security with GoodLink Compliance 

• Available in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish 

• Worldwide coverage with Global Connect 

Fleet Management Made Simple (and Less Expensive) 

Say goodbye to desktop software. In fact, GoodLink can be 
installed, upgraded, and managed entirely OTA (Over-the-Air) for 
a lower total cost of ownership. GoodLink also offers the most 
robust IT management tools, including role-based administration 
and Web-based visibility to all servers and users, including soft- 
ware version installed, device type, radio status, carrier, etc., 
through the Good Monitoring Portal. 

Good for Enterprises 

• Industry-standard compatibility with multiple handhelds, mobile 
platforms, carriers, and networks, including WiFi. 

• Low TCO due to secure OTA software management and zero- 
desktop installation 

• OTA management of third-party software to deploy and upgrade 
applications such as virus protection or attachment viewers 

• Enterprise-class security with AES encryption and remote erase 

• Role-based administration for reduced IT administration costs and increased security 

• Increased IT efficiency with centralized fleet management and monitoring 

• Increased user productivity — handhelds can be wirelessly updated and maintained resulting 
in superior reliability 

• Support for Hosted Exchange allows small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) to use GoodLink 
via their hosted Exchange provider 

Good for Users 

• Familiar Outlook-like visual experience on the most popular new Palm, Windows Mobile 
PocketPC, and Windows Mobile Smartphone handhelds and smartphones 

• Cradle-free, true push wireless synchronization between the handheld and the desktop 
keeps all information — email, calendar, contacts, notes, and tasks-up to date 

• Rich attachment viewing and editing (including Word, Excel, PDF, and PowerPoint®) let 

Project PowerPoint presentations directly from their handheld 

Receive faxes in TIFF format 

Print documents from their smartphone using Bluetooth 

• Available in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish 

• Increased efficiency with the ability to multitask between applications 

• Single line, two-line, and preview pane display options 

• Call sender directly from emails or schedules via automated contact lookup 

• vCard / Electronic Business Card Support 

• Offline capability to control roaming when traveling, especially internationally 

• Worldwide coverage on any CDMA or GPRS carrier in the world as well as 802.1 1 WiFi 

4250 Burton Dr. 
Santa Clara, CA 95054 
Pho: (408) 327-6000 
Fax: (408) 327-6001 

Page 39 

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Software - Network & Systems Mgmt. Advertisement 

2X Makes Terminal Services & Citrix 
Fault-Tolerant With LoadBalancer v4 

2X's LoadBalancer lets you easily 
implement SSL, resource-based load 
balancing, and session reconnection 
for Microsoft Terminal Services or 
Citrix Metaframe servers. 

Resource-Based Load Balancing 

2X LoadBalancer intelligently distrib- 
utes the load to the Terminal Server 
machine with least usage. 

Reconnects users 

to disconnected sessions 

2X LoadBalancer also checks if a user 
is running a disconnected session on 
any of the servers and if so, recon- 
nects them to the right server. 


'■,':: v.- xj 

d | Ceita 1 begged j ftrvta \ lw^j 1 




OfWP \0.\i ' nsjttt'j*.,. f jUtMf.V« .V, .. | AM 

^ 1 

* 1 

■CUil. | 


<::■-.. ',■/.-■. .v...J Ui-.-'i Z. 

l*tv( txtrlt • tjftt 

!■ _ll 

•n: <*■«! | **v> f 

2X LoadBalancer 

For Terminal Services / Citrix 

Ensures redundancy 
of Terminal Servers 

2X LoadBalancer first checks whether the terminal service of a particular server is 
responding before forwarding a connection to it. This lets you ensure complete 
redundancy of each Terminal Server. 

Enhanced Security using SSL 

When used in SSL Gateway mode, the 2X LoadBalancer provides end-to-end SSL 
encryption to the Terminal Servers. This not only greatly enhances security but also 
provides a firewall/proxy-friendly solution with true SSL/HTTPS capabilities. 

Pricing starts from as little as $395 for managing up to two servers, $775 for four 
servers, and $1 ,750 for unlimited servers. More information and a Free Trial Version 
of the product are available at 


Ph: (+49)69 710456-424 

Fax: (+49) 69 710456-450 

1.3 U— 4-bay 

2U— 8-bay 

3U— 16-bay 

5U— 24-bay 

8U— 40-bay 

6U— 32-bay 

V Storm Series 

Innovation takes on its most elegant expression in the iStarUSA V Storm Series. 
The V Series is built with high density and ultra-high performance I/O throughputs 
with SCSI, SATA II, or Multi-Lane interface. A superior thermal cooling management 
design dissipates heat at the most-needed place. The stylish "invisible" cable management 
design provides a professional and efficient way to connect device to device. 

i StarUSA 

1911 Clark St. Suite #C, Arcadia, CA 91006 
tel: 626-303-8885 Web site: 

Page 40 
.Manufacturer Presentation 

Services - Hosting & Disaster Recovery Advertisement 

Hosting Services For 
Small To Midsized Enterprises 

Hosting Options Now Include Servers With Dual-Core Processors 

SoftLayer's proprietary management systems & service delivery methodology allows 
customers to add, modify or delete servers and services without service interruptions. With 
month-to-month contracts, no down payments, no credit checks, low monthly prices, and 
two hour deployment; SoftLayer delivers risk free technology. SoftLayer's hosting options 
include server grade dual-core processor technology from Intel and AMD coupled with 
industry leading operating systems and applications from Microsoft and Red Hat. 

February 24, 2006 




The Future of Hosting... 

Utilizing our network-within-the- 
network approach, leading-edge 
hardware, and our proprietary 
management portal, SoftLayer 
delivers next-generation virtual IT 
environments for the small to 
medium-sized enterprise. 

SoftLayer's hosting options now 
include dual-core processor tech- 
nology. Unlike the virtual core 
technology of the past generation, 
dual-core chips have two physical 
cores on the same chip. Dual-core 
processor technology delivers 
more speed and more power than 
their previous counterparts while 
allowing businesses to reduce 
application costs based upon 
physical CPU count. 


1 x Dual Core (Intel PD 820 / Opteron 165) - 1GB DDR400 - 1x250GB SATA II - 2000 GB $159/mo 

2 x Single Core (Xeon 3.0GHz / Opteron 246) - 1GB DDR400 - 1x250GB SATA II - 2000GB ....$229/mo 
2 x Dual Core (Xeon 2.8GHz / Opteron 270) - 2GB DDR400 - 2x250GB SATA II - 3000GB $449/mo 

nd Redhat 

Li(.>(Ja:e S=i >.'& 

and OS I DNS 1 Graphing IPMI Metrics CTB 

r»i™h Resolving and Mor.itcrind ami Control ^P Storage n 

Se^rs J Servers J Serveis 1 Servers J Eervers J 

i Lockbox 

NAS Storage scrags 



(866) 398-7638 

Short on time? 

The proven track record of Processor's print issue and Web site offer an 
unbeatable combination! 

When you're looking for product or buying information, turn to the print issue 
for a wide variety of current products from our list of hand-selected manufacturers 
and resellers, along with articles and information to help you stay on top of 
the industry. 

Once you're ready to buy, turn to our Web site to connect with companies 
offering the products and services you need. 


fe Put the power o^ 

—Manufacturer Presentation 

Physical - Power Protection Advertisement 

SmartOnline 3000VA 3U 
Rackmount UPS System 

AVR Series Line Interactive UPS System 

Key Points 

■ 3000VA / 3.0 kVA high power density, online, double-conversion, extended-run 
3U rack / tower UPS - with large internal battery set for longer standard runtime 
for critical server, network and telecommunications equipment 

■ Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) actively converts raw incoming AC power to 
DC, then reconverts output back to completely regulated, filtered AC output 

■ Maintains sine-wave 1 10/1 20V +1-2% output during overvoltages to 138 and 
brownouts as low as 65V (50/60Hz auto-sensing) 

■ Zero transfer time between AC and battery operation 

■ Simultaneous use communications via HID-compliant USB port, serial port, 
SNMPA/Veb card slot and EPO interface 

■ Fault-tolerant auto-bypass mode, current monitoring and switched PDU control 
via two switchable output load banks 

■ Network-grade AC surge and noise suppression 

■ Includes PowerAlert monitoring software and complete cabling 

1 2-year product warranty / $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance (USA & Canada 
• Estimated Retail Pricing: $1,599 

1 1 1 1 W. 35th Street 
Chicago, I L 60609 

Key Points 

> 550VA ultra-compact line-interactive UPS 

> Maintains 120V nominal output over an input range of 83 to 147V 

> Line-interactive UPS offers complete protection for PCs, workstations and other 
sensitive electronics in an attractive ultra-compact, mountable housing 

> Prevents data loss and system downtime by providing battery-supported AC 
output during blackouts and Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) during 
brownouts and overvoltages 

> 550VA / 300 watt power handling ability supports entry-level PCs for up to 1 7 
minutes during power failures 

1 8 output receptacles, two of which are widely spaced to accommodate large 
transformer plugs without blocking outlets 

> 4 outlets with full battery support and surge suppression to protect computers, 
monitors and other vital system components from loss of power 

> 4 additional outlets with surge suppression-only are ideal for printers and other 
accessories not requiring battery support 

> Single line telephone suppression jacks protect modem, fax machine, cordless 
phone or other peripherals with a standard dial-up or DSL phone line connection 

1 USB port with PowerAlert monitoring software and cabling enables safe 
unattended system shutdown in the case of extended power failure. 

> HID compliant USB interface enables full integration with built-in power manage- 
ment and auto shutdown features of Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. 

1 2 year product warranty / $100,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance (USA, Puerto 
Rico & Canada only) 



February 24, 2006 
—Manufacturer Presentation 

Page 41 

Physical - Racks & Furniture Advertisement 

CPI's TeraFrame™ Cabinet System: 
Infinite Configurability Without Infinite Waiting 

Chatsworth Product Inc.'s new TeraFrame Cabinet 
System is infinitely configurable and can be 
personalized to meet specific data center needs, 
arriving ready to install in five days*. Available in 
three different widths (600, 700 and 800 mm), 
12 heights and 17 depths, choose from 612 
standard sizes to configure a customized solution. 

Designed to solve thermal issues in the data 
center and lessen the need for expensive cooling 
equipment, the TeraFrame Cabinet offers advanced 
thermal control with no single point of failure, thus 
delivering a Tier 4 solution for high-density 
applications and protecting expensive computer 
equipment. Choose from a variety of options and 
accessories to achieve maximum cooling. 

CPI's Snap-In Filler Panels block airflow through open rackmount space, 
keeping hot air in the rear of the cabinet. You can secure filler panels to the 
square-punched equipment mounting rails of the TeraFrame by snapping 
them into place, eliminating the possibility of misplacing hardware. When 
used together with the Air Dam Kit, airflow is blocked around the top, bottom 
and sides, directing cool air to equipment. 

Select from up to 612 sizes to create a custom cabinet that arrives ready to install in only five days. 

CPI's TeraFrame Cabinet System gives you the ability to personalize cabinets by configuring the options and 
accessories that work best for your data center without the long lead times associated with customized prod- 
ucts. Designed specifically to solve thermal issues in your data center and lessen the need for expensive 
cooling equipment, the TeraFrame offers new patent-pending thermal control with no single point of failure. 
TeraFrame cable management keeps network and power cables separate, controls power cord slack and 
supports multiple power strips or PDUs for full power redundancy. 

Chatsworth Products Inc. (CPI) is a leading manufacturer of systems 
designed to organize, store and secure IT infrastructure equipment. 




An Entpt&fca-Bwiwtf Corporation 

For More Information: 

(800) 834-4969 

j- Manufacturer Presentation 

Physical - Power Distribution Advertisement 

Power-over-Ethernet Solutions 

!Ss tSSS^ 

««*«*! ;;;;;;§ 


Midspan Power-over-Ethernet Controller 

ADC's Midspan Power-over-Ethernet Controllers provide a flexible 
way to power IP devices over a local area network. The IEEE 
302.3af-compliant midspan controllers reliably power VoIP 
telephones, Wi-Fi access points, security cameras, and other IP 
devices. ADC's midspan controllers eliminate the need to upgrade 
expensive Ethernet switches or install local power at the device, 
saving time and money. Delivering up to 15.4 watts of power per 
port, ADC's midspan controllers support a broad variety of 
Power-Over-Ethernet-enabled devices by detecting device 
presence and transmitting appropriate power according to IEEE 
802. af or legacy inline powering standards. 

Product Features 

• Dual compatibility with IEEE 802. 3af and earlier devices 

• Detects device presence and transmits appropriate power, 
achieving dual compliance to IEEE 802. af and Cisco's legacy 
inline powering standards 

• Delivers up to 15.4 watts of power on all ports 

• 24-, 16-, 8- and 4-port platforms available to support diverse 

13625 Technology Drive 
Eden Prairie, MN 55344 
Phone: (952) 938-8080 
Fax: (952)917-1717 

.Manufacturer Presentation 

Physical - Cable Distribution Advertisement 

New Tools For On-Demand Fiber 
Cable Management 

The ADC FiberGuide™ 
product family now 
includes RiserGuide, a 
riser guidance 
system designed to 
provide cable manage- 
ment where you need 
it, when you need it, 
because cable man- 
agement requirements 
change with network 

RiserGuide is flexible, 
modular and easy to 
both install and 
remove, allowing for 
on-demand cable man- 
agement and full net- 
work optimization. 

Call ADC for pricing 


■ Provides flexible, "on-demand" cable management 

! Manages patch cords of active equipment up to FiberGuide™ 

■ Protects proper bend radius 

' Easy to configure with simple, Snap-Fit™, tool-free installation 

■ Designed to meet GR-63 requirements 
Supported by ADC's cable management expertise 

■ Provides a cable management solution that extends beyond the 
"out of the box" solutions that are currently available 


■ Multiple standard width risers 

■ Various components that can be installed anywhere on the rise, 
including storage spools, radius limiters and cable guides 

■ Mountable within and between racks and in cabinets 
1 Half and full slack storage spools available 

■ Breakout cable slack storage 

13625 Technology Drive 
Eden Prairie, MN 55344 
Phone: (952) 938-8080 
Fax: (952)917-1717 

—Manufacturer Presentation . 

Physical - Cabling Advertisement 

Future-Proof Your Platform with AFL's Media Converter 

AFL Telecommunications' new FNT3012 Media Converter offers the perfect 
complement to the 24-port Ethernet Concentrator. A single-fiber customer 
premise device, the FNT3012 offers full-duplex 100Mb capability over a sin- 
gle fiber, streamlining fiber counts, fiber management, and installation costs. 
Additionally, the technology of the FNT3012 offers the management and 
future proofing expected of a carrier platform at price points that compete 
against today's LAN solutions. 

The features of the media converter include a robust optical loss budget, 
loop back test function, TTC TS-1000 management features, auto-negotia- 
tion, integrated fiber management, SNMP traps, and a desktop or wall 
mount design. 

Physical Specifications: 

4.13 inches (W105mm) x 5.12 inches (D130mm)x 1.38inches (H35mm) 

Weight: Max 0.66 lbs (0.3 kg) 

Port Specifications: 
Wavelength: 1310 tx/ 1550 rx 
Optical Loss Budget: to 16 dB 
Fiber: Standard Singlemode 
Connector: Standard SC (non-angled) 

Interface Specifications: 

- 10/100BASE-TX, TTCTS-1000Class-S 


r AFL Telecommunications 

m A Fujikura Business 

170 Ridgeview Circle 
Phone: (800) 235-3423 

Duncan, SC 29334 
Fax: (864) 433-0333 

Page 42 

—Manufacturer Presentation . 

February 24, 2006 

Physical - Cabling Advertisement 

TAP into your Network 

Two-Channel Optical nTAP 

10/100/1000 Copper nTAP 

Only TAPs can ensure a complete copy of data from full-duplex links at line rate 
for monitoring devices. Without TAPs, monitoring devices may be fed incomplete 
and misleading information, creating false positives and overlooking network 
problems that actually do exist. 

TAPs are a superior alternative to the commonly used SPAN sessions. Unlike 
SPAN sessions, TAPs guarantee complete data transfer to a monitoring device 
for accurate analysis. A SPAN session could provide an inaccurate picture of the 
network because it can only transfer 1000Mbps at a time to a monitoring device. 
If utilization on a full-duplex link (which can hold up to 2000Mbps) exceeds 
1000Mbps, packets are dropped. TAPs never drop packets regardless of network 
conditions. TAPs reveal all data, including errors, to the monitoring device for 
complete analysis. 

nTAP Advantages: 

• Complete visibility into full-duplex links, regardless of traffic levels 

• Access all network traffic, including errors found in the physical layer 

• Supports redundant failover links on the network 

• Cannot be the target of a hack or virus attack 

• Will not interfere with the network 

• Economical to install 

Network Instruments delivers a complete line of nTAPs for copper and optical 
networks at competitive prices, including the 10/100/1000 Copper nTAP ($795) 
and the recently released Two-Channel Optical nTAP ($575). The company 
also guarantees overnight delivery in the United States on Web orders over 
$295 confirmed before 12 p.m. Central Time. For more information please 

www. p rocesso m/nTA P 

10701 Red Circle Drive 
Minnetonka, MN 55343-9136 
Phone: (952) 358-3800 
Fax: (952) 358-3801 



.Manufacturer Presentation 

Physical - Power Management Advertisement 

Remote Power Management 

RS232 Enabled Meter 

Aphel's rPOWER™ Remote Power Management for data center and IT 
applications features an eight-channel, auto-scrolling capability. The 
rPower RS232-enabled meter provides remote monitoring for 20 - 60 
Amp (1 25 / 208 Volt) rackmount enclosure power solutions. 

"We are very excited to start shipments of our first rPower units," says 
Kevin Macomber, vice president of business development. "Since its 
development, we have 
seen huge interest in this 
technology set, particu- 
larly from our customers 
who manage mission- 
critical facilities." 


Unlike traditional amme- 
ters that require the user 
to be in close proximity, 

rPower has an impressive high-resolution color display that can be 
viewed from as far away as 1 2 feet or through the enclosure door perfo- 
ration. Aside from the ammeter, the device connects to traditional con- 
sole port switches and can be managed simultaneously with other 
RS232-based devices. rPower represents a major advancement in 
power monitoring as it greatly simplifies and reduces the cost of power 

For More Information, Visit 


Phone (978) 928-1488 

connect your world 

—Manufacturer Presentation . 

Physical - Storage & Transport Advertisement 

Protection For Transportation Of Hard Drives 

Perm-A-Store now provides Turtle Cases for popular Hard Drive configurations 

• Enclosed external drives for PC applications 

• Hot-swappable drives (with/without tray) for Server applications 

As hard drives become more portable, users are looking for safe and efficient ways 
to transport and store drives with live data. These specialized cases are made of 
high-density polyethylene, a rugged, lightweight material that provides excellent 
impact protection. All Turtle cases are available with optional brass padlocks, which 
may be keyed alike at no extra cost. 

These new Turtle hard drive cases are available in several configurations: 

• One or two precut slot(s), manufactured to the exact dimensions of the unit to be 

• Customizable configuration for one or two drives - employs pluckable dense foam 
cubes that can be removed to securely fit drives of various sizes. 

• The configuration shown on the right of the photo above is 10 drives placed in pre- 
cut foam slots in a rugged, two-handle case with 6 butterfly latches. 

Turtle cases were introduced in 1988 and have become the media transport 
standard because they deliver protection against impact, debris and temperature 
and humidity extremes. 

Turtle Cases are also available for all tape formats (LTO, DLT/SDLT, 3590, 3592, 
9840/9940, 8mm, AIT, VXA 4mm as well as CD/DVD and optical media). Various 
capacities and colors by format. 

Turtle brand transport and storage cases are recommended by media 

manufacturers Imation, IBM and Sun/StorageTek because they provide 

specialized protection for data media. 

6325 Sandburg Road 
763.230.391 1 Worldwide 
800.366.7535 USA 


by Perm-A- 

—Manufacturer Presentation 

Physical - Power Management Advertisement 

High-Density Rackmount 
Power Distribution 

Designed for high-density, mission-critical server applications, the MT3 Series pro- 
vides maximum power for both standard and blade servers. Employing multiple 
configurations, the Easy-Read™ digital ammeter, rPower™ RS232 remote power 
management and clearly labeled circuits, MT3 assures easy management and moni- 
toring for current requirements and future expansion. 

Viewed as one of the largest product port- 
folios ever released in North America, the 
MT3 Series is composed of more than 200 
products that can be configured to power 
both standard and blade servers. 

"Shipments of the first MT3 units represent 
a significant step forward forAphel and 
our customers, " says Kevin Macomber, 
vice president of business development. 
"Since its development, we have seen huge 
interest, particularly from our customers 
who face difficulties powering their high- 
density servers. " 

MT3 Series 

MT3 provides total power ranging from 5,000 to 8,600 Watts, as well as optional 
metering or remote monitoring (RS232) capability. It uses the patent-pending 
rPower™, and users can read the high-resolution color display from as far as 1 2 feet 
or through the enclosure door perforation. rPower™ improves installation flexibility 
as it can be connected to traditional console port switches. Because of its capability 
to support so many servers, MT3 greatly simplifies and reduces the cost of rack- 
mount power management. 

For More Information, Visit 

Phone (978) 928-1488 


connect your world 

February 24, 2006 

j- Manufacturer Presentation 

Physical - Racks & Furniture Advertisement 

New DuraRak Server Enclosures Take The Pain 
Out Of Managing Servers 

"Convenience Edge" package simplifies the IT Manager's job of 
organizing and managing network equipment 
Each DuraRak comes equipped with a unique "Convenience Edge" package with 
valuable features that enhance usability. The "Convenience Edge" package 

• Integrated Cable Management System 

Allows cables to be easily routed within the enclosure through one of five access points. 

• Split Rear Door 

Allows easy access to equipment while minimizing space requirements behind the enclosure. 

• Worry-Free Compatibility 

DuraRak is designed to be compatible with equipment from leading vendors including IBM, Dell & HP 

For adaptability, DuraRak offers models with optional 
side panels that allow multiple units to be joined 
together, making server rooms easily expandable. 
Additionally, DuraRak offers clearly numbered rails 
to make the planning and installation of network 
equipment effortless. The quick release, perforated 
mesh doors improve equipment reliability by maximizing 
passive airflow. 

"DuraRak is ready for the next generation of rackmount 
and blade servers," notes Robert Brookes, senior prod- 
uct manager at "Servers are running hot- 
ter and require larger depths, so customers will be ready 
for the future with DuraRak's great passive cooling and 
available 42" depth." 

The DuraRak line offers a large selection of server rack 
enclosures in a range of sizes and styles including open 
and closed rack- and wall-mount units. DuraRak is ideal 
for data centers, industrial control centers, telecommuni- 
cations closets, AW control centers or any situation 
where network equipment needs to be organized and 
secure. Additionally, most DuraRak units ship fully 
assembled, greatly reducing installation time. 

Please visit for more information 

Page 43 


—Manufacturer Presentation 

Physical - Racks & Furniture Advertisement 

Secure, Fully Powered 
Notebook Cabinet 

Holds Up To 18 Notebook Computers 

The Secure Laptop/Notebook 
Cabinet (SLNC) fully powered cabi- 
net is designed to house up to 1 8 
laptops/notebooks with internal 
power bars for charging. This new 
secure cabinet protects your laptop 
as well as your information. 

With laptop theft on the rise all 
across the country, this unique 
innovation secures laptops and 
keeps them fully powered by charg- 
ing them when in the cabinet. The 
unit even has a network capability 
for Internet updates while secured. 

These cabinets come with a two-piece all-steel tambour door, a lock with two keys, 
and a power bar for keeping each laptop fully charged. For extra protection, a secu- 
rity locking bar can be added that will accept a padlock. 

Each private drawer has two private compartments with separate lock numbers and 
keys as well as its own power outlet with room for the power pack and other acces- 
sories. Bin drawers are also available for storing laptop bags and spare parts. 

Universities, hospitals, government agencies, police departments, classrooms, and 
any number of institutions with employees or students that check out laptops for 
use during the day now have a secure environment to store the equipment when not 
in use. Better yet, it will fully recharge the unit and even update information, if so 
configured by the customer. 

Visit For More Information! 

I J*L Information Support 
Phone: (800) 458-6255 

Secure Laptop/Notebook Cabinet 


Advanced Industrial Computer, Inc. 

California Branch 

17970 E.Ajax Circle 

City of Industry, CA 91 748 

Tel: 626.581 .4300 

Fax: 626.581. 4320 



New Jersey Branch 

11 Melanie Lane, Unit #20 
East Hanover, NJ 07936 
Tel: 973.884.8886 
Fax: 973.884.4794 
Emai I: i 

AIC Europe BV 


3992AK,Houten,the Netherlands 

Tel: 3 1-30-6386789 




Form Factor 

Server Enclosure 

Features & Benefits 

Compared to 1 U form factor 

> 31% More airflow 

> Less Fan Acoustic Noise 

> 23% Thermal Improvement 

> Less Vibration Issue 

> Lower maintenance cost 

Compared to 2U form factor 

> Less Space required for the 
same storage capacity 

> Higher I/O Performance per Rack 

> More cost-effective 

As the worldwide server and storage enclosure 
designer and manufacturer, AIC continues to 
provide cutting-edge enclosure solutions by 
unveiling its 1.5U server enclosure, RMC15 to 
the industry. Due to higher CPU speed and 
consequential thermal issue faced by most of 
the 1 U platform, AIC has designed an innovative 
1.5U platform providing superior cooling and 
expansions over 1 U, and storage capacity of a 
2U enclosure. Moreover, RMC15 has less 
vibration and noise issues comparing to other 
1 U platforms. By having 0.5U less space, we can 
fit 7 more servers per 42U cabinet. This chassis is 
ideal for high performance computing, 
enterprise server (SAS version), and general 
purpose server. 


Model Number: RMC1 5 

Where To Buy: 

TAVNET >/lSI V*Bell 

■l,.,.-.-,..„.,,..;...,;.., ^ ~ \ III III) 






EliCKONO ^Jjl 

Global Services, Inc. 

Page 44 

—Manufacturer Presentation 

February 24, 2006 

Communications - Network & Systems Advertisement 

Agilent Technologies FrameScope Pro handheld 

Ethernet-performance analyzer accelerates VoIP 

service tune-up and troubleshooting 

Tester reduces time-to-resolution in VoIP service troubleshooting, 
provides unambiguous service level verification, documentation 

Agilent Technologies' VoIP test kit for the N2620A FrameScope 
Pro handheld Ethernet performance analyzer is the most com- 
pact Gigabit Ethernet troubleshooting and RFC 2544 network 
performance benchmarking tool in its class. Capable of generat- 
ing traffic up to full Gigabit line rate and equipped with optical 
and electrical ports, it provides end-to-end Ethernet testing 
across the entire network infrastructure needed for the provision- 
ing of triple-play services. 

The new VoIP testing capability helps network installers and ser- 
vice providers quickly and more efficiently deploy voice services 
to Ethernet-based networks. Network qualification that goes 
beyond bandwidth measurement ensures a smoother transition 
to VoIP, and FrameScope Pro provides the visibility of those net- 
work conditions that directly affect the voice quality. 

Benefits of FrameScope VoIP include: 

• Unique Autotest feature for both troubleshooting 
and network prequalification, which delivers detailed 
test results with minimum configuration effort. 

• Upgradeability to VoIP testing for existing FrameScope 
Pro analyzers, which protects customer investments. 

• Predefined performance test suites, which allow 
operators to run tests easily by pressing a single button. 

• Remote control via any Web browser, allowing for 
central troubleshooting, monitoring and reporting, 
which eliminates costly dispatches. 

• Support for PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet), 
which accommodates dial-in configurations. 

• Active and passive Autodiscovery, which help to 
automatically identify network resources and rogue stations. 

The Agilent N2620A FrameScope Pro VoIP is available now starting at $6,300 
••■!**■ Agilent Technologies 

For More Information 
(970) 679-5397 

—Manufacturer Presentation 

—Manufacturer Presentation . 

Communications - Security Advertisement 

Extreme Networks' CLEAR-Flow Network-wide Security 

Organizations are relying upon their network to deliver all information and communi- 
cations, and due to the wide-ranging types of attacks, security is now as important as 
bandwidth. Until now, because of limits to security technology, IT managers have had 
to make choices, deciding which links are the most crucial to protect, opposed to 
securing the entire network. 

A better answer has been delivered with Extreme Networks' network-wide security 
solution, which incorporates the advanced CLEAR-Flow security rules engine and its 
Virtual Security Resource (VSR) to scan all traffic, even across 10 Gigabit links, and 
brings mitigation time for day-zero threats (attacks with no signature or published 
behavior pattern) down to seconds. It is the first truly scalable and dynamic response 
solution to monitor, detect, contain and mitigate attacks instantaneously. CLEAR-Flow 
examines all traffic flows from within the core switch and can immediately take action 
on suspicious traffic that it encounters or can act to hand off the traffic to a separate 
appliance, Extreme's VSR, to perform additional scrutiny. 

Extreme Networks' Sentriant VSR appliance provides threat analysis and mitigation 
using behavior-based detection rather than signatures. The Sentriant is not an inline 
device, it creates no performance impact on the network and doesn't jeopardize net- 
work availability even when day-zero threats are masked under DoS attacks. 

The combination of Extreme Networks' CLEAR-Flow and the Sentriant VSR appliance 
takes a crucial step beyond just measuring traffic or sounding alarms-it delivers auto- 
mated enforcement, containment and mitigation capabilities throughout the network. 
This reduces the time for day-zero threat mitigation from days or hours, down to just 

Now, network managers can implement security at the network level using the core 
switch as the centerpiece for threat monitoring and automated response instead of 
placing multiple security appliances to protect each link on the network. 

Extreme Networks reduces the mitigation time for first order network attacks with inte- 
grated behavioral analysis on the switch performing at Layers 2/3. CLEAR-Flow and 
the Sentriant VSR appliance provide a rapid and automated response against attacks 
while working at the network level instead of a device level. This extends protection 
throughout the network and minimal impact upon network performance or the overall 
cost of the infrastructure. 

CLEAR-Flow and VSR provide network-wide protection with the ability to respond and 
quarantine malicious behavior, regardless of signature, at 10 Gigabit speeds. CLEAR- 
Flow Security Rules Engine brings Layer2/3 packet inspection to core switches with- 
out the expense of specialized line cards. CLEAR-Flow also allows the VSR to offer 
its security capabilities throughout the network, thereby allowing it to protect a 10 
Gigabit network in its entirety and without compromising network availability. 

Communications - Video Advertisement 

Polycom's New Instructor RP Videoconferencing And 
Interactive Whiteboard Solution 

Polycom's Instructor RP integrates Polycom's market-leading VSX™ group 
videoconferencing and collaboration system with an interactive whiteboard solu- 
tion. Specifically designed to provide superior videoconferencing combined with 
instructional tools, Polycom's Instructor RP allows customers to use a system 
that integrates videoconferencing with an electronic whiteboard in a seamless 
and natural environment — all without the use of a PC. 

The interactive learning solution is a high-quality conferencing and instructional 
learning tool for all educational environments, corporate training, and custom 
meeting environments. Because the new Instructor RP does not rely on a PC to 
function, teaching and learning is as easy as talking and picking up a pen to 
write. In addition, trainers also have the ability to use the interactive whiteboard 
as their display device and by using a pen, annotate over content, curriculum, or 
live video sources. 

Key benefits of the Polycom Instructor RP: 

• Ability to use touch control to operate the VSX user 
interface directly on-screen 

• Camera touch control directly on screen 

• No PC required for operation 

• Simultaneous display of conference participants 
and data (People+Content™) 

• Class annotation over various sources, including 
motion video and data applications 

• An integrated interactive videoconferencing solution 

• Camera touch control directly on screen 

• A self-contained cabinet/projection unit driven by a 
easy-to-use VSX user interface without the 
requirements of a PC 

• Automatic transmission of People + Content 

For More Information on the Polycom Instructor RP: or (800) 765-9266 (POLYCOM) 



-Manufacturer Presentation . 

Communications - Content Networking Advertisement 

New Enterprise Manager from F5 Delivers 

Comprehensive Solution for Managing and 

Maintaining BIG-IP® Devices 

Provides a complete toolset for 
centralized maintenance, manage- 
ment and operation; Appliance 
increases productivity and reduces 
costs and complexity. 

F5 Networks, Inc.'s Enterprise Manager is a new appliance 
designed to save customers time and resources with a comprehen- 
sive set of tools for maintaining, managing and operating F5 BIG- 
IP® version 9 Application Delivery Networking devices. Enterprise 
Manager's easy-to-use centralized management interface includes 
features that automate common tasks to accelerate deployment 
and reduce the total cost of ownership. The product features tools 
for centralized software management, device inventory and control, 
centralized configuration backup and restore, and centralized SSL 
certificate management, with all features utilizing a secure iControl 
connection to the devices. 

Enterprise Manager on the TMOS platform offers customers dis- 
tinct advantages. It provides a coordinated and efficient manage- 
ment strategy that is centrally controlled, while the processing and 
workload is distributed. Enterprise Manager gives customers clear 
visibility into their application delivery network configuration and 
includes powerful features that accelerate a network manager's 
ability to perform daily, weekly or monthly tasks. Highlights of 
Enterprise Manager include: 
BIG-IP Centralized Software Management 
BIG-IP Centralized Configuration Backup & Restorability 
BIG-IP Centralized SSL Certificate Repository 


Visit - 

F5 Enterprise Manager 500 is available immediately. For more information on Enterprise Manager, 
401 Elliott Ave West • Seattle, WA 981 1 9 • Phone: (866) 543-9373 

February 24, 2006 

Page 45 



where customer service matters 

LAN Racks 

Superb Quality, 

Unparalleled Versatility 

Select Standard or Custom 

• 14-gauge black steel legs 84" or 72" 

• Each work surface supports 450+ lbs. 
on 2-post models, 850+ lbs. on 4-post 

•200+ laminate colors 
•Vertical cable management 
•Full line of accessories 

• Select from standard widths of 30", 
48", 60", 72" 

•Build to your exact specs 

See our IT70 GSA Schedule #GS-35F- 


Open Or Enclosed Server Racks 

Superb Quality, 
Unparalleled Versatility 
Open or Enclosed Racks 

• Choose from EIA standard 
Widths: 19", 23", 24" or 28" 
Depths: 24", 30", 36" or 42" 
Heights: 14U, 20U, 24U, 30U, 


• Includes 3 pairs of universal adjustable 
rackrails, casters and levelers, 
screws/nuts. Can do custom. 7 colors. 
Complete accessories available 

See our IT70 GSA Schedule #GS-35F- 

(866) 207-6631 

Mention This Ad For A Free Cagenut Removal Tool! 

Rackmount TFT / LCD Drawer 

Superb Quality • Unparalleled Versatility 
More choices than you ever dreamed of! 

>13", 15", 17", 19" 

'Touch pad, track ball, real mouse 

' With or without 4-, 8- or 1 6-port KVM 

' 1 U or 2U for independent monitor/keyboard use 

Tabletop / Portable Server Rack 

32" (Usable Depth) - Perfect On or Under Desk 

'3U,6U,9U,12U and 15U Heights 
' Includes 4.5" fan, 25 pes M6 hardware/cage nuts & levelers 
' Black, locking plexi front door and vented rear door 
'Supports Dell/IBM/HP/Compaq, etc. (univ. mounting rails) 
See our IT70 GSA Schedule #GS-35F-0208R 

Wall Mount Relay Rack 

•Self-squaring guarantees easy 


•Two depths: 13" and 19" 
•Five heights: 8U, 12U, 15U, 18U, 

and 30U 

• No more stripped threaded holes 

• Ultimate versatility with universal 
rack rail. Use 10-32, 12-24 or m6 

See our IT70 GSA Schedule #GS- 


Shockrack Shipping Case 

20", 24" & 30" Depth 

Million Mile Warranty: Every SKB hardshell case is unconditionally 
guaranteed forever. That means if you break it, we will repair it or 
replace it at no cost to you. SKB cases have been on the road since 
1977 and have spent a good deal of time flying equipment for military 
combat operations. These are tough cases built for a lifetime of service. 

Phone: 866-207-6631 

Page 46 

—Manufacturer Presentation 

February 24, 2006 

Communications - Switch Advertisement 

Foundry Networks Introduces NEW 10 Gigabit Switches 
for Application Acceleration and Delivery 

Two New ServerlronGT 10 Gigabit Switches Enable 
Application Acceleration, Enhanced Security and 
Integrated SSL Acceleration for Secure Web and VoIP 
Services for business-critical content, commerce, and 
communication services. 

The ServerlronGT C and E Series 10-GbE application switches include 
highly intelligent application traffic management, acceleration, and securi- 
ty features to help enterprises, service providers, and e-commerce busi- 
nesses deliver IP and Web services with superior availability and perfor- 
mance. The modular design of the switches enables on-demand expan- 
sion and performance upgrades onsite, including the flexibility to add 
high-performance integrated SSL acceleration for secure Web service 

The ServerlronGT C Series 10-GbE switch features an innovative two 
rack units (2U) high compact modular three-slot design and is ideal for 
space-constrained data centers. It packs the power of a data-center-class 
high-performance switch in the size of a traditional PC appliance. The 
device's one available slot may be used to add port density, insert a sec- 
ond active management module for doubling performance, or integrate 
SSL acceleration with an optional service module. The ServerlronGT E 
Series 10-GbE switch offers higher expansion capacity with a four-slot 
design and features front power supplies for enhanced serviceability. The 
management modules, line modules and SSL service modules are inter- 
changeable between the two chassis, thus offering added expansion flexi- 
bility for the future. 

For More Information Please Visit: 



—Manufacturer Presentation 

Communications - Wireless Advertisement 

Wi-Fi Spectrum Analysis Solution 

Now With Updated Software Version 2.0! 

BumbleBee™ is a precision-calibrated Wi-Fi spectrum analyzer that 

measures 2.4GHz, 4.9GHz and 5GHz (other models include Wi-MAX 

and 900MHz). The handheld BumbleBee™ 

allows the user to capture, display and log 

RF data for network installation, coverage 

and interference analysis. The iPAQ's touch 

screen allows field engineers to perform 

advanced spectrum analysis, including three 




New displays in BumbleBee 2.0 include: 
PERSISTENCE screens with band presets 
and Interference ID Assistance. 
BumbleBee™ supports optional PC play- 
back viewing software and Direction 

Finding Antennae for pinpointing rogue APs, interference sources as 
well as wireless standards, including Public Safety Band, RFID, VoIP, 
802.1 l(b,a,g & Bluetooth) and cordless phones/video. Available now 
for $2,500 without iPAQ, 

Visit for more info! 



• # o 



wireless products*^' 


: #!#*Varitronics 

Phone: (732) 548-3737 

j- Manufacturer Presentation 

Communications - Security Advertisement 

AEP Netilla Security Platform SSL VPN 

Featuring Client Machine Identity and Seamless Citrix 
and Windows Terminal Services Support 

The new features include device identification - the ability to authenticate 
remote PCs with a "digital fingerprint" identifier before allowing them to con- 
nect to an enterprise network - seamless support for Citrix® or Windows® 
Terminal Services-based environments, and enhanced file services. 

Client Machine ID (CM ID) marks 
the most important security 
enhancement to the release. 
Based on proprietary AEP tech- 
nology, CMID makes it possible 

to identify a user's specific PC before he or she is granted access to network 
resources. CMID creates a unique device profile based on the PC's CPU, memo- 
ry and other parameters; it enhances security by providing device authentica- 
tion in addition to user authentication. 

NSP's broader application support is made possible by two new refinements. 
The first, Citrix Client Push and Windows Terminal Services Push, automatically 
delivers a native full Citrix ICA client for Citrix environments or a Windows RDP 
client for Windows to the remote user's PC, enabling seamless direct access to 
either Citrix MetaFrame or Windows Terminal Services applications. For Citrix, 
this provides access to MetaFrame without going through Citrix Web Interface. 
For Windows, this eliminates the need for end users to download and configure 
their own RDP client. 

The second application refinement, based on enhancements to AEP's Intelligent 
Port Forwarding, translates into support for a broader range of applications - 
including Oracle and applications with dynamic port ranges. Both of these fea- 
tures will be added to AEP's Web reverse proxy/Intelligent Port Forwarding 
access licenses at no extra cost. 

For More Information, 

(877) 638-4552 


j- Manufacturer Presentation 

Communications - Security Advertisement 

Password Management Solution 

Cloakware Server Password Manager Express (CSPM Express) is an appli- 
ance-based solution. It enables the secure, automatic and regular update 
and retrieval of application passwords. 

CSPM Express was specifically developed to address the needs of smaller 
organizations with 200 or fewer application accounts to be managed. It is 
packaged and priced for small and medium-sized organizations that want 
to automate the application password change process. 

As a hardware-based solution, it is easy to deploy and has fault tolerance 
built-in with dual LAN, video, power and RAID hard drives. 

• Eliminates hard-coded application IDs and passwords 

• Eliminates widespread knowledge of passwords 

• Eliminates the cost of application maintenance due to password updates 

• Enables secure, unattended operations 

• Automates regular changes 
for application passwords 

• Supports regulatory recer- ]i'="== : |==== : |W==== : f ="===; 

CSPM Express (Appliance) - designed for organizations with less than 200 servers 
CSPM (Software) - designed for organizations with more than 200 servers 



February 24, 2006 
—Manufacturer Presentation 

Page 47 

Communications - Network & Systems Mgmt. Advertisement 

Intelligent Fiber Connectivity 
Cable Infrastructure Solution 


Smart Connectivity 

V* s * -> fi- 
st e- " .i tr\ » 

» c ' *.! .:> E-t «'■* * 

"SB = C r 

-J 13" 

(flB ; EiC-tl t-C C;- 

OptiWatch™ is the latest version of DCS' intel- 
ligent fiber system, formerly marketed as 
IFS/9000 and OptiManager™. The redesigned 

product is created for companies 

that need total control of their 

complex data center connectivity. 

OptiWatch™ intelligently manages 

the physical connections for the 

diverse hardware within data cen- 
ters providing essential tracking 

and reporting. 

OptiWatch™ is a turnkey solution 
consisting of patch panels, cables 
and management software. With 
OptiWatch™, every move, add and 
change is tracked in real time. Management is alerted to improper con- 
nections, and the entire system runs on its own private network to pro- 
tect the integrity of the data it transports. 

To learn more about how data centers are now able to better comply 

with Sarbanes Oxley, avoid risks and maximize IT staff productivity, 


Connectivity Innovation 

(972) 620-4997 

—Manufacturer Presentation 

Communications - Security Advertisement 

Intrusion Prevention Up To 60Gbps! 

TippingPoint M60 sets new benchmark performance 

The TippingPoint M60 is the industry's first Intrusion 
Prevention System (IPS) chassis and corresponding IPS modules 
able to scale up to 60Gbps. 

As network bandwidth and throughput increase, enterprises 
demand security products that can meet those performance 
requirements in order to ensure real-time security. The 
TippingPoint M60 chassis supports 10 Gigabit interfaces and is 
available in 7-, 10- or 14-slot versions that hold the new IPS 
modules. It responds to customer demand for increased port 
count for greater network segmentation and higher throughput. 

Three IPS module versions correspond with the TippingPoint 

M60 chassis: the T5000, a 5Gbps IPS module; the T2000, a 

2Gbps IPS module; and the Tl 000, a 1 Gbps IPS module. Each TippingPoint M60 

module offers the same functionality as the systems in the 

award-winning TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System product line. However, the new IPS modules offer 

1 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, either copper or fiber, which is a 50% increase in port density over the existing 

TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System product line. This allows for a maximum of 144 Gigabit Ethernet 

ports, which gives customers greater ability to segment the network. In addition to working with the 

TippingPoint M60 chassis, the IPS modules also work seamlessly with the 3Com Switch 8800. 

Each IPS module is capable of more than 2 million simultaneous connections and 1 million connections per 
second with switch-like latency of less than 1 50 microseconds. The IPS modules block worms, viruses, Trojans, 
Spyware, Phishing and Denial of Service attacks and are updated on a regular basis to protect against the lat- 
est threats through the TippingPoint Digital Vaccine service. 

For More Information, Visit: 


a division of 3Com 

(888) TRUE IPS 
(888) 878-3477 

—Manufacturer Presentation 

Communications - Security Advertisement 

Reflex Security Adds Multi-Gig 
Solution to Network IPS Suite 

Reflex Security, Inc., a leader in network intrusion prevention solutions, 
has developed a new multi-gigabit intrusion prevention solution, the 
Reflex IPS MG™ . The Reflex IPS MG identifies, analyzes and responds to 
internal and external security threats in real-time through comprehen- 
sive threat detection and prevention techniques. Operating inline at 
speeds of up to 5 gigabits per second, the Reflex IPS MG eliminates 
the tradeoff between effective security and scalable performance. 

The Reflex IPS MG delivers improved security, increased reliability and 
performance to prevent today's most serious network security threats. 
The Reflex IPS MG vastly outperforms traditional solutions. It leverages 
a wire-speed, multi-gigabit packet-handling architecture, which uti- 
lizes application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) network interface 
modules that balance loads across multiple CPUs. 

"In the past, protection of high-speed enterprise network segments 
meant compromising security for performance," said Hezi Moore, 
Reflex Security Founder and CTO. "As a result, organizations deploying 
network intrusion prevention systems are no longer forced to choose 
between offline, IDS-converted systems or purely ASIC-based solutions 
that promise speed but are limited in adaptability and slow to respond 
to new security threats." 

ds R E E ™( 888 ) 872 - 7555 

.Manufacturer Presentation 

Communications - Security Advertisement 

Data Protection At Gigabit Speeds 

Moving from private, leased lines to IP networks is more than a trend; it's the new 
reality of networking. IP networks have indisputable benefits, including lower cost, 
higher speeds and greater flexibility. However, these benefits come at a price — 
increased network vulnerability due to the inherent vulnerabilities of IP. 

The CipherOptics SG1002 data 
protection gateway is designed 
specifically to protect your 
proprietary information and 
intellectual property through- 
out your high-speed IP net- 
work. With its exclusive TILEA™ encryption architecture, the CipherOptics SG1002 
can do what other solutions cannot: deliver wire-speed data protection with com- 
plete network transparency and virtually no latency. This combination of perfor- 
mance and ease-of-implementation is what sets the CipherOptics SG1 002 apart 
from routers, VPN blades and firewall extensions and what makes it the best choice 
for data protection at high-speed. 

• No encryption bottlenecks; enables up to 1 .9Gbps full-duplex Gigabit Ethernet 
with AES encryption 

• Ideal for latency-intolerant applications such as VoIP, videoconferencing and stor- 
age networking 

• Ease of installation; "bump-in-the-wire" implementation 

• Complete network transparency; the unit does not affect network traffic and does 
not require intensive management or maintenance 

• Easily integrates into existing IP networks 

• Single-screen policy configuration and centralized policy management 

• Encrypts jumbo frames without degrading network performance 

• Can be set up to drop all packets not coming from encryption counterpart, pro- 
tecting against denial-of-service attacks and potentially obviating the need for 
additional perimeter security devices 



Page 48 

February 24, 2006 

Protect Your IT. Equipment... Don't wait until it's too late! 

What Will You Do When Disaster Strikes? 

□ Quit □ Run □ Panic □ Cope □ Rejoice* 

Right now, your data center is under attack! 
You might not believe it because things 
appear to be running smoothly. The network is 
up and bandwidth is not taxed. The servers are 
accessible and users aren't complaining. 
Everything appears to be under control. 
However... just beyond that wall, above those 
ceiling tiles, or under the raised floor is a 
disaster waiting to strike. Even worse, it has 
your name written all over it! 

You see, no one really knows when or how a 
disaster will strike. We just know the potential 
is always there. So preparing for it is critical to 
minimizing its impact on computers, networks, 
users and the organization. 

Computer Room Environment 
Monitoring Too Often Overlooked 

Today's data centers are complex and handle 
an immense work load. This is because what 
happens there effects the entire organization, 
supporting hundreds or thousands of 
employees. The most overlooked issue in data 
centers today remains "environment 
monitoring". This is true at least until a 
disaster strikes, then it becomes Job 1. Why 
wait for your own disaster? 

What Is Environment Monitoring? 

In the data center, computer and network 
equipment must be kept within a specific range 
of environmental conditions. If these get out of 
bounds, unpredictable and potentially 
catastrophic results can occur and cause data 
loss, hardware failure, denied access, and 
downtime. Primary issues include: 

■ Temperature (high I low) 

• Main & UPS Power (interruptions) 

■ Flooding /Water (leakage) 

■ Humidity (high /low) 

■ Smoke/ Fire/ C02 

• IP Camera (security) 

■ Intruder/ Room Entry /Motion (security) 

■ Dry Contacts (aircon, cooler, generator, etc) 

• Panic Button (staff calls lor help) 

Air Conditioning Remains The Primary 
Cause Of Most Data Center Disasters 

Failure of a primary or backup air conditioner 
is a major threat in all computer rooms, as 
temperatures will rise rapidly. Condensation 
overflow from air conditioning or leaks from 
water pipes that support a system can cause 

flooding. Power drains from AC can also 
damage computers & equipment. 

Main Power Sources Remain Unreliable, 
A UPS Is Simply Not Enough 

Even in the 21st century, we still haven't 
harnessed electricity. Situations like over / 
under voltage, spikes, drops and blackouts 
haunt managers. Failure of backup power 
sources like generators or UPS systems with 
short run or expired batteries can make a bad 
situation even worse. Consider what happens 
when main power goes out and a UPS keeps 
CPUs alive while the air conditioning systems 
stay down. The end result is extreme 
temperatures in the computer room that will 
eventually cause severe hardware damage or 
even start a fire. 

computers don't swim. The "5 Critical Steps' 
to successfully prevent an environmental 
incident from causing your organization a 
catastrophic disaster include: 

5 Steps To Prevent IT Environmental Disasters 

1) Early and Immediate Detection 

2) Automated Alerting to Responsible IT Staff 

3) Fast and Appropriate Action by the IT Staff 

4) Automatic Response & Action Procedures 

5) Review, Analyze & Plan Future Prevention 

■ 61 % of dala centers say downtime is due to 
environment issues 1X+ in past 12 months 

■ 23% ot data centers say downtime is due to 
environment issues 5X+ in past 12 months 

Your Data Center & Job On The Line 

If disaster strikes your data center, how will it 
impact business? Who will get the blame? 
Could it have been prevented? Will 
management be asking for your head on a 
silver platter? 

Downtime Costs More Than Money 

When disasters occur, there are significant 
costs in areas that go far beyond the simple 
replacement of damaged hardware. Data can 
be lost and costs incurred to restore or recreate 
it; online operations lose sales & service 
opportunities... causing lost revenue both now 
and in the future; salaried employees continue 
to get paid even while systems are down and 
they can't work; overtime accrues for IT staff 
who work around the clock to get systems 
back online; and there will be other costs too. 

■ 59% of data centers say downtime lasts 1/2 day+ 

■ 27% of dala centers say downtime lasts 1-3 days 

• 45% of downtime costs over 10K per incident 
•11% of downtime costs over $50K per incidenl 

A Proactive Approach Is the Best 
Because Computers Don't Swim 

The concept of knowing early and 
immediately about developing environment 
problems is easy for all prudent managers to 
understand. A business does not have to 
encounter a flood for the IT staff to know that 

Insurance And Recovery Plans Are 
Just "Band Aids" After A Disaster 

Insurance policies offer some financial relief 
from disasters by compensating for the cost of 
lost equipment. However, they never cover all 
of the extended costs (see above). Worse still 
is the impact on cash flow while you wait to be 
reimbursed. And who wants to fill out all those 
forms anyway?Then, in 6-12 months your 
insurance premiums go up. Ouch! 

As for recovery plans, you need to (must) have 
one. Although, wouldn't you like to have one 
and never be forced to use it? Even the best 
recovery plans do not pay the costs. They 
provide a guideline as to how to get back in 
the game after a disaster. Wouldn't your 
management team rather avoid the experience 
altogether? Wouldn't you? 

Why Put Your Business At Risk? 

How much would it cost your business to lose 
access to primary servers or the network for 
just a 1/2 day? Ten, twenty, a hundred 
thousand dollars? A million dollars? It 
depends upon what you do although any loss is 
too much when it's your money. In today's 
online world, downtime for even a few 
minutes can mean life or death to sales 
opportunities or the entire business. Do you 
need to be in business continuously, like 24 x 
365? Then stop running around with scissors 
in your hand. 

Solutions Exist For Computer Rooms 
Of All Types And Sizes... Yours Too! 

AVTECH Software has several powerful, 
scalable solutions for environment monitoring. 
All are small enough to hold in one hand, 
completely mobile, and optionally available in 
a rack, wall and ceiling mount. They come 
complete with easy to install hardware, cables, 
sensors, easy-to-use network-wide monitoring 
software, CD media & documentation, 

installation notes, 12 months of Maintenance 
Support & Update Service, even a screwdriver. 
Installation is easily completed in minutes. 

TemPageR is designed for easy, advanced, 
temperature monitoring, alerting and more. 
Room Alert models offer the ability to 
monitor temperature, humidity, power, flood, 
smoke, cameras, dry contacts and much more. 
See the model comparison online for detailed 
information. All models offer a built-in web 
server & interface for standalone use (i.e. No 
PC required) and alerting. All models include 
a bundled {Free) license for our powerful 
PageR Enterprise software that provides 

advanced alerting, logging, automatic 
corrective actions, network-wide monitoring 
and other benefits. 

Who Uses These Monitoring Systems? 

AVTECH Software products are used around 
the world by all types of organizations. Sample 
users include the White House, Pentagon, 
United Nations, most branches of the U.S. 
government, over 80% of the Fortune 1000 
and businesses of all sizes. We think that your 
organization is just as important Don't you? 

Easy Ordering Anytime... Have Your 
Favorite Reseller Call Us Today 

You can begin protecting your IT data center 
today by ordering online, calling us directly, 
or having your favorite reseller call us to 
purchase on your behalf All orders ship the 
same day. If you would like to receive a 
literature kit with an evaluation CD first, 
simply call us or request it online. 

Purchase Room Alert or TemPageR today, 
then when a disaster threatens your computer 
room or data center, you can rejoice in the 
knowledge that you helped to save your 
organization a bundle, maybe even its life. 

Call Toll Free or Visit Online 


Rejoice when you use Roam Alert & TemPageR to identify threatening conditions, immediately notify appropriate IT staff ancf then automatically take corrective actions ... just as you planned Very Cool! 
J> Copyright 1938-2006 AVTECH Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. AVTECH, AVTECH Software, the AVTECH Software IT Manager character, AVTECH. com r, 'Environment Monitoring Made Easy!', 'Network-Wide Monitoring Made Easy!', 
PageR ; PageR Enterprise, Room Alert, Room Alert com, TemPageR, & Temperature Monitoring Made Easy! 1 are trademarks or registered trademarks of AVTECH Software Inc., Newport. Rl. U.S.A. 
Any other trademarks used are the property of their respective owners. Online ordering . Reseller inquiries and purchases are welcome. Call now to protect your data center! 



TemPageR Is... 
The #1 Choice Worldwide For 
IT Temperature Monitoring! 

Standard #TMPE-ES1-BAS $295 
Rack Model #TMPE-ES1-RAS $345 

Room Alert 7E 

www. htm 




Room Alert... Has The Best Value Ratio Available. 

View Individual Features &A Model Comparison Online. 




Standard #RA7E-ES1-BAS $395 
Rack Model #RA7E-ES1-RAS $445 

Room Alert 1 1 1 1.htm 

Room Alert 1 IE,,, Protects More Critical 
Data Centers Than Any Other Product Of Its Class, 




Standard # RA1 1 E-TH1-BAS $495 
RackModel #RA11E-TH1-RAS $545 

Read the PROCESSOR cover story for August 12th... "AVTECH: A Company To Watch"by using the "Search Past Articles" feature on, key word "AVTECH" 

February 24, 2006 
—Manufacturer Presentation 

Page 49 

Communications - Security Advertisement 

Network Box: Improved 
File & Email Policy Enforcement 

Network Box has enhanced its 
"Unified Threat Management" 

solution with a new break- 
through in file and email policy 
enforcement at the gateway. 

Network Box supports company policies for blocking and/or accepting email file attach- 
ments based on file extension type. The newly released Network Box "file" and "mime" email 
policies blocking engines extend this functionality to a new level and now support blocking 
of attachments based and their actual file or MIME type. 

This means that Network Box systems are now able to block email file attachments based on 
what the files "are," rather than what they "say they are." 

Blocking (or accepting) potentially dangerous file attachments in emails is common practice 
in the network security industry and a powerful tool in the hands of the system administra- 
tor. This functionality lets the administrator set up policies for what types of files are allowed 
in or out of an organization and can be used as an effective defense against executable code 
entering or leaving the protected network. 

However, there is a problem: A file can simply be renamed to bypass the extension policy 
blocks. Although heuristics are present in Network Box scanning systems to prevent this for 
executable code, most systems are vulnerable to such policy avoidance techniques. 

Recent advances in the "ease of use" of desktop operating systems are fast removing 
dependence on extension types for determining which application to pass each particular file 
on to. Newly emerging applications and operating systems are smartly determining that the 
file is intended for them, regardless of the file extension. The intelligence of the gateway pol- 
icy and scanning engine needs to be extended to combat this new threat. 

All Network Box customers have already been automatically updated to this new level of 
functionality and protection, using Network Box's PUSH update technology. 


(832) 242-5757 

j— Manufacturer Presentation . 

Communications - Application Networking Advertisement 

OptimANA™ CP3604 powered by 

The ONLY Converged Platform (CP) that 
Delivers Scalable, Secure End to End 
Remote Access, User Authorization, Two- 
Factor Authentication and Automated 
Network-Based Bandwidth Shaping and 
Provisioning in a Tightly Integrated, Easy 
to Manage Appliance. 

The OptimANA CP3604 is powered by 
PortWise's flagship product, PortWise 4.0, 
a comprehensive software platform offering 
that addresses the six 'A's so critical to 
ensuring secure remote application 

Assess, Authenticate, Authorize, 
Access, Audit and Abolish. 

Procera's OptimANA CP3604 provides 
new levels of secure remote access man- 
agement coupled with two-factor based 
authentication that meets the Federal 
Financial Institutions Examination Council 
(FFIEC), a group that sets standards for 
banks, a new directive to increase identity 
security for online banking. Because the 
FFIEC believes that single-factor authenti- 
cation (the use of name and password) is 
not inadequate to protect users against 
recent Internet scams such as phishing, 
pharming and remote access Trojan (RAT) 
attacks, all U.S. online banks have been 
issued a highly suggestive mandate to 
implement two-factor authentication for all 
online banking by the end of 2006. 

The CP3604 integrated security appliance 
combines the functionality of multiple point 
products (SSL VPN Access, 2 Factor- 
Authentication, User Authorization, 


Intelligent bandwidth management and 
provisioning) and offers a significant perfor- 
mance and scalability advantage of up to 
300% over access-only SSL VPN products 
at a comparable price. It also enables sig- 
nificant reductions in administration com- 
plexity and ongoing management cost 
through the systems integrated software. 


• Combines Functionality of 4 Different 
Point Products 

• Pricing Competitive with SSL VPN 
Access Only Products 

• Significant Cost and Maintenance 

• Increased Performance and Scalability 


• Unified management 

• Wire-Speed performance 

• LDAP policy integration 

• High availability 

• RADIUS authentication support 

• Spoofing prevention 

• ARP poison prevention 

• Block Instant Messengers 

• Control Peer-to-Peer applications 

• Manage abnormal SSL connections 

• Unlimited nodes 

100 Cooper Court 
Los Gatos, CA 95032 
Phone: (877) 776-2372 
Fax: (408) 354-721 1 

—Manufacturer Presentation 

Communications - Network & Systems Mgmt. Advertisement 

Linktropy™ 4500 
from Apposite™ Technologies 

Linktropy 4500 high-precision link 
emulator simulates WAN conditions: 

• Bandwidth 

• Latency 

• Packet Loss 

• Bit Errors 

Pricing starts at $2500 

Emulates any type of WAN 

• Terrestrial 

• Wireless 

• Internet 

• Satellite 

The Linktropy 4500 from AppositeTechnologies is a new 
generation of link emulator, combining unsurpassed preci- 
sion with unbeatable prices. The Linktropy 4500 simulates 
WAN bandwidth, delay, congestion, bit errors, and other 
important link characteristics at speeds up to 155Mbps. 

The Linktropy 4500 can be used to validate and trou- 
bleshoot networks and applications under a spectrum of 
real-world conditions. Integrated Ethernet bridging makes it 
easy to emulate a WAN without routers or other costly 
equipment. Through an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical 
interface, the Linktropy 4500 can be installed and config- 
ured in minutes. 




Learn more at 

Call us today at 

—Manufacturer Presentation 

Communications - Network & Systems Mgmt. Advertisement 

Quintum's new Remote Management Session Server simplifies the 
installation and management of remote Tenors for ISPs, service 
providers, and network administrators. The RMSS provides a secure 
and centralized management interface within a Tenor network that 
allows newly installed Tenors to be registered, configured, and managed 
remotely, even those behind NAT firewalls. The remote management 
capability eliminates the need to involve enterprise customers in trou- 
bleshooting and upgrades. Tenors can be managed remotely anywhere, 
anytime via Telnet, FTP, or the Tenor Configuration Manager (GUI). 

Tenor VoIP switches and gateways support "drop-in installation" and will 
automatically obtain an IP address and auto-register with the RMSS. 
The RMSS can then email the person responsible for managing that 
Tenor product that it is "online." The Tenor can then be managed remote- 
ly. A new configuration wizard is also included with Tenor Switch prod- 
ucts and can be utilized for simple configuration via the RMSS. The 
Remote Management Session Server can register up to 5,000 remote 
Tenor switches and can manage up to 100 Tenors simultaneously. 

For more information, please visit 

Q U I N T u IVT 

1-877-SPEAK IP (1-877-773-2547) 
1-732-460-9000 (Outside the U.S.) 
1-732-544-9119 (Fax) 

Page 50 

—Manufacturer Presentation . 

February 24, 2006 

Communication - Storage Networking Advertisement 

SAN Routers 

Eclipse 1620 SAN Router 

Connect to IP backbones, Fibre 
Channel fabrics, and a wide variety 
of end systems with this capable 
and affordable multiprotocol stor- 
age switch. The Eclipse™ 1620 
supports standard protocols such 
as iSCSI, iFCP, and E_Port and 
can be used concurrently for busi- 
ness continuance/disaster recovery 
plans, storage consolidation, 
remote tape vaulting, content distri- 
bution, and iSCSI access to Fibre 
Channel storage. 

• FC, Ethernet, iSCSI, and iFCP 

• Compression to lower WAN band- 
width costs 

• Fast Write technology maximizes 
throughput across long distances 

• E_Port for integration into existing 
multivendor fabrics 

• Offers Fast Ethernet or Gigabit 
Ethernet connectivity 

• Support for full fabric, private and 
public loop FC devices 

• High performance with an afford- 
able price 

www. P rocesso m/McData 

380 Interlocken Crescent 
Broomfield, CO 80021 
Phone: (800) 545-5773 
Fax: (720) 558-3860 

asm iW'tfwt-i 

Eclipse 2640 SAN Router 

The McDATA Eclipse™ 2640 SAN 
Router is the next generation of 
multiprotocol storage solutions. It 
delivers multivendor, multiprotocol 
connectivity within the data center 
and beyond. The Eclipse™ 2640 
supports industry-standard proto- 
cols such as iSCSI, iFCP, and 
E_Port and can be used for SAN 
island integration, business contin- 
uance/disaster recovery planning, 
storage consolidation, remote tape 
vaulting, content distribution, and 
iSCSI access to Fibre Channel 

• FC, Ethernet, iSCSI, and iFCP 

• Broadest range of E-Port interop- 
erability with multivendor fabrics 

• True FC routing for maximum 
scalability and fault isolation 

• Compression to lower WAN band- 
width costs 

• Fast Write technology maximizes 
throughput across long distances 

• Offers both Fast Ethernet or 
Gigabit Ethernet connectivity 


—Manufacturer Presentation . 

Communication - Storage Networking Advertisement 

Intrepid 6000 XPM Blade 

For companies that have already made investments in 
directors, the McDATA XPM Blade is an ideal solution for 
adding maximum performance to the infrastructure. The 
XPM Blade is an expansion card that slides into an existing 
McDATA Intrepid® 6064 or Intrepid® 6140, boosting the 
director to 10Gbps performance — without disruption. It 
provides faster fabric bandwidth while maximizing the 
usage of existing campus/MAN Fibre Channel lines, 
reducing costs for your enterprise. It lets you consolidate 
and simplify your infrastructure by reducing the number of 
interswitch links (ISLs), translating into a more-efficient 
SAN requiring fewer management resources. And fewer 
links means a more streamlined network and less risk for 
your essential data. 

• Add more bandwidth at lower total cost 

• Simplify management 

• Increase efficiency of your infrastructure 

• Leverage existing investments 

380 Interlocken Crescent 
Broomfield, CO 80021 
Phone: (800) 545-5773 
Fax: (720) 558-3860 


Interface: SAS, SATA2, a U320 
Dimension: 5.86"W x 1.68"Hx7.8"D(149Wx42.8Hx 198D)mm 
Special Feature: 4x 2.5" Seagate Sawio or Fujitsu drives 

Aklwa Technology, Inc. 

In Con 

13317 166th Street, Cerritos, CA 90703; Tel: 562^83-6767 

with: \^ 

gitt^ 03ware 


-483-6760; E-mail: 

February 24, 2006 

r Manufacturer Presentation . 

Page 51 

End Nodes - Storage Advertisement 

Saturn Cipher Hard Drive Kit 

The Saturn Cipher Enclosure kit is one 
of the most advanced hardware- 
based hard drive encryption 
solutions in the market. 
You can encrypt SATA hard drives, 
IDE hard drives, or 2.5" IDE hard 
drives. It is easy to deploy and 
implement. There is no software to 
install and no training is required. Using proven 
standard encryption algorithms and the special Saturn hardware 
design, Saturn Cipher offers practically bulletproof protection to 
your sensitive data stored inside the hard drive. 

You can use the Saturn Cipher drive enclosure as an external hard 
drive, as a removable hard drive, or as a drive cartridge. The 
Saturn Cipher enclosure kit is designed almost identical to the reg- 
ular Saturn enclosure kit. The only difference is the additional 
encryption key and electronics in the Saturn Cipher drive enclo- 
sure. As a result, Saturn Cipher has the same flexibility and conve- 
nience of the regular Saturn enclosure kit. 

If you already have invested in the regular Saturn drive kit, you can 
add the Saturn Cipher solution by just purchasing the Saturn 
Cipher drive enclosure. The Saturn Cipher drive enclosure will mix 
in nicely with your existing Saturn drive cradle, share the same 
Saturn interface cables, power adapter and all other Saturn acces- 

/IddOlliCS (408)433-3899 

Fore More Information, Visit 

—Manufacturer Presentation . 

End Nodes - Storage Advertisement 

Scalar J2000 - The Intelligent Library for the Enterprise 

Scalar i2000 

An intelligent library for the enterprise 

• 1 to 96 Drives 

• 100 to 3,492 Cartidges 

• Capacity-on-Demand 

• Integrated iPlatform Architecture 

• iLayer Management Software 

• Fullly Integrated SMI-S support 


Intelligent Storage 7 

The Scalar® i2000 intelligent enterprise library uses exclusive iPlatform™ architecture 
and integral iLayer™ management software to reduce the time users spend managing 
backup, cut the need for service calls by 50%, and shorten issue resolution time by 30%. 
The Scalar i2000 eliminates the need for external library control servers by integrating 
advanced management functions inside the library, including proactive alerting and 
remote diagnostics, library partitioning, I/O management, media trend analysis, drive 
usage reports, and support for SMI-S. The Scalar i2000 uses its I/O blade architecture to 
offer faster, more reliable operation in SAN environments, and its capacity-on-demand 
scalability lets users grow their backup system easily from 100 to more than 3,400 tape 
cartridges in a compact, 19-inch rack-compatible form factor. 

Features and Benefits 

• Exclusive relational diagnostics™ reduces service calls by 50% and shortens issue 
resolution time by 30% 

• Integrates advanced management functions inside the library for more effective 
management of the backup process 

• Designed to support integration with leading disk-based solutions 

• I/O blade architecture for faster, more reliable SAN operation and reduced switch port 

• Integrated SMI-S allows the library to be managed through standard SRM tools, 
including EMC ControlCenter™ 

• Drive utilization and media integrity analysis tools for advanced library resource 
management and diagnostics 

• Advanced scalability with rack-compatible capacity-on-demand growth 

• Supported by ADIC's iSurety™ service approach that provides remote diagnostics for 
the library and the storage ecosystem 

• One-year onsite service included for the highest levels of protection 

For More Information Call (800) 336-1233 
Please Visit 

j- Manufacturer Presentation 

End Nodes - Mobile Advertisement 

Acer leads the market as the first company to offer a full line 
of notebooks featuring the new Intel® Centrino® Duo mobile 
technology. Dual-core processing power paves the way for 
ultra-fast data processing, enhanced multitasking, extended 
connectivity, and power-saving features that prolong battery 
life, empowering users to 
communicate anytime, 

The TravelMate 8200 is Acer's 
commercial flagship notebook with 
a 15.4-inch wide-aspect LCD, 
giving users 30% more viewing 
space. The TravelMate 8200 
features an array of security and 
communication solutions, including 
Acer Video TravelMate 8200, 
which blends timeless colors with 
innovative materials and textures. 

Embodying the extreme in mobile computing, the notebook is powered by 
Intel® Centrino® Duo mobile technology and features next-generation GDDR3 
memory, along with a wide display and total security solutions. The cover uses 
carbon fiber, a highly resilient and light material used in the aerospace industry 
for dependability. An integrated Web camera with 1 .3 megapixel high-resolu- 
tion CMOS delivers higher-quality video, and the 225-degree rotation of the 
camera means users can take photos of objects behind the notebook cover 
without turning the notebook around. Architectural improvements with Intel's 
dual-core processors, ATI Mobility™ Radeon® X1 600 graphics with 512MB 
HyperMemory, and 256MB dedicated GDDR3 VRAM produce stunning visual 
realism. The TravelMate 8200 is a winner of the iF Design awards - which is 
an internationally renowned seal of design excellence. 

Acer proudly announces that the TravelMate 8200 and 5-Series 
(AL 1 751/AL 1951/AL2051 W) LCD monitors have won the 2006 iF 
(International Forum) awards for product design. The iF seal of design excel- 
lence has become a symbol for superior quality and developed into a trend- 
setting design competition over the past five decades. 

For More Information on Acer Products, 

Please Visit 

Call: (408) 432-6200 

2641 Orcha Road Parkway • San Jose, CA 95134 

.Manufacturer Presentation 

End Nodes - KVM & Console Access Advertisement 

4-Port USB Audio KVM Switch Kit 

The best valued and most versatile 4-port USB 2.0 Audio KVM 
Switch from ConnectGear - UG104. This switch manages up to 
four PCs or Macs equipped with USB 2.0 or 1 .1 ports from a sin- 
gle PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse and monitor. It has a built-in 
console audio jack to allow connected PCs or Macs to share the 
speakers. UG104 is the best-valued KVM switch because it also 
offers three built-in USB 2.0 ports for USB peripheral sharing 
among connected PCs or Macs such as printers, scanners, 
external hard drives, and cameras. 

UG104 features intelligent PS/2 mouse and keyboard emulation 
to ensure flawless bootups. User can either use push buttons or 
on-creen display (OSD) menu for port selection. In the Auto 
Scan mode, different (5 ~ 30 sec.) time intervals can be set to 
monitor the computers. 

UG104 comes with four sets of special 6-foot USB cable kits 
with audio plugs for your convenience. 

Key Features: 

Easy to install - no software required, complete installation within minutes using bundled cables. 
Easy to operate - port selection using push buttons or on-screen display (OSD) menu. 
Flawless booting - PS/2 keyboard and mouse emulation for error free bootup. 
Audio support - console audio jack provided for speaker sharing. 

Built in USB hub - 3 additional USB 2.0 ports for sharing USB devices such as printers, scan- 
ners, cameras, and external hard drivers. 

LED indicators - color-changing LEDs for easy system status monitoring. 
Bundled cables - four special six-foot USB cable kits with audio plugs are included. 
Auto Scan - auto scan function with variable scan time interval settings. 
Metal casing - rugged metal case and compact design for easy placement. 
Warranty - one-year limited warranty 

3653 Yale Way 

Fremont, CA 94539 



Page 52 

—Manufacturer Presentation 

February 24, 2006 

End Nodes - Server Appliance Advertisement 

Proof point Messaging Security Gateway 

The Most Powerful, Secure Appliance for Messaging Security 

The Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway™ delivers the 
industry's most complete and effective security for enterprise 
messaging infrastructures. It combines a robust, enterprise-class 
MTA with perimeter security, antispam, antivirus, secure 
messaging and outbound content security capabilities in an 
easy-to-deploy, hardened appliance. Proofpoint's antispam 
appliance is available for both large enterprises (the P-Series 
appliance) and small and medium-sized businesses (the X-Series 


• Secures your network against spam, viruses, connection-level 
attacks and hackers — right at the gateway. 

• Proofpoint MLX™ machine learning technology provides unrivaled 
antispam effectiveness and content filtering accuracy. 

• Protects your enterprise from liability created by noncompliant or 
offensive emails. 

• Protects valuable intellectual property and trade secrets. 

• Deploys in just minutes by simply plugging in to your network. 

• Supports encrypted email via TLS or popular third-party secure 
messaging systems. 

• High-performance MTA proven in the most demanding 
enterprise email infrastructures. 

• Hardened and vulnerability-tested appliance exceeds 
enterprise and government security requirements. 

• Integrates with enterprise identity management systems such 
as Active Directory, Domino Directory and other LDAP sources. 

• The Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway delivers the 
powerful features of the best-in-class Proofpoint Protection 
Server® right out of the box — without the need for extensive 

For More Information, Please Visit 


10201 Torre Ave 
Cupertino, CA 95014 

.Manufacturer Presentation 

End Nodes - Storage Advertisement 

Affordable & Reliable 

Enterprise-Quality Data Protection 

For Small & Medium-Sized Businesses 

Small and medium-sized businesses can now enjoy the same class of data 
protection as large enterprises, thanks to Accordance Systems' new ARAID™. 

Connected to either local PCs or a central server, the ARAID™ IDE and SATA 
controllers' RAID 1 capability has now been expanded to protect Registry files, open 
database files, and application files. ARAID attaches directly to your drive port or 
externally via your USB or Firewire. 

Accordance Systems' ARAID is the first low-cost RAID system of its class, disk 
mirroring all computer files for disaster recovery and data backup. 

The Accordance ARAID controller supports dual hard drives and mirrors data onto both 
drives. As data gets written to one disk, it is automatically copied to the second disk. If 
one disk fails, the data is protected on the other disk. To replace a failed hard drive, the 
user simply pulls out the removable ARAID hard drive tray, pulls out the bad disk, and 
replaces it with a new one. The ARAID automatically copies the data from the 
remaining good drive onto the newly inserted hard disk. 

The ARAID is commonly used for backup by using three hard drives: one that stays in 
the ARAID controller and two that are rotated in and out. The removed hard disk is taken 
offsite to provide reliable and secure storage of valuable data against disaster scenarios. 
This is an effective replacement to using tape cartridge backup systems. Studies have 
shown that a third of all tape backups never finish correctly. Disk-based backups 
using the ARAID are less expensive, less labor intensive, and more reliable than 
tape-based backups. 

3636 Westown Parkway, Suite 203 
West Des Moines, IA 50266 
Phone: (866) 334-4446 
Fax: (515)226-3462 


j- Manufacturer Presentation 

End Nodes - Component Advertisement 

Sensory Networks announces the NodalCore IPS 
Accelerator for Snort with Gigabit Performance. 

Their patented NodalCore technology turbocharges the world's lead- 
ing Intrusion Detection and Prevention System to gigabit rates with 
unrivaled rule support. 

Sensory Networks, the leader in acceleration technology for network 
applications, today released the NodalCore IPS Accelerator for OEM 
vendors of IDS, IPS, and UTM systems. The accelerator supports the 
Snort engine and performs content inspection of network traffic while 
assessing Snort rules in real time. 

Traditional architectures dramatically drop in throughput once deep- 
inspection is turned on, according to Sensory. By offloading the CPU 
intensive content-matching functions to a pre-integrated C-2000 MX 
or Ultra PCI cards, it reduces system resource contention and accel- 
erates throughput. It comes with the following features: 

• 1Gbps end-to-end throughput with 60,000 rules loaded 

• Compatible with Snort 2.4 and older versions 

• Preprocessor support includes TCP stream reassembly, 
IP defragmentation and URI decoding. 

• Suitable for OEM vendors of IDS, IPS and UTM systems 

• Available now for C-2000 MX and Ultra PCI cards 

Sensory Networks is a leading OEM provider of high performance network 
security acceleration technology. The company's NodalCore hardware 
acceleration products include a broad range of chipsets, accelerated software 
libraries, PCI acceleration cards and appliance platforms for Antivirus, 
Antispam, Antispyware, Content Filtering, Firewalls and Intrusion 
Detection/Prevention systems 

For More Information Please Visit: 

• 2595 East Bayshore Road Suite 200 • Palo Alto, CA 94303 
• • (650) 292-4636 



w o 


—Manufacturer Presentation . 

End Nodes - Printer Advertisement 

New TDS320 Large-Format 
Print System 

At last, a single system to take large format document users into a 
fully functional digital workflow — and that is reliable, adaptable, and 

Meet the new Oce TDS320, an entry level, digital system that offers 
high functionality in an affordable package for lower volume users. 
The Oce TDS320 makes it easy for large format copier users to 
move up to a digital solution without a large initial investment, plus 
it eliminates the cumbersome, two-step plot-then-copy process for 
inkjet users. The result is a more productive workflow without sacri- 
ficing quality or budget. 

Features such as scan-to-file functionality, copy-set processing, 
and a fully integrated stacker make the Oce TDS320 productive 
and time-efficient. Available in upgradeable configurations of 
printer, copier, or full multifunction system with scan-to-file 

5450 North Cumberland Avenue 
Chicago, IL 60656 
Phone: (773)714-4427 
Fax: (773)714-4056 


February 24, 2006 

Page 53 

s b r y s r s !► u j j id crj" 


Big business power, small business price tag 

Robust ServersDirect Systems powered by the 64-bit Intel® Xeon Processor meet 
your needs today and grow with you into the future 

SQfl ©DDgJD ©so© * Stf® ©araocs 

1U Appliance Server 


WORLD'S ONLY Sub-Thousand! 
Dual Core Server in 1 U Solution 

3U Xeon Storage Server 


Highly manageable storage server 
supporting up to STB of SATA hot-swap 

■ Intel® Pentium® DUAL CORE 2.8 2X1 M 800MHZ 

• 1 U Chassis with 300W power supply 

■ Supermicro® server board with Intel® E7230 (Mukilteo) 

■ Kingston 512MB 667MHz DDR2 ECC RAM (2x256MB) 

■ 1 pc x Seagate 80GB SATA 7200RPM hard drive 
■2x1" Hot-swap SATA drive bays 

■ Integrated ATI Rage XL SVGA PCI video controller 

■ 2x Intel® 82573V (Tekoa) PCI-e Gigabit LAN Ports 

• Built-in SATA ICH7R Controller 4x SATA (3 Gbps) Drive 
with RAID 0,1. 5. 10 Support 

■ Intel® Xeon™ Processor 2.8Ghz with 800FSB 1MB 
Cach (Dual Processor Option) 

• Intel® Extended Memory 64 Technology 

■ 3U Chassis with 650W Redundant Power Supply 

■ Intel® server board with Intel® E7520 (Lindenhurst) 

■ Kingston 1024MB DDR333 ECC Reg. (2x51 2MB) 

> 1pc x Western Digital 250GB SATA RAID Drive 
■16x1" Hot-swap SATA drive bays 

■ Integrated ATI Rage XL SVGA PCI video controller 

■ Dual Intel® Gigabit Ethernet Controllers 

> 2 SATA Channels with RAID and 1 



SDR-2115A 2U SAS Advanced Application Server 

Provides ideal solution for running multiple applications or 
functions simultaneously while designed for high performance 
enterprise requirements. 

2U rack designed with 6x1" Hot-swap SAS / SATA-II Drive Bays 

Dual Xeon® Dual Core 800MHz processors supported 

Supermicro® board with Intel® E7520 Chipset 

Support up to 16GB DDRII 400 SDRAM memory 

Maximum drive capacity support up to 882GB (SAS) or 3TB SATA-2 

ATI Rage XL SVGA PCI video controller with 8 MB of video memory 

Adaptec AIC9410 8-Port Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Controller 

RAID 0, and 1 support 

Dual Intel" 82541 PI Single-Port Gigabit Ethernet Controllers 

4U Enterprise Server 


5U Advanced Storage Server 


Easily scalable storage solution with The absolute best storage capacity 

Hot-swap functionality for growing business available in a 5U format, at a incomparable 

cost/TB ratio 

Intel® Xeon "" Processor 3.0Ghz with 800FSB 2M 

Cache (Dual Processor Option) 

Intel® Extended Memory 64 Technology 

4U Chassis with 16 hot-swap bays & 650W redundant 

power supply 

Intel® server board with Intel® E7520 (Lindenhurst) 


Kingston 1024MB DDR333 ECC Reg. (2x51 2MB) 

1pc x Western Digital 250GB SATA RAID Drive 

16x1" Hot-swap SATA drive bays 

Integrated ATI Rage XL SVGA PCI video controller 

Dual Intel® Gigabit Ethernet Controllers 

2 SATA Channels with RAID and 1 

• Intel® Xeon™ Processor 3. OGhz with 800FSB 2MB 
Cache (Dual Processor Option) 

• Intel® Extended Memory 64 Technology 

■ 5U Chassis with 24 hot-swap bays & 950W 
redundant power supply 

■ Supermicro® server board with Intel® E7520 
(Lindenhurst) Chipset 

■ Kingston 1024MB DDR2 400 ECC Reg. (2x51 2MB) 

• 12pcs x Western Digital 250GB SATA RAID Drive 

• 1pcx3Ware9550SX-12 port RAID Controller Card 

■ Integrated ATI Rage XL SVGA PCI video controller 

■ Dual Intel® 82541 PI Single-Port Gigabit Ethernet 




Our flexible on-line products configurator allows you to source a custom solution, or call and 
our product experts are standing by to help you assemble systems that require a little extra. 
Servers Direct - your direct source for scalable, cost effective server solutions. 

1.877.727.7887 I 

Intel, Intel Inside, the Intel Inside logo, and Intel Xeon are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. 



Page 54 

—Manufacturer Presentation . 

February 24, 2006 

End Nodes - Storage Advertisement 

OptiVau It™ Archival Appliance 


Life Insurance 

for Your Most Important Data 

Like most companies, you probably use tape for backups. It's great for everyday 
use. But tape has a few issues. It can break. It wears out and can become 
demagnetized. It requires human intervention. All of these issues can put your 
most valuable data at risk. 

The new OptiVault™ Archival Appliance solves all of these problems. It uses 
reliable, archival-grade optical media to backup critical files. Optical media is 
Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM), so it's also compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley, 
HIPAA, SEC 17-a and other data retention laws. OptiVault is the perfect 
automated solution when you can't lose: 

• Employee emails 

• Financial data 

• Source code and engineering drawings 

• Legal and medical records 

• Other irreplaceable files and data 

Call 1-800-797-2772 (USA and Canada) or +1-763-475-6676 for a copy of our 
FREE white paper "Life Insurance for Your most Important Data." Visit us on the 
Internet at or email 

OptiVault is powered by EMC Dantz® Retrospect® - The world's most highly 
acclaimed backup and recovery software. 

backup by 

EMC 2 





—Manufacturer Presentation . 

End Nodes - Storage Advertisement 

Network Attached Storage Solution 

Up To 1.6TB & Incorporates Serial ATA Hard Drives 

TeraStation ^^^IHHHHB 


• Four operational modes: Standard, 
Spanning, Mirroring and RAID 5 

• Removable hard drive rack to 
allow quick swapping of hard 
drives should a drive fail 

• Advanced RAID system to continu- 
ally check hard drive performance 

• 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet port 
and Jumbo Frame capability for 
higher transfer speeds 

• Heat-release-conscious design with smart layout and ventilation supply 

• Memeo™ Easy Backup software included 

• Large silent fan to release HDD heat effectively and quietly 

• Four USB 2.0 ports, allowing 4 simultaneous USB connections 

• Built-in print server for sharing and managing a USB printer on the network" 

• Built-in FTP server functionality 

• Easy setup wizard and management through intuitive Web interface 



(800) 456-9799 

Complete Network Security Solution for OEM / ODM 

Firewall • Wireless • RAS • VPN • VoIP • QoS • IDS/IPS • Load Balancing 


r customization 

■ Custom hardware installation 

■ Base components customization 
Mechanical modification 

■ Custom packaging design 

■ Custom documentation printing 


Firmware customization 
Install standard applications 
Install custom applications 
Firmware upgrades 


Custom manufacturing services 
Custom Deployment Support 

Intel 8 

Communications | nte |*p R (f|) /" C 

Alliance iumo,!^. fggf ^ ^ 

Associate Member ™™ 

s /\ g 

Copyrights 2006 American Portwell Technology Inc. All Rights Reserved. 

American Portwell Technology Inc. 

6851 Mowry Avenue, Newark, CA 94560 P:(510) 790-9192 E: F:(51 0)790-91 91 

February 24, 2006 
—Manufacturer Presentation 

Page 55 

End Nodes - Cases Advertisement 

MRC-2CC 2U-12 Swap Bay Enclosure 
Rackmount Chassis 


MMI's MRC-2CC is the first Fault-Tolerant 2U IPC 
Chassis with 12 Hot-Swap SATA 3.5" Hard Drive Bays. 
The MRC-2CC is designed to hold a standard ATX 
Motherboard and up to a N+1 Dual-Redundant 600W 
PFC Power Supply. 

• Dimensions: 2U 20" Deep 

• Form Factors: ATX 

• Expansion: 3-Slot Horizontal PCI Slots, 7-Slot Vertical Low- 
Profile PCI Slots 

• Drive Bays: 12 Hot-Swap/Backplane SATA 3.5" Drive Bays 

• Chassis Cooling: 2 x 80mm fans, 1 x 60mm fans (Noise Killer) 

With MMI as your technology provider, you get an edge over the 
competition. MMI has an in-house, dedicated, highly trained R&D 
team with the facilities, software, and equipment to get the job 
done. Quality material is the key to superior reliability and perfor- 
mance. MMI designs and builds its products so that the total cost 
of ownership is low. 

Call MMI today and let us know how we can 
be of service to you. 

More Info at 

or call 


.Manufacturer Presentation 

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Barracuda Spam Firewall 900 

New Barracuda Spam Firewall 900 Raises the Bar for Spam 
and Virus Filtering for Large Organizations 



22 milion emails per day capacity 
15-30,000 active email users 

The Barracuda Spam Firewall 900 offers the largest quarantine 
storage capacity and the fastest throughput available for an email 
gateway appliance. 

The Barracuda Spam Firewall 900 builds on the power and reliability 
offered with all Barracuda Spam Firewall solutions, and it includes 300GB 
storage capacity for quarantined messages and four CPUs for higher-vol- 
ume email processing. Similar to its predecessor, the Barracuda Spam 
Firewall 800, the new Barracuda Spam Firewall 900 features advanced 
capabilities, including redundant hotswap power supplies and dual Gigabit 
Ethernet ports. Another key feature included with the Barracuda Spam 
Firewall 900 is multiple RAID arrays for greater performance. 

The Barracuda Spam Firewall 900 also offers key outbound filtering tech- 
niques, such as outbound email attachment scanning, Barracuda 
Networks Rate Control System for protection against open relays and 
zombie PCs, as well as support for inbound and outbound STARTTLS 
encryption. Multiple Barracuda Spam Firewall 900 units can be clustered 
for greater email redundancy and higher capacity. 




Learn more information at: 2 

or call us at 


—Manufacturer Presentation 

End Nodes - Storage Advertisement 

Nexsan SATABeast 

High-Capacity Serial 

ATA- Based Storage 



$2100 per Terabyte 

Nexsan's SATABeast™ enterprise-class storage array, which is built around Serial 
ATA disk drives, is designed to deliver the highest performance and utmost cost 
effectiveness in a single, scalable solution ideal for data-intense storage applica- 
tions such as online archiving and disk-based backup 

SATABeast's innovative combination of technologies delivers unsurpassed perfor- 
mance, reliability and cost savings for primary and near-line storage, disk-to-disk 
backup, secondary storage and fixed content archive applications. An extreme 
density design - 21 terabytes of storage capacity in just 4U of rack space - pro- 
vides a compact footprint and can scale to 210 cost-correct terabytes of capacity in 
a single rack. The SATABeast's unique design extends individual drive life and pro- 
vides significant savings year over year, while its AutoMAID(TM) (Massive Array of 
Idle Disks) function allows SATABeast to place its disk drives to an idle state to 
conserve energy yet provide near-instantaneous access to data. 

Nexsan's SATABeast is engineered to meet necessary enterprise-class availability 
requirements with the inclusion of fully redundant components that are individually 
online hot swappable, including drives, controllers and power supplies. This 
advanced design provides increased ROI by eliminating the need to replace an 
entire multi-drive blade should a single drive fail. Each RAID controller is config- 
ured with dual high-performance 2 Gigabit Fibre Channel SFP LC host ports pow- 
ering the SATABeast to sustained reads speeds of over 700 MB/s. The advanced 
architecture of the SATABeast features an innovative horizontal midplane design 
that promotes superior airflow and alleviates insertion stress points. Triple intake 
fans along paired with two redundant 760-watt power supplies with tachometer- 
monitored blowers provide maximum power and cooling. The system's Anti- 
Accumulative Rotational Vibration (ARV) design enables maximum performance 
and long-term reliability. 

® nexsan 

Visit us at 

or call us at 

—Manufacturer Presentation . 

End Nodes - Storage Component Advertisement 

4Gb Fibre Channel HBA from QLogic 

SANblade Pro™ 2440 and 
2460 families of enterprise 4 
Gigabit Fibre Channel HBAs 

• Better 4Gb Reliability 

• Better 4Gb Performance 

• Better 4 Gb Scalability 

New from QLogic are the SANBIade Pro 2440 and 2460 families of 4Gb 
Fibre Channel host bus adapters for the enterprise. The 2440 reads 
202,000 I/O per second and the 2460 reaches 304,000 I/Ops. The 
HBAs recheck parity or ECC before stripping out an old data reliability 
check and uses technologies such as Intelligent Interleaved DMA and 
Out-Of-Order Frame Reassembly to ensure high performance and data 

The 4Gb HBAs from QLogic offer a suite of technology advancements 
that help storage administrators in enterprises ensure complete busi- 
ness continuity, maintain application performance and cost-effectively 
scale their networks. 

Storage administrators in large enterprises are trusted with nothing less 
than ensuring complete business continuity. That's why the most popu- 
lar SANblade® HBA models have field-proven reliability of more than 1 .7 
million hours mean-time-between-failure. 



Learn more at 1 

QLogic Corporation 

26650 Aliso Viejo Parkway 

Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 


Page 56 

j- Manufacturer Presentation 

End Nodes - Workstation Advertisement 

Pentium M-based Book PC 

February 24, 2006 


Equipped with the Intel® Pentium® M/Celeron® M high-performance proces- 
sor, the BPC-8080 answers the demands for Point of Sale (POS) Terminals, 
interactive kiosks, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) with expanded capabil- 
ities, gaming terminals and even high-rel and harsh environment equipment. 

The BPC-8080 is engineered for the Intel 915GM and ICH6M chipset plat- 
form and supports DDR2 SDRAM DIMM sockets up to 2GB of memory. Also, 
with the onboard Intel 915GM built-in Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 
(GMA) 900, it delivers superior multimedia capabilities. With its PCI Express 
expansion slot, the BPC-8080 also offers an option to add other devices 
such as graphic cards. 

The BPC-8080 features completed I/O connectors such as 4 COM ports 
each with 5V or 12V voltage selectable, 1 parallel port, 1 slim FDD interface, 
2 EIDE interfaces, keyboard, mouse, line-out, 1 Giga LAN and 6 USB 2.0 
ports. The BPC-8080 comes with VGA and DVI output, and it provides an 
excellent solution for dual display and unparalleled resolution experience. 

With the compact size, including low power/high-performance processing 
platform, hard disk drive, DVD-ROM, PCI Express slot, multiple input-output 
ports and Gigabit Ethernet communication etc., the BPC-8080 is undoubted- 
ly the one to maximize your productivity. 

For More Information: 
www. P rocesso r. co m/P roTech 



950 Fee Ana St., Suite B 
Placenta, CA 92870 
Phone: (714) 996-7200 
Fax: (714) 996-7300 

j- Manufacturer Presentation 

End Nodes - Thin Client Advertisement 

The Neoware e90 and Neoware e140, like other members of Neoware's fam- 
ily of thin clients and software products, enable enterprise customers to run 
Windows(r), Internet, and legacy applications on servers and display them 
on secure, manageable, solid-state devices that have no hard drive, DVD, 
fan, or other moving parts. With the introduction of the Neoware e90 and the 
Neoware e140, Neoware now offers the industry's broadest family of thin- 
client solutions, with a choice of open, standards-based operating systems 
that are manageable with open, standards-based management software. 
Specific capabilities of the Neoware e90 and Neoware e140 include: 

Neoware e90 



* Available with a choice of Neoware-enhanced Windows CE, Windows 
XP Embedded, and Linux operating systems, and it's manageable by 
industry-standard management software, including Neoware ezRemote 
Manager, IBM Tivoli, Microsoft SMS, and Altiris. 

* Features a new compact, space-saving design with an internal power 
supply that eliminates the external "brick" found on other thin clients for 
easier installation, higher ongoing reliability, and better ergonomics. 
Neoware is the first global provider to offer this combination of compact 
design with high performance. 

* Includes a high-performance processor that is ideal for running local 
applications such as Microsoft Media Player, Internet Explorer, and 

* Includes three conveniently located USB ports, two serial ports, one 
parallel port, and PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports to provide support for 
the widest range of peripherals. 

Visit for More Info 

Neoware e1 40 

* Available with a choice of Neoware-enhanced Windows CE, Windows 

XP Embedded, and Linux operating systems, and it is manageable by 
industry-standard management software, including Neoware ezRemote 
Manager, IBM Tivoli, Microsoft SMS, and Altiris. 

* Is the first thin client from a global provider that includes digital video 
output (DVI), which displays brighter and truer colors and a sharper 
image with flat-panel monitors. 

* Includes a high-performance processor that offers superior perfor- 
mance for running local applications such as Microsoft Media Player, 
Internet Explorer, and Java. 

* Features an optional PCI slot for wireless cards, dual-head video, and 
other requirements. 

Visit for More Info 





j- Manufacturer Presentation 

End Nodes - Server Advertisement 

Fusion A8™ 
8-Way AMD® 
Rackmount Server 

Limited-Time Offer 


as described below, plus applicable 
taxes. Dual-Core CPU configura- 
tions available but not included in 
special configuration. Call Western 
Scientific for more details. 


The Fusion A8™ 8- Way AMD® 
Opteron™ -powered server delivers 
high processing capabilities to the 
high-performance computing mar- 
ket. The FusionA8™ is built around 
the advanced 64-bit Dual-Core 
Opteron™ 800 Series processor 
technology from AMD® and features 
4 GbE ports and support for a maxi- 
mum of 64GB memory. 4 PCI-X 
64/1 33MHz and IPMI 1.5 make the 
FusionA8 server a powerful solution 
for any HPC processor technology. 

Service Plan 

1 Year 8/5 Help Desk 
Next Business Day Onsite 


• 1-8 Dual-Core AMD® Opteron™ 
800 Series CPUs 

• 128GB of DDR333 or 400 memory 

• 32 memory slots (4 per CPU) 
•2 fixed 3.5" drives 

• Up to 10 hotswap SATA or SCSI 

• Optional SATA or SCSI internal 
RAID controller 

• (4) x 10/100/1000 onboard Gigabit 

• (4) 64-bit 1 33/1 00/66 PCI-X slots 

• N + 1 power supplies 

• Front-to back cooling 
•Optional IPMI system manage- 

• DVD + floppy 

•USB, serial, VGA ports 

• Supports 32- and 64-bit Linux and 
Windows OS 

For More Information: 

£3 Western Scientific 

tecmolociv :ne smart wav 1 " sine* 1978 

technology the smart way' 

9445 Farnham St. 
San Diego, CA 92123 
Pho: (858) 565-6639 
Fax: (858) 565-6938 

—Manufacturer Presentation . 

End Nodes - KVM & Console Access Advertisement 

IP Solutions for the KVM network 

Centralize Management of 

IP Access to the KVM 

Network is an IP access man- 
agement solution for the enter- 
prise environment. It centralizes 
management of access to servers 
and network devices, unifying 
administration of KVM/IP targets, 
— devices and users across geo- 
graphic locations. manages the KVM net- 
work for businesses with large 
numbers of servers, network 
devices, and remote access users that need to be managed centrally. 
Examples include distributed data centers, testing labs, and lights-out facilities. 

Access all your servers via a single IP address gives IT managers and administrators a unified view of their KVM 
infrastructure. It manages IP access to the data center servers and devices, 
even if the KVM network is distributed across many physical data centers. 

The intuitive, browser-based GUI provides complete transparency for users 
regarding location, topology, and configuration. Users simply log on to a single 
IP address that routes them to their assigned targets, and that's all they see. 

Secure your KVM IP network 

KVM. net's Access Rights Management System is designed to align with exist- 
ing authentication mechanisms. Sessions are secured using standard 128-bit 

Security is implemented in three places: between the user and the 
Manager, between the user and the connected IP gateway, and between the Manager and the IP gateways. 


ADVANCED SYSTEMS (888) 486-2154 

Minicom Advanced Systems Inc. 
414 North Wood Ave. Linden, New Jersey 07036 

February 24, 2006 

Page 57 


Spam, Spyware, IM, and Virus protection at an affordable price. 



Barracuda Spam, Spyware and IM Firewalls 

• No per user license fees 
•Prices starting at $1399 

• Powerful, enterprise-class solution 

ewalls are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Barracuda Metwarks, Inc. and/or it subsidiares in the United States and/or other countries. 



Aggressive reseller program available. Get more info by visiting or (888-ANTI-SPAM) 

j- Manufacturer Presentation 

End Nodes - Server Advertisement 

Stratus ftServer W Series 5700 System 

The ftServer® W Series 5700 system from Stratus Technologies is the industry's first 
fault-tolerant server to use Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® processor technology. The two-way 
server (with eight processing execution cores) provides 99.999% uptime and is ideal for 
enterprise business processing and multitasking applications. 

The ftServer 5700 supports the Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 Enterprise Edition 
operating system and uses Stratus-engineered chipsets and the company's patented 
Continuous Processing® technology to bring premier continuous availability to decentral- 
ized mission-critical computing. 

The server is available with the Virtual Technician module (VTM), a fault-tolerant remote 
access controller that connects to the fully fault-tolerant Stratus® ActiveService™ 
Network to help ensure the highest reliability possible. The ftServer 5700 also supports 
the Stratus Active Upgrade™ technology for online patching, hotfixes, and upgrades. 


Logical processors 
Frontside bus 


Min/max memory 


PCI-X slots 

2-way SMP 

Dual-core Intel® Xeon™ processor 2. 8GHz 

2MB il_2 per core 





SATA drives supported 400GB (7200rpm); 74GB (1 0,000rpm) 
Base system drive slots (SATA) 6 
Expansion drive slots (FC) 12 



Stratus Technologies 

U.S. Operations 

111 Powdermill Road 

Maynard, MA 01754-3409 


.Manufacturer Presentation 

End Nodes - Components Advertisement 

Quad-Port 10/100/1000 Gigabit 
Ethernet from a Single System Slot 

Interphase's SlotOptimizer™ 364G AdvancedMC™ 
Quad Gigabit Ethernet Card enables the delivery 
of advanced services in telecommunica- 
tions networks. The new AdvancedMC 
adapter is designed specifically for 
converged next-generation and wire- 
less network applications that require 
multiple high-speed, high-bandwidth 
Ethernet ports directly connected to the 
processor blade and provides optimum 
performance and CPU utilization for even 
the most demanding applications. 

Designed for use in AdvancedTCA® and MicroTCA platforms, the Interphase 364G 
product features four independent 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet ports, high-per- 
formance Gigabit Ethernet controllers, up to x4 PCI Express 1.0a links, auto-nego- 
tiation and compatibility with PCI Express-compliant host systems. The 364G also 
features an Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI), enabling the card to 
be monitored and controlled by remote shelf management controllers. In addition, 
the product comes with inherent robustness, reliability, and hotswap capabilities 
delivered by the AdvancedMC form factor. Software support for the 364G includes 
drivers for Carrier Grade Linux and Sun Solaris™ environments. 

Key applications enabled by the SlotOptimizer 364G include serving GPRS Service 
Nodes, softswitches, MSC servers, and OAM&P platforms. 

For More Information, Visit: 


Designed To Perform. Designed To Last.' 

Toll Free (800) 327-8638 
Phone (214) 654-5000 

Page 58 

February 24, 2006 

Virtually New Raised Floor Overnight 
Without Disrupting Your Data Center! 

Mobile Operations Unit -- We'll Bring Our Facility To Yours 

In a self-contained unit delivered to your site, Access Floors OnSite will transform your worn 
or delaminating raised floor into a virtually new installation overnight while you continue to 
operate. Mobile Resurfacing is functionally, fiscally, and environmentally the highest and 
best use for existing floors. Eliminate tripping hazards, improve electrostatic dissipation, and 
re-create that clean and productive environment of a new installation. 

Expanding or building a new center? A full-service vendor, Access Floors OnSite provides 
cost-effective reconditioned or certified used materials as well as new. Ask our customers: 
FAA, DOD, IRS, IBM, Tyco, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, etc. 

Access Floors OnSite, "Keeping America Online" by providing creative solutions for the 
businesses and organizations of the information age. 

For More Information: 
Call (888) 605-6061 

Access Floors OnSite 

—Manufacturer Presentation . 

Software - Network & Systems Mgmt. Advertisement 

Linux Server Virtualization 

Virtuozzo for Linux 3.0 available now! 




Virtuozzo creates isolated, secure VPSes (virtual private 
servers) or virtual environments on a single physical server 
enabling better server utilization, ensuring guaranteed 
resources, and preventing applications from conflicting. Each 
VPS performs and executes exactly like a standalone server; 
VPSes can be rebooted independently and have users, IP 
addresses, processes, system libraries, and configuration files. 

As an operating system virtualization solution, the unique archi- 
tecture enables the most efficient use of hardware, software, 
and management resources. The light overhead and efficient 
design of Virtuozzo makes it the right virtualization choice for server consolida- 
tion, disaster recovery, and all production servers with live applications and data. 

Virtuozzo for Linux 3.0 leverages some architectural improvements to provide these 
major enhancements: 

• Zero-Downtime Migration - Virtuozzo captures the state of an existing virtual private 
server and migrates it to a new physical server without any interruption in service or 
availability. The migration may be done between any two networked Virtuozzo servers 
without a SAN. 

• EZ Template Management - Building on Virtuozzo's capability for creating both operat- 
ing system and application templates, EZ Templates feature smarter template creation 
and loading with the capability of defining, finding, and resolving software dependen- 

• New Resource Management - Virtuozzo enables administrators to define many pro- 
cessing parameters to very precisely define a virtualized server's performance. The new 
resource management option offers a simplified interface that helps administrators set 
a few basic parameters based on expected system performance to manage the same 
server resources. 

• 2.6 Kernel Support - Virtuozzo now supports distributions based on the 2.6 Linux ker- 
nel. It is also backward compatible for 2.4 distributions so older virtual private servers 
and applications do not necessarily need to be upgraded to reside on the same 
Virtuozzo server. 

Visit for more information! 



We Know You're Busy 

That's Why We've Developed Articles 
That Won't Waste Your Time 

Check Processor Each Week For 
"he Information You Need To Know 

• Product Releases & Overviews 

• Market & Technology News 

• Advice, Strategy & Tips 
From Experts 


It's all available both 
in print and online at! 

Processor and are available to anyone free of charge. Call (800) 819-9014 to subscribe to the 
weekly print Processor or go to to read articles and view thousands of products online. 

February 24, 2006 

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Ik '*& 


TDTVyf RS/6000 




"ESI Performance" 






• Enterprise Back-up & Recovery Services 

• New and Re-Certified Equipment Options 

• Hardware, Software and Professional Service 

• SAN and NAS Sales and Technical Expertise 


• Oracle and Veritas Certified Reseller 

• Sun-Certified Technical Staff 

• Workstations to Enterprise Class Servers 

• Disaster Recovery Service Provider 


• HP-Certified Technical Staff 

• Flexible Financing Alternatives 

• Veritas and Tivoli Implementation Expertise 

• Workstations, Servers, Parts and Peripherals 

-3i*B *£_!»- 


The eiralulior at strra-ge.' 



Cisco Systems 


• New and Re-Certified Brocade, McData Reseller 

• SAN Certified Technical Staff 

• SAN Design and Professional Services 

• SAN Configuration and Qualification Lab 




• Authorized Cisco Reseller 

• Cisco-Certified Technical Staff 

• Network Design and Professional Services 

• Switches, Routers, VPN, Security, Access Products 



Main: 763.516.6500 • Fax: 763.516.6555 • • 3989 County Road 116 • Hamel, MN 55340 



Page 60 

February 24, 2006 

e©Mnput]i©i i <€©M s 

■ L W IS ts u 

Home I My Account I Sign Out ' View Cart 

Use': 3L-est Hems: Z. Total: S3 

All Products 


Networking Printers Electronics >e;s Computers Software Specials. 

uearance Request 

■ ■■c-c'tv 

With 10 Years of Experience in the 
E-Commerce Market, We Offer: 

50,000 unique products ready to ship today 

1 20 unique categories of computer and consumer 

electronic products 

97% "same day" order fulfillment rate 

Fast and reliable return and exchange process 

Same Day Processing time for Government and 

Educational Orders 

International Shipping 

Wholesale price discounts 

Largest selection of hard-to-find and obsolete product: 

Telephone sales and tech support 

Corporate, Gov't & Educational PO's Welcomed. 
GSA Contract GS-35F-0097M 


15" 3M MicroTouch M150 FPD LCD Monitor $480 

17" HP / Compaq 1720 LCD 1280x1024 $190 

17" Sharp LCD 1280x1024 0.26mm $186 

20" Sharp TFT LCD 1600x1200 60Hz .25mm LL-T2000A .$525 

HP Home Cinema EP7120 DLP Digital Projector $965 

HP Instant Cinema Digital Projector ep9010 DLP L1690A .$999 
HP Home Cinema Digital Projector ep71 1 DLP Projector L1 688A $950 


IDE Hard Drives 

1 - 30gb IDE $ Check Web 

40 / 80gb IDE 5400/7200RPM $38/53 

120/1 60gb IDE 5400/7200RPM $59 / 69 

180 / 250gb IDE 7200RPM $85/99 

SCSI Hard Drives 

18gb U1 60 1 0K SCSI 80pin / 68pin / FC $36 - 69 

36gb U160/U320 10K/15K68, 80, FC $40/150 

73gb U160/U320 10K/15K68, 80, FC $170/299 

146gb/300gb 10K/15K U320 68, 80pin $269/700 

ST373405LC/LW / ST37307LC/LW / ST373453LC/LW .$1 70/1 99/299 

146gb U360 ST3146807LC / LW $319/419 

Notebook HDDs 

HDD under 10gb Check Web 

Hitachi / IBM 20gb / 30gb / 40gb $49 / 57 

Toshiba / Fujitsu 30gb / 40gb $49 / 57 

Hitachi / IBM 60gb / 80gb $79 / 99 

Toshiba / Fujitsu 60gb / 80gb $87 / 101 

Visit Our Web Site For 
Complete Selection ol Hard Drives! 


Panasonic ToughBook CF-29 PM 

1 .4GHz 256MB 60GB WLAN 1 3.3" XGA $3,600 

HP Compaq NR3600 P-M 

1.7GHz, 40GB, 512MB, 12" XP Pro $1,450 

HP nc6000 P-M 

1.7GHz, 40GB, 512MB, Combo WLAN, 14"XP $999 

HP nc8200 P-M 

1 .7GHz, 40GB, 51 2MB, DVD-CDRW, WLAN, 1 5.4"WXGA XP .$1 ,380 

We Have a Large Selection of Notebooks 
Low Price Guaranteed! 


IBM xSeries365 

Xeon MP/3.0GHZ (2P) 4MB 2GB 24x U320 88626RX . .$13,000 

IBM BladeCenter HS20 

Xeon 3.2GHz, 800MHz, 1GB PC2 3200 NIC 884321U . . . .$890 

HP ProLiant ML350G3 

Xeon 2.8GHz, 256MB Rack Server $950 

HP ProLiant BL30P 

3.2GHz (2P) 2MB, 1 GB ILO Rackmount Blade Server . . .$2,900 


DT Twr P4 3.0GHz, 51 2MB, 40GB, 48x Eth WXPP 81 894CU .$735 

IBM IntelliStation M Pro 6230 

3.0Ghz 2GB 36GB SCSI Quadro FX3000 $1 ,999 


3200+ 2.0GHz 80GB SATA 1GB DDR 400 CD Rmkt PC . . .$700 


Fax: 425-251-5000 



EXB-8900 Tape Drive 8mm Tape 20GB/40GB Int SCSI . . .$490 
35/70GB Quantum DL7000 Ext SE SCSI P/N TH6BE-YF . .$349 
IBM Tape Drive DAT 120/240GB 6x20/40GB Int SCSI 00N7992 Call 


StorageWorks ESL9595 Tape Drive Lib 330833-B21 . .$67,000 
StorageWorks Ultrium 230 Ext Rckmnt Drive Q1517A .$1,290 
SureStore DLT8000 Tape Drive SCSI LVD Rack Opt C6529A$1 ,500 

SureStore DLT8000Tape Drive C6387A $1,900 

HP LTO Ultrium 460 Array Tape Drive Q1512A $3,200 

Compaq MSL5000 LTO Ultrium 301901-B21 $2,200 

StorageWorks Ultrium 960 Tape Dr400GB/800GB Q1538A $2,400 

SureStore DLT4000 SCSI SE Narr 20/40GB C5697A $720 

StorageWorks DAT 40x6i Autoloader SCSI 20/40GB Q1 550A $2,000 

StorageWorks Ultrium 960 400/800GB Q1540A $2,999 

Compaq DLT8000 Wide SCSI 40/80GB 1 54873-001 $995 

We sell HP, Compaq, IBM. 
Call us or go to our site for more! 



16 /32mb Matrox G450 Dual PCI $65/79 

16 / 32mb Matrox G450 Dual AGP $23 / 41 

32mb Matrox G200 Quad PCI $155 

128mb Matrox G450 Quad PCI $565 

64mb Quadro4 280NVS / 400NVS Pel $1 25 / 280 

64mb Quadro4 380XGL / 750XGL AGP $55 / 270 

64mb Quadro4 200NVS / 280NVS AGP $35 / 65 

128mb Quadro4 900XGL/980XGL AGP $290/395 

128mb Quadro FX1000 / FX1100 AGP $375 / 410 

128mb Quadro FX1300 / FX1400 $399 / 550 

256mb Quadro FX3000 / FX3400 $599 / 989 

208mb 3Dlabs Wildcat III 6110 AGP $190 

128mb 3Dlabs Wildcat 4 71 1 AGP $450 

128mb ATI V3100 / V5100 PCI-E $165/475 


Canon Imageprograf W7200 Printer Color Inkjet Kit . . . .$3,300 
HP DesignJet 800PS 42IN 1200dpi 160MB Par USB . . .$3,350 

HP OfficeJet 7130 Color C8389A $310 

HP LaserJet 9065MFP Laser Printer/Copier/Scanner Q3632A $5,1 00 
HP LaserJet 4250DTNSL 220V Laser Printer Q5404A#AK2 $999 
HP LaserJet 41 01 mfp MultiFunction B/W25ppm C9149A .$1,400 

HP LaserJet 2300N Laser Printer Q2473A $650 

HP LaserJet 3020 All-ln-One Q2665A $220 

HP ScanJet 5550C 2400dpi 48bit USB $165 

HP 9200C Digital Sender Flatbed/Sheetfed Scanner Q5916A$1 ,850 

Epson TM H6000II Receipt Printer Thermal Line $520 

Samsung ML-1710 Laser Printer $70 

Canon DR 9080C 600dpi 24bit USB2/UltraSCS 8926A002AB $5,500 
Xerox Print Server for Phaser Ethernet 1 0/1 00 RJ45 097S03099 .$450 
Okidata Black Toner Cartridge for B4200 Printer 421 03001 $21 
Canon EP 82 Toner/Drum Cartridge 1 50000 Pages 51 6A002AA . . .$85 
HP 250 Sheet Paper Tray for InkJet 1 1 0Od Printer C8236A .$50 
HP 2x500 Sheet Feeder/Paper Tray w/Wheels for LJ4650 Q3674A $270 
HP 3-Bin Mailbox/Stapler for the LaserJet 4345mfp Q5692A $220 
HP Multi-Function Finisher for LJ 9000 9050 9500 C8088B $1 ,400 


3COM Modules / Hubs / Switches 

3C16683, 3C16684, 3C16685 $18/160/70 

3C16686, 3C16805, 3C16810 $35/59/70 

3C16960, 3C16971, 3C16975 $80/111/190 

3C16976, 3C16977, 3C16978 $55/145/240 

3CGBIC91, 3CGBIC92 $170/185 

3C16610, 3C16611, 3C16665A $165/125/620 

3C16951, 3C16954, 3C16980 $115/105/175 

3C16980A, 3C16981, 3C16981A $350/250/480 

3C16982, 3C16984, 3C16985 $1,300/160/240 

3C16985A, 3C16986A, 3C16987 $260/290/590 

3C16988, 3C16988A, 3C17705 $650/410/520 

HP / HP Jet Direct Print Servers 

J3112A/J3113A/J3110A $19/114/109 

J3111A /J2550 /J2550A $109/40/59 

J2550B / J2552 / J2552B $73 / 75 / 65 

J2555A / J2585A / J2585B $7/25/35 

J41 00A / J41 01 B / J41 06A $38 / 1 45 / 80 

J4111A/J4112A/J4169A $75/175/165 

J6057A / J7934A / J7942A $21 1/82/215 

J2591 A / J3258 / J2591 A $82 / 1 15 / 82 

J3265A/ J4154A $211/32 

Procurve Module J4111 A / J4113A $92/520 

Procurve Module J4844A / J4845A $ 1 ,800 / 1 ,500 


PCI Host Adapter Copper QLA220033 / QLA220066 . $1 95 / 320 

FC-AL 1 .06GBP QLA2202FCK $1 ,450 

FC-AL 1GBPS FIBER PCI QLA2200F33/QLA2200F66 .$470 375 
FIBRE ADAPTERS QLA2202F33 / QLA2200F66 . . . .$460 / 450 

QLA-2204F QLA2204F/66 $550 

QLA21 0033 / QLA21 0066 $1 95 / 300 

Cisco Routers /Modules 

Switch WSC295012 / WSC295224 $550 / 595 

Routers CISC01721 / CISCO2610XM $670 / 1327 

Routers CISC02611XM/CISC02611XMVCCME .$1,640/3148 

GIGABIT Module WSG5483/WSG5484 $1 08 / 55 

GIGABIT Module WSG5486/WSG5487 $104/425 

LAN Adapter GLCSXMM/GLCLHSM $171/195 

Sony 650MB Magneto Optical Drive SCSI 5.25" SMOD50121 $20 
12x Sony CD-ROM SCSI Internal Beige Bezel CDU415 ... .$19 

10x HP DVD Drive SCSI Internal C7499A $250 

16x HP DVD+/- RW Dual Layer Internal $35 

8x HP DV300i DVD+RW Internal IDE $37 

16x Samsung Dual Layer DVD+RW IDE Internal $57 

52x32x52x1 6xTeac CDRW/DVD IDE Internal $27 

2x Panasonic DVD-RAM IDE Internal LF-D111 $19 

2.4x2.4x8 Ricoh DVD+RW IDE Internal RW5125A/MP5125A .$18 

256/512/ 1gb CompactFlash $20/34/59 

256/512/1gb MemoryStick $37/64/98 

256 / 51 2mb / 1gb Secure Digital $1 3 / 19 / 31 / 57 

128 / 256 / 512mb/ 1gb Multimedia Card ... .$16 / 25 / 42 / 71 
64mb / 256mb / 512mb USB 2.0 Flash Drive ... .$13 / 15 / 33 
1gb / 2gb / 4gb USB 2.0 Flash Drive $61 / 118 / 228 


We Carry all Types and Brands of MEMORY AND CPUs 
Please visit our WEB to check 

HP StorageWorks ESL9595 P/N 330833-B21 
External Tape Library -400 Slots 

MSRP $112,000 

Market Price $75,000 

CompuVest Price . . $67,000 

Status LCD (touch screen) 

Modules (16 Max) 

Width 60"; Depth 29"; Height 75" 

Compatibility: PC / Unix 

Removeable Media Capacity: 400 

Expansion/Connectivity: SCSI - 68 pin HD D-Sub 

(HD-68); 1x serial RS-232C - 9 pin D-Sub (DB-9) 

Compatible Bays: 16 x Hot-Swap 

MTBF: 250,000 hours 

Compliant Standards: CE, FCC Class A Certified, 

CSA, UL, CISPR 22 Class A, cUL, DHHS, EN 

60950, EN 61000-3-2, EN50082, EN55022, 

IEC950, NEMKO, IEC 825-1/EN 60825-1 Class 1, 


Power Supply 

Voltage Required: AC 1 10/230 V (50/60 Hz) 

Power Consumption Operational: 1600 Watt 

Manufacturer Warranty: Service & Support 

(Limited warranty - parts and labor - 1 year on-site ■ 

Response Time: 1 Day) 

We've been providing dependable computer solutions for over 20 years! 

About Security Computer Sales! 

• Best overall value 

• More than Great Prices 

• We're easy to do business with 

• Priced right to save you money 

• Best warranties in the business 

• It's SCS for service that never quits 

• The right place to buy, sell and trade 

• The best deals on your old equipment 

• SCS equals "Superior Customer Satisfaction" 

Blowout Prices 

X7051 2GB Kit $250 X7056A 4GB Kit $1200 

Ultra 2 Dual 300MHz CPU, Dual 9.1GB HD, Creator 3d, 256MB RAM $175 

Ultra 60 Dual 450MHz CPU, Dual 18.2GB HD, Elite 3D, 512MB RAM $450 

540-4934 SUNFIRE 4 x 900MHz/8MB Cache UNIBOARD $1500 

540-5605 SUNFIRE 4 x1.2GHz/8MB Cache UNIBOARD $4500 

E250/E220R Dual 400MHz CPU, Dual 18.GB HD, 32-Bit PGX, 512MB RAM $1500 

2595 Fairview Ave N 
Saint Paul, MN 55113-2616 
Phone: (800) 839-5683 


www. securitycomputer. com 

We carry a Wide variety of 


HP, DELL & COMPAQ products 



3; :i 1 : **Jf^3B>" 





1 ^ 


:joj— .j._ 


jP tMi -.'3.i 



► $2M in Inventory: SAN components, Disk 
Drives, HBAs, Switches, Tape Drives 

► Storage Subsystems, Arrays, and more! 

► Same-day shipments! 

► EMC Certified Sales Professionals 

► In-house integration staff 

► Fully-tested equipment with manufacturer 
class warranties 

► We BUY excess equipment! 

Contact Sean Brady for more information: 


bster Street, Hanover MA 02339 

February 24, 2006 

Page 61 

Vibrant March Specials: 

pSeries 650, 4x1.45Ghz, 8GB, 4x73GB :: $25,400 
7025-F50 4x332Mhz, 2GB, 6x9GB :: $1,100 
7043-150 375Mhz, 1GB, 2x1 8GB :: $1,200 

1740-710 DS4000 EXP710 Expansion Unit :: $4,000 
5207 FAStT 146GB 10K FC 2GB Drives :: $550 
5214 FAStT 146GB 15K FC 2GB Drives :: $850 

280R Sun Server 2x900Mhz, 2GB, 2x36GB, DVD :: $1,450 
X6895A 2x1.2Ghz, 4GB System Board :: $8,000 
X7604A 2GB Memory Kits :: $500 

WS-C3550-24-SMI Cisco Catalyst 3550 24PT 10/100 :: $1,650 
WS-CAC-2500W Catalyst 6000 2500W AC power :: $1,450 
DS-C9509 Director Switch, dual sup, dual pwr :: $12,000 
WS-SUP720 Catalyst 6500/7600 sup engine :: $1 1,500 

LP9002L-E Emulex 2GBps PCI FC HBA :: $675 
QLA2342-CK Qlogic Dual Channel 2GB HBA :: $1,450 

Compaq DL380G4, 2x3.6Ghz, 2GB, 6i, redundant pwr :: $3,600 
DL385 Operton 280, dual core 2.4Ghz, 4GB, 4x146GB :: $5,600 
350964-B22 300GB 10K Ultra320 SCSI Hotplug Disk :: $650 

Buy, Sell, Lease, Repair 952.653.1700 





#1 Global Source for 
Nortel Networks 




AL201 2E34 470-48T $1 ,650.00 

AL2033010w/cable $69.00 

AL2033005 450-1 SX $249.00 

DS1 404025 8691 SF $2895.00 

DS1 404090 8691 SF $3495.00 

DS 1 404035 8648TXE $2999.00 

DS1 404011 8616SXE Call 

Largest inventory of switches, routers, hubs in America 
Up to 80% off LIST PRICES • Full Warranty on all Products 

We Buy and Sell New and Used 
Network Equipment 



Cisco Systems 



Brand names and products in this ad are trademarks of their 
respective companies, nrs is not affiliated with companies 

Best Pricing 

Nortel Cisco 

Memory Upgrades 

NRS Professional 

Services offers 

consulting & 

integration services 

on a project or 

hourly basis - 



■ 800-503-1349 

Network Resource Solutions, Inc. 


www. networkrs. com 



Technologies HP Sales and Rentals 
Toll Free: 888-883-0360 








C6751A OfficeJet K80XI $85 Q1273A 

C8392A 7110X1 AIO $145 C1316A 

C9660A LaserJet 4600 $750 Q5916A 

C6075B DesignJet 1550CM+ 36" $6,995 C6074B 

DesignJet 4000 42" $8,995 

9100C Digital Sender $1,195 

9200C Digital Sender $1,975 

DesignJet 1050C+ 36" $5,495 

Color LaserJets 

LaserJet 8500DN $1 ,895 

LaserJet 8000DN $495 

LaserJet 4600DN $750 

LaserJet 2500L $345 

LaserJet 4550N $545 

LaserJet 4550DN $650 

LaserJet 8550DN $1 ,495 

LaserJet 5500N $2,350 

LaserJet 9500N $4,750 

LaserJet 9500HDN $5,500 

LaserJet 5500DTN $2,495 

LaserJet 5500HDN $2,795 

LaserJet 3500N $695 

LaserJet 3700N $1 ,295 

LaserJet 1500L $395 

LaserJet 4650DN $2,095 

LaserJet 2550L $275 

LaserJet 5550DTN $3,375 


Q 1254V 
Q 1274V 


DesignJet 750C+ 36" $1 ,895 

DesignJet 755CM 36" $2,095 

DesignJet 800PS 42" $4,795 

DesignJet 1055CM 36" $4,995 

DesignJet 2000CP 36" $1 ,995 

DesignJet 5000PS 42" $5,295 

DesignJet 5500PS 60" $1 1 ,995 

DesignJet 4000PS 42" $10,995 


Call for all New and Used 
HP Equipment! 

• All above equipment is refurbished and 
carries a 90-day parts & labor warranty. 

• Visa, MasterCard & American Express accepted. 

• Many orders shipped the same day! 

LaserJets > 

LaserJet4 $175 

LaserJet 4+ $195 

LaserJet 4M+ $325 

LaserJet 5SI $495 

LaserJet 5SI MX $495 

LaserJet 5 $250 

LaserJet 5M $295 

LaserJet 5000 $695 

LaserJet 4000 $295 

LaserJet 4000N $325 

LaserJet 4050T $395 

LaserJet 4050TN $445 

LaserJet 8150 $595 

LaserJet 8150N $595 

LaserJet 8150DN $795 

LaserJet 4100 $495 

LaserJet 4100N $595 

LaserJet 4100TN $695 

LaserJet 4100DTN $895 

LaserJet 9000DN $2,795 

LaserJet 9000MFP $4,795 

LaserJet 3300MFP $325 

LaserJet 41 00MFP $1,295 

LaserJet 5100 $895 

LaserJet 5100TN $1,095 

LaserJet 4200 $695 

LaserJet 4200N $795 

LaserJet 4200DTN $1,295 

LaserJet 4300N $1,095 

LaserJet 9050DN $2,995 

LaserJet 4345MFP $2,250 , 


360 Technologies Inc. 

15401 Debba Drive Austin, TX 78734 

Toll Free: 888-883-0360 Tel: 512-266-7360 Fax:512-266-7366 IM:HPat360 

Page 62 

February 24, 2006 


Experts in the Market 

Buy • Sell • Lease • Repair 

Large Inventory & Same Day Shipping 


Catalyst Series Switches 

Access Servers 

PIX Firewalls 

Network Modules 

Port Adapters 

We are also Market Experts selling: 

SUN, MOO 8 IBM RS/6000 pSeries 

Cisco Systems 

1 .800.546.2582 

1-763-475-2900 Fax: 1-763-475-0409 

Alta Technologies, Inc. • 3850 Annapolis Lane, Suite 100 • Plymouth, Ml\l 55447 




Computer Connection 

of Central New York 

of Central New York, Inc. 

For all your IT Network & Security Needs 



Cisco Systems 


FHRnriEr ArrayNetworks' BLUE-ARC. 




New • Used • Refurbished 
Buy / Sell / Trade 

HP SCSI Ultra320 Hard Drives, Universal Hard Drive (1") 

15K Servers: New 

146.8-GB Pluggable 347708-B22 $ 642.00 

72.8-GB Pluggable 286778-B22 $ 365.00 

72.8-GB Pluggable 3R-A3851-AA $ 398.00 

36.4-GB Pluggable 286776-B22 $ 260.00 

36.4-GB Pluggable 3R-A3849-AA $ 260.00 

10K Servers: New 

300-GB Pluggable 350964-B22 $ 700.00 

300-GB Pluggable 3R-A4952-AA $ 700.00 

146.8-GB Pluggable 286716-B22 $ 400.00 

146.8-GB Pluggable 3R-A3841-AA $ 400.00 

72.8-GB Pluggable 286714-B22 $ 260.00 

72.8-GB Pluggable 3R-A3839-AA $ 299.00 

authorized reseller ,-, »>._,_•_.«_. 

E9' COMPAQ mm 

ProLiant • Alpha • StorageWorks • SlIHBO Reseller 

Quality • Integrity • Value 

If you think we 

look good in 

print, you'll love 

Web site! 

The Web site 
provides the most up-to-date 
information on computer 
equipment for sale. 

Search for equipment by 
entering the part number or 
the make, model, or 
description for a quick 
search. Or click a 
manufacturer name and 
browse the list of products. 

Post your own computer 
equipment For-Sale Listing. 

Post a Want-To-Buy 

Message if you can't find 
what you're looking for. 


Hosting Or Hiring 
Out Your Enterprise's 
Web Site 





Paris and 



liy Tally Genicom' 




< -ED 


Computer Solutions 

New and 


Okidata and 






New and 


Wyse Winterm 

Thin Clients 

J'OLL^J^ =j'j!Sj^L^-) 






Fax 770-931-9416 

AlphaServer GS160 Model 16 

Base System for OpenVMS 

• DY-160CG-AA 

• One Alpha 2 1 264 Processor 1 224 MHz 

• Four Quad Building Blocks 

• One 14-Slot PCI Shelf 

• OpenVMS Operating System License 


• Additional 1224 MHz CPU w/SMP 

• Additional Memory 

• Additional PCI Shelves 

• Additional PCI Options 

2 Systems In Stock! 

Authorized COMPAQ" Reseller 


We have 
thousands of 
NETAPP parts in 

stock, many 

Zerowait provides Network Appliance 

customers with a reliable alternative to NetApp's 

high cost of legacy service, support and upgrades. 

Call us today for a competitive quote! 

Processor Special 

F840 w/ NFS S TV- 
S'! 7,500 per head 

Buy two heads and get 
Cluster SW licenses FREE! 

Toil-Free: 888.811.0808 


Worldwide Provider of Network Hardware since 1981 




BAT Electronics 

Bay Networks 



Commworks/US Robotics 

Digital Link 

General DataComm 

Hull Speed 







Call us today for 
YOUR solutions 




NBase Xyplex 

Nortel Networks 





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network h a 'dware needs . Rely or our expertise 

to provide Ens-to-End WAN -Solutions, 

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Je Purchase Memory! 

Sell your excess or obsolete DRAM 
based inventory simply, efficiently and 
maximum recoveries. 

iii ■ 

Micro Memory Bank, Inc. 






N&RTEL ^> 



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@> Airwave 

Cisco Systems 



^^^ Special ^^| 

Nortel BPS 2000 switch 
fc. NLE Good as New $395.00 

* The Ent&rprise Mobility Company"" 

• Trade-ins welcome! 

1 Authorized service 

contracts available 

* Full Warranty on all products! 

* Role-Based networking experts! 

* Proactive threat management! 


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Visit Us On the Web At: www.nle.tom Fax Equipment List To 801-377-0078 

February 24, 2006 

« E. LI. 

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In-house Technical Staff 
International Shipping 

Phone 800-447-1156 
Fax 617-354-1417 

288 Norfolk Street 
Cambridge, MA 021 39 

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Sun Fire 

Sun Blade 


331 0/3510 Array 





Entry/Midrange Servers 


Comm. Gear 



Catalyst Series Switches 

Network Modules 

Pix Firewalls 

Port Adapters 

VPN+ Security Product 


Media Recovery 

Supplies, Services & Solutions 


All Magnetic Tape Media 

9840 • 3590 • LTO • DLT • SDLT 

Please Call Al Bass 

Phone: 214-905-1882 

$$ CASH $$ 


rcguaus wompuicr 

Marketing, Inc. 

Voice 972-564-3087 • Fax 972-564-5027 
Toll Free 800-856-21 1 1 • 

Providing sales and depot maintenance on 
point-of-sale, barcoding/scanners and peripherals. 



LS3200-E2R Symbol Handheld Scanner 

CRD2x00-1000M Symbol Cradle (PPT2700/2800) 

CRD8 1 00-1 200M Symbol Cradle for the 8 1 00 

CRD9000-4000E Symbol 4 Slot E'net Cradle (PDT9000) 

Symbol LCD Displays 

PPT2800 • PDT8100 

Sharp LCD Displays 

LM64P83L • LM7MS623 

Mainframe • Midrange • POS • Depot Maintenance Programs 
Authorized Reseller for OEM Batteries • Call for a Price Quote! 

For champagne service on a beer budget, 
investigate depot maintenance from a proven provider. 

Contact Jim Lewis or Laurie Ortiz @ 1 -800-856-21 1 1 


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Sales • Service • Support • Maintenance • Repair 

Sales Phone: 408.779.4115 • Sales Fax: 408.825.1690 
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yun Valley Technical Repair, Inc. 

15555 Concord Circle Morgan Hill CA. 95037-5494 


Phone: (978) 534-2074 

Fax: (978) 534-5574 



42 Jungle Road, Leominster MA 01453 

****** SWITCH SPECIALS ***** 

• Immediate Availabiltiy 
> Lowest Prices • Blind Shipment 


A minority owned business 





Global Printer Services 

5980 Executive Dr. 
Madison, Wl 53719 



HP 5000 $599.00 

HP5000N $889.00 

HP8000DN $709.00 

HP 81 00 $725.00 

HP8100N $875.00 

HP 8150 $899.00 

HP8150DN $1199.00 

HP8150N $999.00 

Limited Quantities: 

New Printers One-Year Warranty 

HP 4050N $495.00 

HP 4100 $550.00 

HP 4100N $675.00 

HP 8000 $495.00 

HP8000N $595.00 

HP5Si $399.00 

HP5SiNx $449.00 

HP5SiMx $499.00 

HP 1300 $309.00 

HP 2100 $309.00 

HP2100TN $539.00 

HP2100M $499.00 

HP 2300 $459.00 

HP2300N $599.00 

HP2300D $545.00 

HP 4000 $449.00 

HP4000T $489.00 

HP 4000N $509.00 

HP 4000TN $549.00 

HP 4050 $439.00 

HP4050T $479.00 

HP 4050TN $609.00 

HP4100TN $799.00 

800 - 588 - 3554 or 608 - 268 - 4300 

Fax: 608-268-4343 • E-mail: 


I Information 
I Trading 

Ph: (877) 715-3686 as f 
Fx: (405) 715-3682 sH 
www. itechtrading. com 

<§) — We Buy, Sell and Lease IBM E = === 

<§> — AS/400 • RS/6000 • Servers 

<§> — System Upgrades 

<§) — Advanced 36 Systems 

® — Tape Subsystems 

® — Printers, Terminals, Modems 

O — 21 Years Experience 

We Also Buy 
All Other 
Brands of 





Fax: 609-586-7581 


3590E's • 9840's • 9940's • LTO's 

Round Reel Tape • 9 Track • 3490E • 
DLT's: TK50's • TK70's • TK§5's • TK88's 

7A Marlen Drive Robbinsville, NJ 08691 


Your Leading Independent Reseller 

Since 1987 




PH: 508-238-3700 
FAX: 508-238-8250 


Late Model Test Equipment 


ia£SS^ Tektronix 


Oscilloscopes • Signal Generators 
Spectrum Analyzers • Multimeters 

Ridge Equipment Co. 

(410)549-7661 Fax (410)549-1544 


Offering unbeatable solutions for: 

IBM AS/400 (iSeries) 

IBM RS/6000 (pSeries) 

Sun Microsystems 


Cisco Systems 

Buy, Sell, Lease k Rent - New k Used 

bbco, 800-605-5446 

Ph: 770-738-1 101 * Fax: 770-738-1 1 10 • 



New/Used/Pulls • Notebook/Desktop/Servers 
All interfaces and capacities 

818-718-6900 Ph, 818-718-6100 Fax 

email: or 


Ph: 770.840.8994 • Fax 770.840.9228 • 

IBM iSeries • IBM pSeries • Sun • HP9000 • Cisco 

We Buy, Sell, Lease and Provide Short and Long Term Rentals 

90 Day Warranty on All Refurbished Systems, Memory, Disk & Parts 

Call Us To Save Up To 90% On Used Certified Equipment! 

Call ISM for ALL your Midrange Computer Needs! 


Kieu's Direct Source, Inc. 

■ 818-700-9510 

We Do: 

• Fast, Safe & Reliable! 

• No Files - No Charge. 

• Free Evaluation. 

• Data Guarantee. 

We Repair, Buy & Sell: 



• Drop / Blind Shipments. 

• Corporation, School and 
Gov't PO's Welcome. 

• Guarranty low prices 







1 1 91 , 11 92 
1472, 1481 
1482, 1483 
1488, 1489 


287, 387 
1187, 1234 
1387, 1324 

L & L Systems 

104 South 109th E. Place, Tulsa OK 74128 

We offer 

Parts, Whole 

Units and 


Ph: 918-234-1200 
Fx: 918-234-1276 




' Inetwohk hardware 

Since 1995 


I 1 904 South La Cienega Boulevard • Hawthorne, CA 90250 


Routers • Switches • Hubs • Network Modules • Server Options 
Cisco • Extreme • Foundry • HP • IBM 

• IBM • Compaq • Apple • Sun • HP • DEC • EMC • SGI 




Memory Wanted! 

Buy "ywstHW« 0muPG **Km,m& Sell 

We want to buy any and all of your memory. 
Call us today! 

P:239-354-1230 F:239-354-1232 

• SO-DIMMs • SDRAM • FPM • DDR • Chips On Board 








Routers Switches Muxes 

661-255-8106 (voice) 

<$? hhubcoiji 



February 24, 2006 


2354 Calle Del Mundo, Santa Clara, CA 95054 


P: 1 -800-REAL-PCS FAX: 408-654-291 

Want your business to be more productive? 

The ASA Servers powered by the Intel® Xeon™ Processor 
provides the quality and dependability to keep up with your growing business 

Hardware Systems For The Open Source Community - Since 1989 

(Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSd, Solaris, MS etc.) 

6TB + in 5U - $7,600 

Intel® 7501, Dual Intel® XeomM 2.8GHz 
6TB + IDE Storage 
Dual Gigabit LAN, CD+FD, VGA 
Options: SATA Drives, Firewire, 

DVD+RW, CD+RW, 64 Bit 
OS Configurations, etc. 

Storage Solutions 

IDE, SCSI, Fiber RAID solutions 
TB storage options 
3Ware, Hipoint, Adaptec, JMR, 
Kingston/Storcase solutions 

1U Dual Itanium IDE - $3,650 

Dual Intel® Itanium® 2 1 .4 GHz 


1of4x40GBHDD i„„. H5 . QB * a 

Dual Gigabit LAN \\ -==!■ ■.=!-—— » : l - : ! 

Based on Supermicro 61 1 3M-i 


Rackmount and Desktop nodes 
Switches, Interconnects 
KVM or Cyclades Terminal Server 
APC or Generic racks 

14" Deep Appliance Look Server - $865 

Intel® Xeon™ 2.8GHZ Processor 
40GB Hard Drive 
One 10/100/1000 NIC 

Options: CD,FD, 2ND HD.Your Logo on Bezel 
Call for Low Cost Options. 



1 U Dual XeoniM EM64T 
Superserver -$1 ,700 

SuperMicro 6014H-82 Barebones 
Dual Intel® XeomM 2.8 GHz 800 FSB 

1 GB DDR 1 1 -400 RAM Max: 16GB 

CD + FD, Dual GigE, VGA, RAILS 
Options: RAID, etc. 

Your Custom Appliance Solution 

Let us know your needs, we will get you a solution 



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